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2012 Dec 26 [Wed]:

Britain‘s Oil
The future of “Great” Britain
“In a tectonic shift, by 2030, Asia will have surpassed North America and Europe combined in terms of global power, based upon GDP, population size, military spending, and technological investment.  China alone will probably have the largest economy, surpassing that of the United States a few years before 2030.

“Meanwhile, the economies of Europe, Japan, and Russia are likely to continue their slow relative declines.”
— Quote from Global Trends 2030:  ALTERNATIVE WORLDS,
a publication of the National Intelligence Council December 2012
CNN Money, “Intel report:  China's economy to surpass U.S. by 2030”
By Charles Riley
2012 December 10

“To really get a picture of the scale of the investment and activity needed to replace conventional oil production with shale you need only to look at the following chart compiled by ODAC newsletter reader and Deputy Director at the Cambridge University Programme for Sustainability Leadership, Gary Kendall.  The red line is US consumption, the green line is production and the blue line shows the rig count.  It starkly illustrates the extraordinary effort required to achieve the recent increase in output , and casts doubt on how long it can be maintained.  Drill baby drill.”
Drilling to Exhaustion
ODAC Newsletter - Friday, 2012 November 23
The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

The two graphs above depict the grim, current trajectory of the West’s oil situation.  Yet in the midst of a maelstrom of argument about the impending “fiscal cliff,” there is an amazing silence about Peak Oil.  Neither Democrats nor Republicans dare to breathe a word about it.  As experienced professionals all, they know better than to let the truth slip out of their mouths.  They know the masses want fantasy and will de-elect anyone who tries to explain reality to them.  In fact, that very attempt, however weak, was the main reason for the failure of the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, to win the election.  The sea of non-Whites and deranged Whites could not tolerate hearing that money does not grow on trees.  Even when he (mistakenly) claimed to be able to give them cheap oil (i.e., the Keystone pipeline and all that), it was not enough.

But regardless of the mass delusion, Peak Oil is on its way, as indicated by the graphs above.

The Jew-run U.S., long caught up in a frenzy of “diversity” — the code word for anti-Whitism — is slowly entering the decline it has worked for.  A critically important report from the National Intelligence Agency documents the flight plan the globe is on.  Among other things:  “Aging countries will face an uphill battle in maintaining their living standards.”  “Aging countries,” of course, means Whiteland plus Japan.  It also notes, “The key question is whether the divergences and increased volatility will result in a global breakdown and collapse or whether the development of multiple growth centers will lead to resiliency.”  And for those who are convinced that an unspecified “they” will invent some new toys that will snatch Virginia off of the railroad tracks just seconds before the train runs over her, the report says, “A critical question is whether technology can sufficiently boost economic productivity to prevent a long-term slowdown.”  As for America’s international role, “Although the United States’ (and the West’s) relative decline vis-a-vis the rising states is inevitable, its future role in the international system is much harder to project:  the degree to which the US continues to dominate the international system could vary widely.”

Without making definite assertions about the likelihood of any single one, the report suggests four possible outcomes:

  • global failure (“Stalled Engines”);
  • universal love, peace and prosperity (“Fusion”);
  • a patchwork world with gross inequalities within and between nations (“Gini Out-of-the-Bottle”);
  • and a situation where non-governmental groups such as multinational businesses, NGOs, urban conglomerations, etc. come to the rescue (“Nonstate World”).
The Report’s tendency (or, if one chooses, preference) is to suggest that the “Nonstate World” scenario is the most likely one of these four.  At the same time, the study stresses repeatedly that nothing is assured.  The world is at a critical turning point, with great possibilities and great dangers.  If the National Intelligence Council has any single message, it is that now is make or break time.

Few dwellers in the U.S. pay any attention to such warnings.  As seen in the recent American presidential election, they are concerned only about having a Negro transfer more money from Whitey to dark-skinned creatures and to special (especially Jewish) interests.  The widespread degeneration of the citizenry is seen in the personal behavior of the masses:  vast numbers of the youth are decorating themselves with tatoos and skin-piercing metal jewelry in their faces and other body parts, behaviors unheard of in previous generations;  the increasing mongrelization of the masses;  the widespread demand for more and more brain-destroying drugs of every type;  slovenliness of personal appearance (aping the Negro, etc.);  the explosion of illegitimacy, with 44% of all U.S. births now being to unwed mothers (especially Negresses);  and contempt for civilized deportment.

On the national level, the Jews and ThirdWorld importees are lobbying for the importation of the entire Third World into the U.S., so that any remaining political power of White gentiles will be eliminated forever.  Whitey is completely in agreement with this suicidal plan, and his (mainly Christian) religion tells him that Jesus wants it.

The financial side of this degeneracy can be seen in

  • the drift into a “self-cannibalizing” financial capitalism
  • the increase in inequalities (e.g., hyperliberal “gated communities” versus the rest of the population)
  • the worsening of deficits and public debt
  • deindustrialisation
  • delocalisation
  • the movement of the less educated classes toward a “casino-society”
  • the weight of lobbies menacing democracy
  • etc.
In short, whether seen interiorly or exteriorly, the United States has now entered a period of inexorable decline.  It is in a state of a deepening neurosis which sees its own death and extinction as the way to go, while denying that fact every step of the way.  The masses are incapable of putting away the things of a child;  they insist on having all of their juvenile demands met.  And they are incapable of competing with Hong Kong or Singapore (IQ 108), North or South Korea (IQ 106), China, Japan or Taiwan (IQ 105).  This is not even to mention that they are unwilling to try to do so.

It is Yuletide once again, and the advertisements are filled with pictures of Negroid Santas, mongrelized humanoids leering at the camera, and assorted other diseased phenomena.  The infantilized Whites assume a pose of great indignation at anyone who suggests they maintain their own race, while the overlord Chosenites laugh up their sleeves and gloat over the mass racial suicide.  Miscegenating White women glory in the betrayal of their race by displaying their mongrels as though they were fully human.

Meanwhile the threat of politically favored organizations and constituencies losing taxpayer dollars — the so-called “fiscal cliff” — is about to be abolished by surrender on the part of the Republicans who control the House of Representatives.  They will issue lies about being “responsible,” etc.  But the nation will plunge far deeper into an abyss of indebtedness under the pretext that “those in need” must be given more of what can be stolen from those who made the country in the first place.  Implementation of the plan laid out in the fiction thriller called “The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion” is virtually complete.  Economically, we are now resurrecting the so-called “real socialism” of the dying Soviet empire.

There is little question that the world is already beginning to see the effects of White decline.  As Whitey sinks, so do the parasites dependent on him.  A recent study (October 2012, p. 21), “Oil and the World Economy: Some Possible Futures” (pdf), by Michael Kumhof and Dirk Muir of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), points out that Peak Oil holds ominous implications:  “But if the reductions in oil output were more in line with the more pessimistic studies in the scientific literature, the effects could be extremely large.”  On the timing, the authors state (p. 5) that, “Based on a wealth of geological and engineering evidence, these authors conclude that there is a significant risk of a peak in conventional oil production before 2020, with an inexorable decline thereafter.”  Meanwhile, the creature on the imperial throne strives to impoverish Whites who, he claims, are too “rich.”  Those same targets are therefore working on ways to escape the nihilistic Ashkenazi Bolshevism he and his nest of vipers are preparing.  In response to the wish-dreaming masses who elected him, the chimpanzoid is ignoring Peak Oil and continuing to squander the national treasury.  The masses in their stupor have no idea of what awaits them.  The Jewbox will make sure that they never realize it.  After all, bread and circuses are more important to them than life itself.  Clearly, the masses want the return of mongrelizing Communism.  And they will get it.

Lubriatred Downslide

2012 Dec 03 [Mon]:

“The emergence of shale oil is a step along the path of exploitation of resources with diminishing returns.  As the easy-to-access oil and gas declines, the industry is finding clever ways to exploit resources which were previously uneconomic — these are however more costly and take more energy to extract, and come with higher environmental risks.  What our new report points out is that the higher cost required comes with a drag effect on economic growth.  Yes oil demand may be in decline in the OECD and poorer countries around the world, but so far this is not primarily because of energy efficiency policy (which the IEA laments as an ‘epic failure’) but due to demand destruction from high prices leading to economic contraction.”
ODAC Newsletter 16 November 2012
ODAC:  The Oil Depletion Analysis Center
“If we take the $92 barrel cost in 2011 at the 90th percentile of production and increase it by 7% a year (arguably we should be using 12% per year), the real cost will be $169 barrel in 2020, and $467 a barrel in 2035.  These are far in excess of the IEA oil price estimates shown on Figure 2.  There is no reason to believe that Bakken and other tight oil production costs would be substantially cheaper.

“It is very clear to me that the IEA oil estimates [are] way too high, unless prices are much higher.  Of course, prices can’t really be much higher, or the economy will go into recession.  As a result, production both for the US and the rest of the world is likely to be much lower than forecast by the IEA.

“The statements about rising oil production in the US are just a distraction.  Diminishing returns mean that US oil production will never increase very much.  Oil costs will remain high, and this will be the real issue disturbing economies around the world.”
IEA Oil Forecast Unrealistically High;  Misses Diminishing Returns
By  Gail Tverberg (“Gail the Actuary”)
2012 November 16
“A recent projection that the US will become the world’s leading oil producer after 2020 has drawn a challenge from analysts at Deutsche Bank (OGJ Online, Nov. 13, 2012).

“The analysts think the spread between Brent and West Texas Intermediate crude prices will settle between the Saudi oil price target of $110/bbl for Brent, limited on the high side by Chinese demand destruction at $130/bbl, and the marginal cost of US oil supply of about $90/bbl for WTI, possibly $100/bbl in the longer term.  The WTI-Brent price discount will be $10-20/bbl.

“‘Based on the relative performances of the stocks this year, US exploration and production investors are losing tolerance for value destruction,’ the analysts say.  ‘In short, a prediction that the US will become the world’s largest oil producer is a self-defeating proposition.’”

Deutsche Bank challenges IEA view of US oil output
2012 November 26

Currently the Communist “big-government Liberal” Democrat Left is gloating over the defeat of Mitt Romney in the presidential election.  The Lefties are of course calling him stupid, bigotted, xenophobic, if not pro-Holocaust, and all of the other usual Jewish smears the country has become accustomed to for so long.  (One can see the Sheeny bloodlust behind this gloating, and the Ashkenazi urge to repeat the mega-killing they did in Russia after the Red revolution.)  They are also preaching that the remaining Republicans should immediately become Trotskyites like they are, so that the country can have a single dictator which will bring all humanoids “together” in endless bliss.  After all, having two parties in a system where one of them deviates from the media-Yid line is impermissible, even if Zionist-hyperYids (“neoconservatives”) favor the opposition.  The Heeb media are having their op-ed artists crow about how the 2012 election was the end of White dominance.  Henceforth Jew-run “multi-culturalism” (i.e., anti-Whitism) will rule America under strict Talmudic supervision.

But the core of the matter is not whether the Demokikes or Republikikes are winners;  it is the physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual degeneration of the TV-swallowing White race in America.  Having mass-murdered their kinsmen in two World Wars, U.S. Whites are now welcoming the logical consequence of those monumental crimes.  This is shown not only by their rejection of the own race in favor of a Negroid chimera as president, but by their recent enthusiastic embrace of the destruction of marriage and of the legalization of narcotics, among many other things.  Forget the use of abortion as easy contraception, which has long been accepted practice.  Yes, White-hating Jewry is exultant over its success in extinguishing the only race that has lifted itself above barbarism;  but the real responsibilty lies in the genosuicidism of Whites themselves.  Having killed their brothers, they are now themselves jumping off the cliff.

One sometimes hears the voices of business or science leaders bemoan the decline of widespread scientific and technical education in this country.  Few people actually listen to such voices:  they are too busy being infotained.  Moreover, that decline is only one part of the much larger disintegration euphemized as the “American dream.”  In that hallucination, a Judaeo-Negrified government will provide a womb-to-tomb cushion for everyone, especially the least human.  As in Europe today, all criticism of Jewry will be punished severely, and no one will be allowed to notice the racial causes of the increasing sloth and savagery.  Above all, the sacrosanct children of Abraham will control all levers of power.

One of the more bizarre paradoxes of this twisted tale is that the left-leaning, pro-Nonwhite Jews are paradoxically making themselves into targets.  As the richest component of the citizenry, they are in the crosshairs of non-Yid socialists — never mind the very few outright anti-Zionists.  For over a century, Ashkenazi Jews from Russia and Poland and their descendants have used Negroids, under cover of universal Enlightenment fantasies (“equality,” etc.), as a fulcrum to lower the political power of White goys.  Nonetheless, garden-variety Negroes themselves would love to practice some of their rioting techniques in Heeb neighborhoods.  Other non-Whites are only their second choice.  Jews do not understand that, by constantly using their media power to smear White gentiles and their culture, non-Whites are encouraged to view Jews themselves as the ultimate oppressors.  Also, the covert Negroid sympathy for Allah-worshippers is in part derived from this subliminal hate-Whitey propaganda.

Jewish political power derives from a thin layer of highly intelligent, aggressive, internetworking media types, academics and political operatives.  Although currently they control American bribe-ocracy, the slow descent of the masses toward dictatorship will eventually destroy that power.  With a mongrelized nation based on hatred of White civilization (cf. the mostly scientifically illiterate but politically correct judiciary), the small coterie of paranoiacs bleating about a “holocaust” will be unable to maintain its stranglehold.

Meanwhile the neocons, whose prime movers are the Zionists, want the U.S. to perpetrate yet another war, this time against Iran, starting with Syria, Iran’s ally.  That would truly be the last straw for the American and world economies.  The Ashkenazim have already eaten out the entire cultural viscera of the U.S.;  now they seek its financial collapse for the benefit of their own Disneyland.  Meanwhile, Whitey is utterly uninterested in his own survival as a race, just so long as his wall-sized Jewbox keeps working.

But there are other factors which do not bode well for the eternal playpen — peak oil, above all.  As pointed out in the excerpts above, the recent optimistic predictions of abundant U.S. oil by the Paris-headquartered International Energy Agency are simply untrue.  Analysts who have looked at the situation are pointing out that the IEA simply ignored some critical issues.  In other words, no matter how much technology is employed, the costs of oil and its derivative products will remain high in real terms from now on.  There is no simple fix.  The U.S. and the world are entering the phase of limited oil energy — a phase where demand constantly drives up costs because more strenuous efforts and complexity are needed to satisfy it.  As has been known for years, the IEA is strongly affected by political demands from the U.S. to put a happy face on the global oil situation.  It can succeed in this falsification because the story of oil is quite complex, involving geological ages (which fundamentalists deny happened), the cooked remains of ancient sea algae, geography and politics as well as technology.  It is also easy to rile the simple-minded with accusations about “big oil” somehow depriving the “poor” (mainly darkies) of what the latter demand as their “rights.”  But it is a fact that one can no longer get cheap oil out of a stone.

In the prehistoric Pleistocene Epoch over northern Europe and Asia, and even northern Africa, there lived a magnificent and huge deer, Megaloceros, now (mis)named the “Irish Elk.”  Its beautiful, enormous antlers, with which it attracted females (possibly battling other males for that purpose), eventually became so ponderous and unwieldly that they overcame the ability of the species to survive, and it went extinct.  It thereby joined the 99.9% of all once-living species that have also gone into oblivion.  The technological prowess, wealth and technological complexification of modern genosuicidal Western civilization, together with its suicidal importation of the Third World, are now functioning to the same effect as those antlers.  And the idea that extinction simply cannot happen is part of the fixed mythology of modern America.  But the increasing global economic stagnation bodes otherwise.

Unbeknownst to the politically correct (let alone the Hebrews), not just the U.S., but world civilization is now in a death spiral.  With the inexorable decline of intelligence globally, and the importation into White countries of countless millions of Negroes and others with barely human IQ levels, few of whom can support themselves, the general relapse into pre-civilization is assured.  As in Greece currently, the masses everywhere cannot understand that the word “austerity” actually means living within one’s means.  Such a lifestyle is intolerable to those who prefer parasitism — i.e., to the vast majority of non-White illegal immigrants.  The result?  “Democracy” guarantees that they will not be satisfied until the last resource is utterly exhausted and Whitey is extinct.

Interestingly, every now and then some spark of awareness shows up somewhere.  On Thursday, 2012 November 29, the vast majority (138 to 9, with 41 abstentions) of the members of the United Nations voted to give Palestinians the right to be non-voting observers (like the Vatican) in that body.  Israel, the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, Panama and several meaningless Pacific island nations — Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau — voted “nay.”  Except for the nations of Allahland, the real reason for the vote had little to do with helping, or with sympathy for, the Palestinians themselves.  The real reason was subterranean resentment toward the Jews for taking control of the U.S. and, through it, perverting world politics.

It must be remembered that, in intelligence and education, the political elites of most countries stand far above their masses, who are generally impervious to logic and fact.  As opposed to American TV-hypnotizees, they can think for themselves and know what is in fact happening in the world.  They know that the U.S. is in the hands of the Yids, and they are tired of having their governments bribed and coerced by Kikes manipulating the levers of American power from behind the scenes.  Unlike Americans, they do not spend a great deal of their time having their brains laundered by the JewBox.  Thus the U.N. vote on the Palestinians was an opportunity to show their displeasure at this hyperethnocentric, aggressive, highly intelligent, paranoiac and anti-human tribe that is twisting the history of the world to satisfy its own psychoses.  The Palestinian issue simply offered that opportunity.  The vote was in reality the judgement of the world on the Jews.

November 2012

Election Aftermaþ

2012 Nov 07 [Wed]:

“An important aspect of Slezkine’s general theoretical approach [in: Yuri Slezkine, The Jewish Century (Princeton:  Princeton U. Press, 2004)] is that relationships between Mercurians [i.e., Jews and philo-Semites] and Apollonians [thick-skulled gentiles in general] involve mutual hostility, suspicion and contempt, and a sense of superiority (p. 20).  These traditional attitudes were exacerbated by the increase in tensions between Jews and non-Jews beginning with the pogroms of 1881 and extending, with fits and starts, into the period of the Boshevik Revolution.  Slezkine’s argument that Jews were critically involved in destroying traditional Russian institutions, liquidating Russian nationalists, murdering the Tsar and his family, dispossessing and murdering the kulaks, and destroying the Orthodox Church has been made by many other writers over the years, including Igor Shafarevich, a mathematician and member of the prestigious US National Academy of Sciences (NAS).  Shafarevich’s review of Jewish literary works during the Soviet and post-Soviet period agrees with Slezkine in showing Jewish hatred mixed with a powerful desire for revenge toward pre-revolutionary Russia and its culture.  [Footnote here:  “Shafarevich 1989.  The NAS asked Shafarevich to resign his position in the academy but he refused.”]  But Shafarevich also suggests that the Jewish ‘Russophobia’ that prompted the mass murder is not a unique phenomenon, but results from traditional Jewish hostility toward the non-Jewish world, considered tref (unclean), and toward non-Jews themselves, considered sub-human and as worthy of destruction.  Both Shafarevich and Slezkine review the traditional animosity of Jews toward Russia, but Slezkine attempts to get his readers to believe that shtetl Jews were magically transformed in the instant of Revolution;  although they did carry out the destruction of traditional Russia and approximately twenty million of its people, they did so only out of the highest humanitarian motives and the dream of utopian socialism, only to return to an overt Jewish identity because of the pressures of World War II, the rise of Israel as a source of Jewish identity and pride, and anti-Jewish policies and attitudes in the USSR.  This is simply not plausible.”
— from Chapter 3:  “Stalin’s Willing Executioners,”
in Cultural Insurrections:  Essays on Western Civilization, Jewish Influence, and Anti-Semitism,
by Kevin MacDonald.  Atlanta:  The Occidental Press, 2007. p. 85

Another presidential election has now reinstalled the chimpanzoid, confirming the decline of the United States as a civilization.  The Negro’s vengefulness has won.  The masses, today heavily Negroid, Spic and other ThirdWorldian, have clinched their hate-filled hold on the dying genosuicidist Whites.  With the feeding frenzy these parasites are now initiating, the country has signed its own death warrant.  There is simply no way the waning White tax base can support the dark overload of slothful bloodsuckers, steered by the Semitic media.  The silver lining?  Chicago jungle bunnies had threatened to burn down the city if their tribesman were not elected;  so the city got a bit of a reprieve.

In order to postpone the immediate collapse, the Jew-Afro rulership will of course begin inflating the currency even faster than heretofore.  There is only a fine line between counterfeiting and inflation.  The former is done by those in political power, the latter by those outside it.  The results, however, are exactly the same:  the users of the currency are lied to and cheated, to the benefit of the perpetrator.

For some time, the United States government has been engaging in serious inflation.  This falsification, however, is not being confined to the U.S. itself, but is being spread worldwide through the convenient fact that the dollar is the world’s “reserve” (i.e., universal) currency.  Hence the world as a whole is being subverted by the anti-White mintmasters of Washington D.C. (i.e., Ben Bernanke and other Jews).  The results will mean that not just the United States, but the world as a whole, will now enter its final and fatal depression.

Although the U.S. populace has been diverted by the presidential electoral campaign for the last few months, the rest of the world has not ceased to exist.  The incompetent darkie currently in power has not only neglected to guard our embassies in North Africa, thereby allowing Al Qaeda (which he claims to be “on the run”) to kill and destroy, but has now endangered America far more than most people realize.  CNN recently revealed the fact that the “Stuxnet” cyber attack on Iran by America and IsItReal has generated blowback:  the Iranians are proving that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.  The article, The real Iranian threat:  Cyberattacks (2012 November 5) reported that “[t]he Aramco attack, set to go off on an Islamic holy night, unleashed a virus that destroyed about 30,000 corporate computers — three-quarters of the company's PCs.”  Since Aramco (the Saudi Arabian-American oil company) is a vital source of crude oil to the world, this is a major shock.  The attack happened in August, but Americans were kept carefully in the dark about this, since the news might have shown just one more side of the spade’s incompetence and damaged his re-election chances.  A similar attack, also thought to have come from Iran, was perpetrated against Qatar's RasGas, an Exxon Mobil subsidiary.  The Iranians are just getting started in this computer-hacking business, and it is expected that they will grow more proficient in it with time.  So the possible crippling of the oil industry by such means alone portends global depression.

Since American presidential elections are really beauty contests for the masses, such factors as “likeability,” White race guilt and subservience to anti-White Chosenites override threats of life and death.  However, this is not 1941, when Roosevelt could ensnare the Japs into attacking Pearl Harbor so he could scare the country into entering World War II and killing Whites in Europe.  The numbers on global oil production alone show the stagnation in this area:

Slow Global Flatlining of Production of Crude Oil, including Lease Condensate
(Thousand Barrels Per Day)
2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
World 67,261.6 69,400.1 72,446.1 73,636.6 73,280.5 72,799.6 73,575.1 72,229.6 73,950.1 74,050.7
Source:  Energy Information Administration

The combination of economic exhaustion, oil (not “energy”) costs, cyberwarfare and many other pressures, not to mention massive bribery on the political front, makes it clear that the days of fun and games are over, and we are running on fumes.  Yet the populace continues to be obedient to the subliminal and overt propaganda from the hostile Yid elites who control the media.  A profound and historically unprecedented depression is creeping up on us, but the average American White is convinced there is a magic solution that will save us at the last minute.  In addition, the non-Whites, like all parasites, could not care less whether their host dies, just so long as they get to feed at the public trough for a while longer and import more of their own kind to do the same.

The longstanding aim of the Kikes to wipe out all Whites, seen most clearly in their murderous promotion of, and participation in, Communism (see the extended quote above), is nearing final success.  Whitey himself, through his adoration of the Yid as Yahweh-chosen, has made this possible.  As the floor rots beneath our feet, we can expect that other actors, both nations and organizations (e.g., narco-cartels, Mohammedan madmen, Chosenite financiers, etc., etc.), will move in to finish the job of extinction.  Anyone who thinks differently has not been paying attention.

Among those interested in the philosophy of science, many have asked the question, “why is there something rather than nothing.”  Materialists have tried to dodge the question by saying that the quantum event known as the Big Bang came out of “nothing.”  This is of course absurd, because ex nihilo fit nihil — from nothing comes nothing.  Added to that is the fact that the latest evidence and calculations overwhelmingly point to the conclusion that the cosmos is infinite in extent, that the Big Bang, if it did indeed occur, was a merely “local” event.  But the overwhelming issue remains that of being versus nothingness, existence over non-existence.  Most philosophers of science consider themselves stumped by this question.

Of course, one of the reasons for their stupefaction is the fact that they refuse to consider what in English is termed the “paranormal.”  Since the paranormal does not fit into the touchy-feely worldview of regnant nineteenth-century materialism, the myopic professorial types summarily suppress all consideration of it.

Another reason for the suppression is the fact that the paranormal blatantly shows evidence of some sort of intelligence and mentation underlying visible and tangible matter.  The uneasy feeling that there may be subtle, unseen, intelligent factors influencing human life is unsettling.  Such factors cannot be reduced to mathematical equations or poured into a test tube.  In addition, religious “leaders” (in addition to the entertainment industry) influence the masses with all kinds of biblical fairy tales and scary stories which are utterly antithetical to the scientific mind, thereby discrediting the whole concept of parapsychology.

But the infinitude of the cosmos must be understood to include this mystifying dimension of the paranormal, if we are to make any sense of life at all.  And when we look at the findings of modern quantum physics and astronomy (the very small and the very large), we discover that they affirm being itself:  the cosmos is, and constantly generates more existing things, whether they be dark matter or dark energy, galactic clusters or black holes, Higgs bosons and quarks, or on and on.

Given its paranormal, mentational infrastructure, the cosmos can only be understood as driven by a will, an urge, an intention to BE.  The humanly unimaginable stretches of time and space — and the “laws” themselves — are expressions of this will.

But the mere existence of, say, a photon is not the end of the story.  That infrastructure, which may here be called the inframind, also drives the complexification of existing matter.  Hence emerge the combinations which result in subatomic, then atomic, then molecular structures, in vast gas clouds collapsing into galaxies and stars with their incredible dynamics, planets and the like.

Finally comes the complexification, on this planet at least, known as life, the most intense form of being.  Through evolution (denied by countless religious believers), intelligence emerges (“evolutionary epistemology”) in the form of higher animals and, now, of humans.  Humans are the hitherto most intense form of being.  But they are the result of the same will to exist, the same nisus vitalis, which is responsible for everything else.

In closely related life forms, we often see an inframental “group soul” acting, which acts as though the individual were only a kind of “body part” of the whole.  The phenomenon is easily seen in social insects, in schools of fish, and even flocks of birds.  In humans it is seen most clearly in the behavior and experiences of widely separated identical twins, sometimes even separated at birth.

This collective subconscious acts for both the good and bad of the individual and of the group.  It can enhance its life or doom it.  The Jew Sigmund Freud, contemplating, among other things, the nature and aftermath of World War I and its universal insanity, concluded that there was a collective death urge in Western civilization.  He named it the Todestrieb or death drive — by others later called the “thanatos” (Greek θάνατος, “death”) urge/instinct/drive.  We are now seeing the increasing power of this collective death drive in the White genosuicidism found everywhere.  The presidential election on Tuesday, 2012 November 6 was in fact an anti-White hatefest.  Not only 95% of the Negroes, not only the vast majority of Spics and other non-Whites, and not only 80% of the (usually Zionist) Jews, but a large number of Whites — especially highly educated, affluent Whites — chose the thoroughly corrupt, economically incompetent ex-Communist chimpanzoid over a squeeky-clean, highly proficient White businessman and ex-governor.  This was not some kind of a mistake or misunderstanding.  It was the powerful operation of the thanatos drive in Whites themselves.  To boot, in some states, the voters passed resolutions equating sodomy with marriage and approving free marijuana (which is constantly increasing its content of various brain poisons).

One wonders what was the excuse that overproliferating Easter Islanders proffered to themselves as they cut down the last trees to build stone idols on their limited island, instead of emigrating or limiting their own numbers.  Today, as Whitey imports unsustainable numbers of ThirdWorlders onto his territories, does he really think that he will be saved from destruction by a new edition of iPhones?  The fact is, he is desperately seeking excuses to cover up his collective lunge for suicide — for genosuicide.  He is against the Will of the Cosmos itself.

October 2012

More Denial

2012 Oct 24 [Wed]:

“Since [The Limits to Growth by Meadows et al. in 1972], Rockström et al. have defined a new term — planetary boundaries — to describe nine variables of high importance to habitability of Earth, including climate change, ocean acidification, land-use change, and biodiversity loss.  These metrics are compelling conceptually, but many are not easily measured globally;  explicitly defining a critical boundary is even more challenging.  I suggest a new planetary boundary, terrestrial net primary (plant) production (NPP), that may be as compelling conceptually, integrates many of the currently define variables, and is supported by an existing global data set for defining boundaries.

[From the graphic:]  “In their original planetary boundaries diagram, Rockström et al. identified three systems — climate change, rate of biodiversity loss, and human interference with the nitrogen cycle — that may already have exceeded ther planetary boundary….  Net primary production (NPP) integrates five of these boundaries and may be more easily measurable on a global scale.  Consideration of current land use patterns and the projected rise in the human population suggest that human consumption may reach the global NPP boundary within the next few decades.

“Many analyses now conclude that fresh-water use for irrigation has already reached a planetary boundary.  As some rivers are completely drained for agriculture and groundwater withdrawal [and] limits are reached in some regions, irrigated crop area could decrease in coming decades.

“Likewise, Rockström et al. concluded that the nitrogen and phosphorus cycles may have already exceeded planetary boundaries, as evidenced by massive river pollution and ocean anaerobic dead zones.  If anything, future increases in NPP must be achieved with less, not more, irrigation and fertilizer use.

“Every such conversion [from a natural ecosystem to cities, agriculture or bioenergy] increases the fraction of NPP consumed by humanity.  The question is thus not whether humans will reach the global NPP boundary, but when we will do so.  The projected 40% increase in human population by 2050 CE, combined with goals to substantially improve standards of living for the poorest 5 billion people on Earth, implies at least a doubling of future resource demand by 2050.  As suggested 40 years ago, the limits to growth as measured by human consumption of NPP may well be reached in the next few decades.”

— “A Measurable Planetary Boundary for the Biosphere”
By Steven W. Running
Science magazine, pp. 1458f.
Monday, 2012 September 21

The Negroid currently in the White House managed to get there primarily by manipulating the psychopathology of American Whites by promising to absolve them of their race guilt.  After a quadrennium of Afroid incompetence and collapsing national strength in every sphere, White neurotics are now beginning to feel the results of their mentally defective choice.  The chimpanzoid promises more of the same and, using the same strategy, is demonizing the White man who is challenging him.  If Whitey now repeats his obsessive-compulsive electoral action, there will be no third chance.  Without an international economic and military recovery led by the U.S., the planetary boundaries will be exceeded, followed by total civilizational collapse.  We are already past the turning point, and only a rearguard action can be attempted, one that a pro-Commie darkie cannot possibly lead.  American Whites and their civilization will thenceforth be dragged willy-nilly to doomsday, after which there will never again be a recovery.

Helping the downslide are the genosuicidsts who dominate the cultural scene.  The November/December 2012 (Vol. 36, No. 6, pp. 49ff.) of Skeptical Inquirer magazine presented an article by Taner Edis and Sonja Brentjes on an exhibit titled 1001 Inventions:  Discover the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C.  The exhibit perpetrates the lie of “how, between the seventh and seventeenth centuries, Muslim scientists made groundbreaking discoveries that eventually shaped the modern world.”  The authors point out that “1001 Inventions utterly misrepresents science and the history of science.  It is especially unfortunate that the exhibit is being hosted by the National Geographic Museum, given the influence National Geographic has in popularizing science in the United States.  By uncritically presenting a myth of a Golden Age of harmony, they are performing a serious disservice to the public understanding of science and history.”  This is their conclusion after they had already mentioned that “[r]ecently, the United States had an episode of ‘Afrocentric’ pseudoscience, attributing the foundations of modern science to Africans and promoting a distorted view of science in harmony with spiritual and paranormal beliefs.

Such distortions of history and fact are rampant not only in the political, but also in the academic world.  No lie is too egregious as long as it deprecates White civilization and praises non-Whites.  The intellectually lethargic masses swallow such falsehoods like candy, since it allows them to engage in the Jew-promoted fantasy of universal paradise among non-Whites.  They never notice that such propaganda is pumped out by a program of Yid hate.

Some people with 3-digit IQs like to complain that the level of political discourse is very low.  The prefer to ignore the fact that the political audience itself is very low.  In the United States in the year 2012, there are millions upon millions of people who seriously believe that the earth was literally created in seven 24-hour days.  They also believe that those who accept the explanation of the biological evolution of man from lower animals are agents of an evil, infernal power.  These are the ones who, manipulated by the Jewbox, install Negroes in positions of high power.  These are the ones who ask, not what they can do for the country, but what the country (especially its “rich” Whites) can do for them.  These are the ones who swallow the sermon that they were born with an original sin:  the original sin of being White.

The main strategy of the D.C. spade is inciting anti-White hatred among non-Whites, especially Negroes, genosuicidists and nihilists.  And his main tactic is spreading lies.  Given that the American drift toward intellectual sloth has become the main characteristic of the population as a whole, that drift is having the expected major effect.

The media Jews are of course trying to re-elect the burrhead.  This, in the face of critical and growing threats:

  • Under the Negro, there is not only a good chance of another attack on U.S. personnel abroad but, because of his massive importation of non-Whites from everywhere, an attack on homeland soil itself.

  • The EU, now on the brink of collapse, will soon become completely dependent on the U.S., if it is not so already.

  • Gas prices are only increasing;  they are now over double what they were when the Negro assumed office and, if given another four years, will double again.

  • Al Qaeda is metastasizing throughout North Africa and establishing a foothold in Iraq.  Given the maniacal Mohammedan surges in Pakistan and Iran, it is clear that the jungle bunny’s attempts to “reach out” to the animals in Allahland were absurd to begin with.  The idea that we can reason with creatures frothing at the mouth makes as much sense as believing in a “holocaust” of Sheenies that Yankee gentiles must pay for.

  • The increasing hunger of the American masses for brain poisons of every type implies that Spic narco-violence will soon become part of U.S. culture.

Against the background of the imperilled planetary boundaries described above by Mr. Running, such burgeoning perils clearly portend that the U.S. will be facing severe global limits to its own growth.  The coon and his guilt-tripping Honky supporters (along with the behind-the-scenes, multi-billionaire Hungarian Jew Georg Sörös) are utterly incapable of dealing with this fact.  Fact, however, plays little role in the minds of the masses.  And now, there is not much time left.

Re-election þrough Negligence

2012 Oct 11 [Thu]: 

The Killing of Ambassador Stevens
The American ambassador in Libya
in the hands of the Mohammedan friends
of the Negro U.S. President
Ambassador Stevens in the hands of Mohammedans
Tuesday, 2012 September 11:
J. Christopher Stevens,
American ambassador in Libya, about to die
as the unconcerned
White House Negro looks elsewhere
For an accurate assessment of the swarthy goofball’s Mohammedan strategy, listen to Lara Logan’s CBS 2012 Better Government Association Annual Luncheon Keynote Speech to about 1,100 attendees in Chicago on Tuesday, 2012 October 2.  It describes the burrhead’s attitude toward his Koran-loving friends perfectly.

On Tuesday, 2012 October 2, 30-year-old Nicholas Ivie, a U.S. Border Patrol agent was shot and killed on the Arizona-Mexico border, probably by a second agent.  Ivie left a wife and two children.  The tragedy is a direct consequence of the confused Negroid policy toward Spic immigration.  Ivie’s death and the wounding of the second agent are, of course, regarded as inconsequential by the D.C. chimpanzoid, who is of the opinion that we need the Spics (and their narcotics) to do the work Americans don’t want to do.  (He is probably thinking especially of American Negroes.)  And anyway, he has more important things to do, like getting reelected in order to continue impoverishing the nation.

This disaster, of course, is only par for the course for the Afroid currently in the White House.  In fact, it is small potatoes compared with the foreseeable murder of our ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, on September 11, by ~40 devout Mohammedans after Stevens’ request to retain additional security was denied to save a few dollars.  (Undoubtedly those bucks were instead needed to help out inner-city “youths.”)  But both horrors are a logical extension of the burrhead’s approach to the takedown of Whiteland.

Lately, the Negro has believed himself to be so popular that, in order to be re-elected, he needs only to avoid disturbing his popularity by abandoning all presidential responsibilities even more than he usually does.  Thus, although there was abundant warning beforehand of worsening threats in Libya and on the Mexican border (which he ignores completely), he chose to let Americans be killed by design and by accident.  In the Libyan case, the D.C. monkeyman jumped to the conclusion that the murders had been caused by a 12-minute amateur video disliked by the Sand Negroes.  He continued to promote that line until forced by the media to admit that the affair was a pre-planned terrorist attack having nothing to do with any video.  (As for the border agent’s death, the mudman had hoped that media disinterest would soon airbrush it out of existence.)  He is obviously indifferent to the interests of the nation.  After all, the similarly inclined bread-and-circuses mob wants to re-install him.  Just do not disturb its coma.

In the years 1306-1320, an Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, wrote a now famous poetic trilogy he called a “Comedy” because it was not written in the high epic (“tragic”) style of, say, Virgil’s Aeneid, but in a more popular one.  Today it is known as the “Divine Comedy,” and describes the poet’s imaginary travels through Hell (Inferno), Purgatory (Purgatorio) and Heaven (Paradiso).  In Dante’s time, the Italians were all murdering and warring against one another, with French, Spanish and German forces, not to mention the Popes, all participating in the general carnage.  Dante wanted the German emperors to come to Italy and suppress all the killing and general crime, and berated those emperors in his Comedy for their refusal to do so.

Today the U.S. is in the position of the medieval Germany of Dante’s day.  America is the biggest kid on the block, and all the other nations and subnational factions expect us to come to their rescue.  However our nation is today so riddled with parasites, weakened economy and conflicting interests that it has its hands full and can no longer save every backwater from its dictator.  Whatever George Bush or previous presidents may have done by way of selling our birthrights, it all pales into insignificance compared to what the chimpanzoid and his Wall-Street backers like the Hungarian Jew, Georg Sörös, have perpetrated.

Currently there is much talk about the Bernankean “Fiscal Cliff.”  In brief, we are warned that if the Congress and Prez do not save us with more scotch tape and baling wire by Monday, 2012 December 31, the following New Year’s Day will be economic doomsday.  We will then need another world war to lift us out of the subsequent depression.  What the economists, the politicians, the Bible-pounders, the crypto-Stalinists, minorityites and all the TV-zombies want is no tomorrow.  Hence the boy in the White House has doubled food stamps, vastly expanded taxpayer-funded “jobs,” and done everything possible to keep the American Ponzi scheme going until he is re-elected.

But to judge from his lackluster performance in the first debate with the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, the Ponzi operations are beginning to weary the blackface.  His advisers, including Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, have told him to compromise with his political adversaries, but he refuses to abandon the Marxist agenda, thereby continuing stalemate.  (It might be added that the vice-presidential debate of Thursday, 2012 October 11, in the following week did not do much to lift the black leftist’s spirits, since the Republican VP candidate, Paul Ryan, overcame the Democrat defender, Joe Biden, by 48% to 44%, according to a CNN poll which had a sampling error of +/- 5%.)

In the larger picture, the non-Communist American elites want a “Christian” world without the religion.  The problem with this is that it completely ignores national intelligence and evolution, a scientific explanation of planetary life which Christianity itself hates.  A quick look at world IQs will reveal that no country with an average IQ below 90 has any chance of becoming civilized in the Western sense.  The ingrained genosuicidism of White populations and their elites, however, makes it impossible to acknowledge this fact.  The “solution” is invariably seen as racial mongrelization along with the inundating importation of ThirdWorlders into Whiteland.  The election of an incompetent Negroid as president is but one expression of this thinking.

Yet even now the self-contradictions constituting this infantilism are beginning to have an effect.  American Negroes cannot find non-government-supported jobs because, with their average-85 IQ, they cannot compete with the 105 IQ of Chinese or Japanese workers (106 for Koreans).  (And American Negroes already have over 10% White genes, thanks to the aforesaid mongrelization.)  When even Whites with degrees in technology and science are having difficulty finding employment, the outlook for the lowest levels is dark indeed.  Yet the hate-filled spade in D.C. is untiring in his efforts to drag Whitey down to Blacky’s level.  This is one of the causes of the now developing world depression.

Another cause, of course, is the legalized criminality in the financial markets.  The players in that game contribute heavily to the jigaboo because they know that their thievery is best enabled under an incompetent like him.  Since only a small percentage of the electorate is aware of the monetary chicanery (after all, it involves numbers!), this stealthy economic evisceration is mostly hidden from public view.

Given the rolling catastophes of the ebonic administration, it is now doubtful whether even the best administrator, no matter what his qualifications, can avert the self-inflicted death of the U.S., and perhaps of the West as a whole.  Democracy is not a survival strategy, despite patriotic protestations to the contrary.  But only after the collapse will this be widely acknowledged.

September 2012

Weakest Link

2012 Sep 30 [Sun]:

Changes in U.S. Lifespans
“The steepest declines were for white women without a high school diploma, who lost five years of life between 1990 and 2008, said S. Jay Olshansky, a public health professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the lead investigator on the study, published last month in Health Affairs.  By 2008, life expectancy for black women without a high school diploma had surpassed that of white women of the same education level, the study found.

“White men lacking a high school diploma lost three years of life.  Life expectancy for both blacks and Hispanics of the same education level rose, the data showed.  But blacks over all do not live as long as whites, while Hispanics live longer than both whites and blacks.

“‘We’re used to looking at groups and complaining that their mortality rates haven’t improved fast enough, but to actually go backward is deeply troubling,’ said John G. Haaga, head of the Population and Social Processes Branch of the National Institute on Aging, who was not involved in the new study.

“The five-year decline for white women rivals the catastrophic seven-year drop for Russian men in the years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, said Michael Marmot, director of the Institute of Health Equity in London.”

Life Spans Shrink for Least-Educated Whites in the U.S.
By Sabrina Tavernise
Thursday, 2012 September 20
New York Times

Unbeknownst to the American electorate, there is something called reality.  It constrains the lifestyles of all living beings, irrespective of their own predilections.  Most significantly, that electorate tends to choose as its leader a candidate who promises, not to deal with reality, but to take the country to dreamland — American dreamland.

As a result, the nation is now entranced in a hallucination in which the powers of darkness have taken over:  city-destroying Negroes, decapitation-loving Mohammedans, narcotics-importing Spics, and every other type of phantasmagorical netherworld creature possible in a declining civilization.

In accordance with the expression often attributed to a captured Taliban fighter several years ago:  “You have the watches;  we have the time,” the Afghanistan war is being lost à la Vietnam.  The religified thuggery of Islam is taking over all of North Africa and southwest Asia despite the best drone technology deployed by the deified chimpanzoid.

In Libya, our allegedly well-meaning mulatto regime got rid of Moammar Qadhafi, a devil we knew, and (also as in Vietnam) exchanged him for an Al Qaida devil we do not know.  On Saturday, 2012 September 15, at the Bastion-Camp Leatherneck air base in Kandahar, fifteen Afghan insurgents dressed as American soldiers killed Lt. Col. Christopher Raible and Sgt. Bradley Atwell, and destroyed six Harrier jump jets, damaging two others, causing ~$200 million in losses besides the deaths.  (These so-called “green-on-blue” attacks by insiders and infiltrators are becoming more and more successful as they await the American withdrawal by the burrhead in 2014.)  The Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning race baiter dismissively refers to such disasters as “bumps in the road.”

The White TV-zombies, however, like their leader, are unconcerned, as long as their bread and circuses continue.  They want their politics to be a form of Hollywood-staged Oscar presentations.  Hence a heavily cosmetized Negroid with carefully concealed psychopathology is held up as the perfect emblem for Dreamland.  His electoral opponent — an honest, sane and highly competent White man — is portrayed by media Jews as “out of touch” with the ordinary mental patient who will do most of the electing on November 6.

The decline in longevity for uneducated White women (see box, above) in America is only one symptom of the White death syndrome.  But it is a significant one:  a chain breaks at its weakest link.  Most Whites are concerned not about restoring or even maintaining their hard-won culture, but about destroying White “racists.”  Non-White racists are to be welcomed and promoted.  Narcotics are to be legalized in order to spread the mental fog of The Dream.  “Opinion leaders” (especially Marxist Jews and White race traitors) are encouraged and even required to spread the Stalinist line.  Suppress all news about Peak Oil and environmental collapse, since it might unsettle some of the lower masses.  Keep the American Ponzi scheme under the thief-in-chief going at all costs.  When it collapses, impose the well-prepared dictatorship.

There is a famous quote of the great World War II German general, Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel (1891 - 1944), that “a battle is won by the logistics quartermasters before it has begun” (“Eine Schlacht wird von Logistikern geschlagen bevor sie begonnen hat”).  That is also true, mutatis mutandis, of the forthcoming presidential election.  Only here, the “logistics quartermasters” are the character of the electorate.  In accordance with the revelations of Joseph Tainter in his now famous The Collapse of Complex Societies, a civilization never stops accumulating human sludge and its concomitant demands, which leads to its collapse, no matter how many toys (“complexity”) it accumulates.  Jared Diamond, in his excellent study, How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, points out that societies die because they simply refuse to change their ways in order to adjust to reality.  The insensate sludge always wants immediate gratification and is incapable of foresight, and it is unimaginable that the corrupt elites would ever change their own behavior.  The outcome of the November election is thus absolutely predictable:  the chimpanzoid is a perfect reflection and obvious choice of the sludge and the calcified elites, and so will win another four years to turn the U.S. into scumland.  The fate of the nation has, accordingly, already been sealed.

As with the Stalinist regime so beloved of the dark psychopath now in charge, this nation will now corrupt and exhaust the life systems of the planet — all to the acclaim and applause of the Jewbox-steered sludge, with the Spear Chucker perhaps even winning a new Nobel Peace Prize.  But reality will win in the end.


2012 Sep 20 [Thu]:

“House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Michigan, spoke publicly about a meeting he attended last month in Israel during which he said Netanyahu blew up at U.S. ambassador Dan Shapiro because he was ‘at wit’s end’ over what he saw as foot-dragging by the administration.”
Israel:  U.S. needs more clarity on Iran threshold
By Elise Labott
Monday, 2012 September 10
CNN Online
“Rather than seeing Netanyahu as trying to force the United States into an attack, it is more useful to see Netanyahu’s rhetoric as valuable to U.S. strategy.  Israel and the United States remain geopolitically aligned.  Israel’s bellicosity is not meant to signal an imminent attack, but to support the U.S. agenda of isolating and maintaining pressure on Iran.  That would indicate more speeches from Netanyahu and greater fear of war.  But speeches and emotions aside, intensifying psychological pressure on Iran is more likely than war.”
War and Bluff: Iran, Israel and the United States
By George Friedman
2012 September 11

Israel, a country of about 8 million, is a “one-bomb country.”  If the madcap Mohammedans should decide to martyr themselves in a suicide nuclear attack on that country, not only would the Zionist entity cease to exist, but so also would the world economy.  The globe has never witnessed a true nuclear war, but it would then.  Saudi Arabia’s vaunted oil production would likely also go up in smoke.  Not a happy prospect.

There seems to be an increasing split between atheist and religious Jews.  The atheists care less and less about their putative ancestral homeland, while the religious ones are as Zionist as ever.  The atheists maintain only tenuous ties with their clan, more for cultural and familial reasons than anything else, and tend to worship the imperial chimpanzoid while giving only lip service to IsItReal (to say nothing about Yahweh).  In contrast, the religious types are becoming less enthralled with the community-organizing Black Messiah, especially since he seems to have “scheduling conflicts” that make it difficult for him to have a tête-à-tête with Benyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the tiny country.  Indeed, some of the religious are even slowly becoming aware that Negroes — including the one in the throne room — covertly hate the Jerusalem-centered Master Race.

Conveniently for the Hopeful Changer, on Tuesday, 2012 September 11, exactly eleven years after the Mohammedan attacks on the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon, unknown Mohammedan assailants killed the American ambassador and three co-workers in Libya;  simultaneously, an allegedly impromptu mob of Muslim Brotherhoodists invaded the American embassy in Egypt and tore down the American flag, replacing it with a jihadist one.  (Luckily, in Egypt, the ambassador and others escaped with their lives.)  Just another day in the Mohammedan paradise where, with American assistance, the Arab spring has sprung.  The ensuing media attention (“if it bleeds, it leads”) enabled the Washington Dark Lord and his adjutants to divert attention from the larger issue about scheduling conflicts and Benny N.  In the following days those wonderful worshippers of Mohammed everywhere from northwesternmost Africa to Pakistan went bonkers with Sand-Darky riots against America.  Like the clueless D.C. Negro, the Allah-friendly governments pretended to have no foreknowledge about the upheavals and so couldn’t stop them, praise be to Allah.  (The following Monday it was revealed that the U.S. had been notified three days before the attack that our Libyan ambassador was endangered by Osama-friendly types;  nevertheless, the hoping and changing, shucking and jiving chimpanzoid decided to let things just happen anyway.  He had more important things to do;  and anyway, a few more dead Whites wouldn’t matter.)  And oh, by the way, Whitey, keep sending us your foreign aid.  Meanwhile, the timid, “undecided” portion of the U.S. electorate was unsettled by all of the anti-Americanism and patriotically gave “their” president a small rise in the polls.

Also on September 11, the Boy had his head of the Federal Reserve, Helicopter Benjamin Bernanke, announce he was sending up those money-raining helicopters once again to do a third round of Quantitative Easing.  Thus there will be lots more Chinese-borrowed money flowing around the U.S., just in time for the presidential election.  (The subsequent inflation will come only after it.)  The timing is just a coincidence, of course.

Nonetheless, the Jews, who also control the ministry of propaganda, are becoming nervous.  They are concerned about all of the anti-Semitic Semites in Allahland and the relaxed negritudinal attitude on Pennsylvania Avenue toward Iran’s nukeworks.  Many of the Chosenites feel caught between a Black rock and a hard place.  For some of the more intelligent among them, the issue even comes down to a forced decision between a war-caused, permanent world depression and the annihilation of Israel.  Atheists would accept the annihilation fork.

One way or another, that decision may just be forthcoming, whether American wishdreamers want to believe it or not.

A Movie and a Book

2012 Sep 08 [Sat]: 

“The America of 1960 was 88 percent White and had an average IQ of 98.2.  By 2000, Whites had sunk to 71 percent of the population and the national IQ had dipped to 96.8.  By 2050, Whites are predicted to constitute just 45 percent of the population, and the average American IQ will fall to 92.4.

“In Britain the same process is occurring at a slightly slower pace.  Whites are currently predicted to fall below 50 percent of the population around 2066.  White fertility in Britain now stands at 1.6 children per woman.  Among immigrants from Pakistan (IQ:  92), Bangladesh (IQ:  92) and Somalia (IQ:  86), the figure is 5.0 children per woman.

“Dysgenic fertility for conscientiousness is especially to be feared in countries with large Black African populations.  Black crime rates are everywhere higher than those of Whites, although incarceration ratios vary significantly:  2.4 times the White rate in Sweden, 5.9 in Britain, 8.26 in the USA.

“Another chapter new to the second edition concerns the future of intelligence in the world as a whole.  Lynn calculates average world IQ as 92.75 in 1950 and 90.31 in 2000.  This measured decline of 2.44 IQ points corresponds to a 1.73-point genotypic decline, or 0.87 points per twenty-five year generation.  Because of the extremely low fertility in high-IQ countries, Lynn predicts that this figure will rise to 1.29 points per generation over the first half of the twenty-first century, although this will probably be masked somewhat by phenotypic increases due to improved nutrition in parts of the developing world.”
— Book review by F. Roger Devlin, “Squandering Our Inheritance,” of
Dysgenics:  Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations
by Richard Lynn
Ulster Institute for Social Research,
Revised 2nd Ed., 2011, in:
The Occidental Quarterly:  Western Perspectives on Man, Culture, and Politics,
Vol. 12, No. 1, Spring 2012, pp. 110f.

On the market today are many descriptions of the Negroid currently occupying the White House, most of them eulogies by crypto-communists who hate the White race.  There is, however, one move, “2016,” by an Indian foreigner, Dinesh D'Souza, which honestly attempts to reveal the darkie’s hidden agenda.  There is also a book out by Jack Cashill, editor of Ingram's business magazine of Kansas City and author of many works on American culture, a book which does the hitherto best job of exposing the entire rotting core of U.S. politics.

“2016” is a movie with reasonably good content and a horrible presentation.  The camera keeps jiggling, so it is hard to focus on the images.  People prone to seasickness should not see this movie, since the jiggling will cause physical nausea.  Also, many of the scenes look as though they had been shot through a muddy window.  A simple taped, audio version of the movie would probably convey the message just as well without the physical effects of headache and being sick to one’s stomach, which may be the primary objective of the film.

“2016” reveals the twisted childhood and youth of the black neurotic;  it also describes how he tries to compensate for his neurosis by blaming White civilization and, above all, America, for his deranged mother and her parents who raised him.  D’Souza accepts the narrative of the mother’s inseminator as having been an anti-White simian from Kenya who killed himself in a drunken car crash.  The filmmaker also reviews the swamp creature’s long-lasting political love affairs with anti-Whites and communist terrorists such as Bill Ayers.  And finally, the flick goes over the fact that the Afroid is bankrupting America and intends to reduce the U.S. nuclear arsenal to zero while letting the rest of the world possess atomic weaponry, so that by 2016 the country will be on the level of, say, Brazil.

Jack Cashill does a much better and more careful job of detailing the utter falsehood which is behind the “first black president.”  Cashill’s “Deconstructing” book, while confirming D’Souza’s revelation that the dark honcho is a Stalin-admiring anti-American, also reveals that almost everything about the Negroid is a media-constructed fraud warmly embraced by the commie-friendly propaganda organisms of the country.  The first half of his work deals with the 2008 presidential campaign, the second half with the spade’s misrule and media coverups of 2009-2010.  Cashill (Ph.D. in American Studies, Purdue U.), a writer who often gives classes on English composition, lays bare the fact that the creature’s “autobiography,” Dreams from My Father, was in fact written by a 1960’s Weatherman terrorist, Bill Ayers.  In the chapter titled “Audacity,” Cashill reveals that coon’s the later publication, Audacity of Hope, was ghostwritten by about two dozen people, especially “speechwriting wunderkind” Jon Favreau.  (Indeed, 38 passages of Audacity are plucked virtually intact from the lower hominid’s stump speeches of 2005-2006.)  The Jew-led American intellegentsia, meanwhile, greedily swallows every lie in its effort to adore the anti-White token.  In fact, in a larger sense, the book is not really about the ebonic messiah;  it is about the communist corruption of that intelligentsia.

In a culture of such widespread intellectual mendacity, it is no wonder that the financial markets have turned into dens of thieves.  The cloaking of political criminality behind quasi-religious excuses and blame-shifting slides naturally into massive kleptomania by leftist billionaires with evangelists who spout diversionary propaganda about fighting “racism” and (get this!) poverty.

Through a careful analysis of the poem “Pop,” published in the spring 1981 edition of communist Occidental College’s literary magazine, Feast, and attributed to the future prez, Cashill uncovers some interesting items.  The poem was not, in fact, written by the author alleged in the mag, but by his true father, the poet, Communist, pornographer, jazz player, possible pedophile and occasionally bisexual American Negro, Frank Marshall Davis.  In fact, the poem, taken with a number of other oddities (such as the dusky president’s sexual indifference to women and clearly political marriage to a rather ugly Negress), hints at bisexuality as the demigod’s erotic preference.  Which may just explain just why lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender groups support him so slavishly.

Cashill’s book mentions the black boy’s cocaine usage only in passing (p. 292);  but then, the author’s main interest is in showing how the intellectual hucksters have completely masked the ideological rot they love so much in their protégé.  So the sainted Afro-Am’s use of brain poisons is irrelevant to them.

In a democracy like the U.S., it is an absolute necessity for politicians to play to the lowest possible common denominator.  As we can tell from the quote above from the book review of Richard Lynn’s second edition of his Dysgenics, that denominator has been sinking — 1.4 IQ points in just 40 years, projected to fall another 4.4 points by 2050.  The tragedy of it all in America is that the intelligentsia joins in with this farce.  What we are witnessing is the beginning of terminal evolutionary retrogression in this country and the world.  After four and a half billion years of excruciating evolution, America has decided to end the entire process and to fail the purpose for which the planet was made.

August 2012

Despair and Mutation

2012 Aug 23 [Thu]: 

“The large potential resource volumes reported for shale oil and gas have generated comparably large expectations for increased future oil and gas supplies in both the US and the rest of the world.

“Unfortunately, however, the large resource volumes of unconventional oil and gas are not easily converted to increased delivery rates to meet these expectations.  Technology has made these expensive resources reachable, not inexpensive.  High prices have made them commercial and are required for their continued development.”
— “Shale oil, gas output may reduce, not replace, US crude imports”
Oil & Gas Journal,
2012 Aug 6
p. 40

The typical American cannot really understand the above quote.  After all, if energy is becoming more expensive, some evil cabal (e.g., “Big Oil”) must be responsible.  The government must “do something” to eliminate the evil and turn life back into a feast of freebies.  After all, as the TV commercials tell us, we “deserve” them.  Responsibility is for other people, especially if they are White.  And — so we believe — there really are no natural limits to growth.

Having swallowed the bait of “Hope and Change” and elected a Negro, the masses are now depressed that the boy they inserted into the White House is not fulfilling their expectations, not metamorphosing the economy in the way they wanted.  Instead, he is blaming his Republican predecessors — and current Republican contenders for the emperorship — of signing pacts with the devil to block his words of dishonor.

Carefully hidden from the public by the commie media is the fact that, even though psychopathologically driven, the oval-office ebonoid is actually of quite mediocre IQ.  He has virtually no grasp of the complexity of modern White civilization, which he hates for his own mother’s abandonment of him.  His real father, Frank Marshall Davis, a communist American Negro, also instilled ineradicable hatred of Whites in him.  The creature’s mental incapacity and hate-filled blindness show up everywhere, especially in his inability to understand the complexities of our oil predicament.

Flowchart of oil refining
A small part of the highly complicated oil supply system
detested by the Hollywood bwana in DC

— Graphic from poster in Oil & Gas Journal
2012 Aug 6

Then there is the military situation.  While the DC jigaboo enjoys leaking military operations information so that he can take the credit for military successes (but not, of course, for the American deaths resulting from such leaks), large numbers of military men are committing suicide because they are forced to fight a meaningless war under rules of engagement which prohibit many necessary martial actions.  The burrhead, of course, could not care less, since those committing suicide are almost all White, whose guilt-preaching religion tells them they are all going to hell anyway.  The jungle bunny is laughing up his sleeve at the fact that suicide is responsible for more military deaths than is enemy action.  He can more than replace the lost Honkies with Spics invading from Latinoland.

While he is careful to downplay or hide the true half-$trillion+ costs, and to minimize even the existence, of the pseudo-war with the Mohammedans, the darkie (called an “amateur” by former Democrat president Bill Clinton) cannot cope with the planetary darkening now gathering over the Yankee fairyland.  Consider:

  1. There is a worldwide recession slowing down growth everywhere, exposing the myth of the “American recovery.”

  2. The entire banking and financial system of the West is experiencing increasing difficulties in making debt payments (a fact which is sometimes even partly admitted by the media, politicians and the public).

  3. Mistrust is growing about the most important balances (state loans, real estate and CDs) of the large international banks.

  4. There has been a massive dropoff in world trade.

  5. International tensions are growing, especially in the Mideast as the U.S. semi-clandestinely wages surrogate wars against Syria and Iran, and the possibility of another regional war also emerges.  (In fact, the U.S. is already in almost open war with Syria.)

  6. The U.N. is in a state of perpetual stalemate.

  7. The asset-backed retirement systems of all Western nations, including the U.S., are increasingly threatened with diminution and even breakdown.

  8. Russia and China are becoming more assertive in their opposition to America as they see the U.S. weakening.

  9. There is no “silver bullet” available (as there was 2008/2009) to solve the West’s financial problems, since the major central banks (Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Japan) are losing control over monetary policy and their nations are overendebted.

  10. Credibility in governments is rapidly declining in states in which the populations, and the states themselves, are deeply in debt.

  11. It is impossible to stop or slow down the growth of mass and long-term unemployment in Whiteland.

  12. Financial stimulus packages and even austerity measures are not having the desired effects.

  13. The various international organizations (G20, G8, Rio+20, WHO, etc.) are generally ineffective in all of the critical areas.  (In fact, they can mostly not even agree on the agendas to be followed in agriculture, financial markets, environment, conflict resolution, fighting poverty, etc.)

  14. A financial extortion and “protection” racket is being operated against the U.S. by nuclear-armed Pakistan for the benefit of its own corrupt criminals.

  15. The Chinese government is consistently undervaluating its currency (the renminbi), which subverts American trade, causing irreparable, permanet damage to the economy of this country.

  16. Whiteland supinely accepts hundreds of millions of dark-skinned parasites to destroy the only civilization that has ever been of any consequence on the planet.  This invited invasion is now dragging down our entire cultural complex.

  17. America, denying evolutionary differences of race, encourages the general stupidification and neuroticization of the masses for the purpose of selling more to them.

  18. Most dangerous is the incapacity of White overlords to understand the implications of the fact that there are now seven billion humans on the planet, most of them primitive non-Whites.

Ultimately, the problem has much deeper roots:  if a modern car were investigated as to its mechanics, much could be learned about its various parts and subsystems.  However, nowhere in the car itself could the REASON for that car’s existence be found.  A materialist would accordingly conclude that there is no reason for it at all:  the car just “happened.”

Likewise with the universe.  Scientists learn more about physical and cosmic mechanics every day.  But no reason for the existence of the universe emerges from their investigation (as understood by quantum mechanics, relativity, string theory, etc.).  A few physicists have dared to say that the cosmos does indeed have an intelligent reason — i.e., intelligence itself (usually denied by both religious and irreligious people) —, but they are drowned out by the popularity-seeking majority of their fellows who deny any ultimate intelligent reason whatsoever.  (Because of this groupthink, all evidence for the paranormal is also automatically excluded from discussion about such matters.)

Hence, in scientism’s official party line, life is meaningless, its only aim being the satisfaction of the animal instincts.  Such satisfaction is enthusiastically provided by “the economy” and by the communistic redistribution of wealth to the most animalistic, such as Negroes.  On the presidential level, as with almost all former presidents, imperial power has been used not to further the life of the nation, but to advance the private fantasies, personal wealth and psychotic interests of the office holder and his court.

Modern mainstream Christianity is an assemblage of sick cults having little to do with directing their “sheep” toward an infinite Source of Life.  Instead, it is an organ of political control which preaches guilt over “sin” genetically inherited from a primitive ancestor.  This “sin” amounts to having acquired consciousness, mythically portrayed as having eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  (Understood biopsychologically, this “tree” is identical with the other tree of the biblical paradise, the “tree of life,” which is the mystical representation of the central nervous system culminating in the brain.)  Of course, the only guilty heir really meant is Whitey, since non-Whites are exempt by special dispensation of the prelates.  This guilt tool, now generalized for non-religious application, is today used for political manipulation and social engineering of every sort.  The enthroned spear chucker employs it on every possible occasion against White “racists” (i.e., all Whites) as part of his propaganda about “American values.”

Then there is the sympathy card.  On Wednesday, 2012 Aug 15, with a move called “Deferred Action,” the Negroid gave back-door amnesty to all (probably ~1.7 million) children of illegal invaders, so long as those chillun fill out a few papers.  The beneficiaries will now be able to steal more of Whitey’s money.  Another step into the abyss.

Guilt-ridden, teary-eyed Whitey swallows all of this, of course, because he no longer wants to live.  He looks forward to the day when his kind will be extinct, submerged in a jungle of dark-skinned animals ruled over by mass murderers.  For a long time the U.S. has been a ship captained by vainglorious madmen and careening wildly through shark-infested waters.  The black pirate now in charge has only one aim:  to destroy the Whites who built the ship in the first place.  After he is finished, there will be no second chance.

We will thus shortly see just where this drift toward animalism is taking us.

Funny Money

2012 Aug 11 [Sat]: 

“Knight Capital Group (KCG) was behind a series of bizarre moves in otherwise thinly traded stocks early Wednesday.

“Knight spokesperson Kara Fitzimmons acknowledged that ‘a technology issue’ occurred in its market-making unit that affected how shares for some 150 NYSE-listed stocks were routed.  ‘Knight notified its market-making clients this morning to route listed orders away,’ she said in a statement, adding that the company continues to investigate.

“Knight’s shares dropped more than 20% after traders saw extreme volume spikes in a number of stocks, including preferred shares of Wells Fargo (JWF) and semiconductor company Spansion (CODE).  Both stocks, which see roughly 100,000 trade per day, had changed hands more than 4 million times by late morning.

“Several traders said it’s yet another instance of algorithms gone wild.  ‘August 1st is another day that will live in market structure infamy,’ said Joe Saluzzi, co-head of trading at Themis Trading.

“Investors won't soon forget the infamous ‘flash crash’ of 2010, when the Dow industrials plunged nearly 1,000 points in a matter of minutes due to faulty trading algorithms.

“Knight Capital touts its significance in the world of high-frequency trading.  Earlier this year, the firm announced that it had enhanced its ‘Sumo algorithm’ to execute trades even faster.”

— CNN Money
Knight's bizarre trades rattle markets
By Maureen Farrell
August 1, 2012: 12:28 PM ET

CNN Money

Funny how that happens.  Another “mistake” by an unblamable computer program causes yet more large stock losses.  Similarly, “oversights,” “unintended consequences,” “unforeseeable incidents” and the like keep inflicting deep wounds in the body economic.  The political overlords, of course, have nothing to do with it, although somehow they prefer not to pass laws which would stop such things (and perhaps send more high-level thieves to jail).

The jungle bunny prez in the (now) Black House in DC who obeys the superrich like Georg Sörös, Bill Gates and other anti-national-border advocates makes sure he is ignorant about such crippling drains on the U.S. economy.  Anyone who suggests he might have a hand in furthering the increasing chaos is immediately labeled a “racist” and the like.  After all, the charge of racism, Nazism or “extreme rightism” has long served the Yid moneybags well, allowing them to magnify their acquisitions greatly.  With the superhuman speed and obscurity of modern computer trading programs, it is virtually impossible to pin the blame for recurring stock market disasters on the true authors of these schemes.  So they have become a major source of funding for all of the top bribe-ocrats.  Of course, the latter always claim that they are “doing good” with the stolen evil, so the cheated citizens must not complain.

It seems that Knight Capital was caught in a computerized tug-of-war over trade profits with the New York Stock Exchange.  KC had been using sophisticated computer programs to draw trading away from the NYSE to itself, and the NYSE responded by programming its own algorithms to defeat the KC manipulations.  (All of this was quite legal, of course.)  In return, KC “updated” its own ripoff program to overcome NYSE’s defensive maneuvers.  Both programs were put into effect on 2012 August 1.  A computer war instantly ensued and the markets gyrated wildly, whereupon the programs of other participants leapt into the fray.  A trading frenzy began in which KC lost $440 million before it pulled out about 10:30 a.m.

The wandering Hungarian Kike, Georg Sörös, put it best:  “The markets are amoral.”  With electronic warfare now deciding the state of the global markets, that statement has never been more true than today.  And since virtually all politics on the planet outside of North Korea and fanatical Mohammedan countries are bribe-ocracies dependent in part on those markets, that means that governments themselves are amoral, and raw power is the only criterion of “success.”

The computerization of everything recalls Joseph Tainter’s discovery of why complex societies collapse:  ever-increasing complexification which is overcome by yet faster accelerating demands.  No matter how intricate the software, it cannot create something out of nothing, and efficiency can be improved only so far, especially when politically encouraged crime and cultural decadence become the norm among large sections of the population.

As the media Jews continue to invent more sins of which they can accuse Whitey, and as the TV-zombies continue to demand an ever-expanding fairyland of sugarplums for all, the returns on “growth” keep declining.  It is becoming evident even to many genosuicidist economists that the global system is peaking.  The “solutions” they proffer are in general politically impossible.  Thus the one and only path left open is parasitism on Whiteland, usually as that path is formulated by some semi-Marxist, but nowadays often also with a Mohammedan tinge.  The herds of voting droids agree.  Reality is unacceptable.  A new, mongrelized god must be enthroned to change the laws of the universe.  Chills and thrills run up and down the legs of media mouths at the very prospect of such a divinity.

Meanwhile the tinker-toy composite called the European Union is sagging ever more as its politicians frantically seek to imprison anyone who suggests throwing out the alien freeloaders.  Within a year, at this rate, the Euro will have sunken to parity with the dollar, QE3 will be on its way, and the zombies will be snarfing up what is left of Whiteland’s seed corn.  But not to worry.  Civilizational collapse will take from each according to his ability and give to each according to his need.

Finally, another straw in the wind:  according to recent figures from the Weekly Standard, more than 100 million people are now getting welfare in the U.S., not including Social Security or Medicare.  “Immigrants from some countries rely on welfare more than others:  more than half of those coming from Mexico, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic get welfare,” revealed CNN’s Jack Cafferty.  But the Negro-loving masses continue to vote for more such largess, now paid for increasingly by loans from China, to be paid back by imaginary future generations of Whites.

Yup.  Just do whatever the media Yid tells you to do, Whitey.  And keep voting for the burrhead.

July 2012

Narco Nation

2012 Jul 21 [Sat]:  Back in June of 2010 we discovered that international banks were financing the equally international drug trade:  Wachovia Corp., Bank of America, Wells Fargo & Co., London-headquartered HSBC Holdings PLC and Standard Chartered PLC., Citigroup Inc., Banco Santander SA (Spain), and Western Union Co. were all siphoning off drug profits in return for laundering the criminals’ money.  HSBC Holdings PLC is again in the news, for the same reason, and its sister institutions are quite likely still in the game as well.  But because of the byzantine obscurity of international politico-financial labyrinths, it is impossible to track all the crime now being perpetrated through them.

The 2010 notice of these massive crimes was quickly buried in media silence;  we can expect the same again with HSBC.  With a WallStreet-connected Negroid who publicly admits having formerly used drugs now at the helm of the U.S., the plague of narcotics has made major advances in the U.S. and other (formerly) White countries.  Today there is no location that is not affected, with millions of families either destroyed or severely harmed.  Meanwhile, the politicians say virtually nothing about it, doing their best to ignore the elephant in the living room.  To suggest taking action against it would immediately be construed as “racist,” since the majority of the brain poisons come from non-White lands, especially Mexico and other points south.  The Jewbox-glued masses are unable to admit that where there is narco-smoke, there is narco-fire.  Every exit from the burning political edifice is blocked by political correctness.  Combined with the religious psychosis of modern Christianity, there is now nothing to stop Whitey from flushing himself down the cosmic commode.

On Sunday, 2012 July 1, Governor Enrique Peña Nieto (former governor of the State of Mexico) was elected in a widely protested election under accusations of widespread vote fraud.  Nieto, the candidate of the PRI, the corrupt dictatorship which ruled Mexico for most of the twentieth century, has promised to go easy on the drug mafias, saying he wants to “reduce violence.”  With Spicland now in the hands of the narcotraffickers, the message is clear:  export as much narco-stuff as you can to Gringoland.  It is what the market wants — another “entitlement” for decadent Whites in addition to one for the darkies.  And on another front:  when the Taliban controled Afghanistan, they had virtually shut down all opium production in the country.  Due, however, to the U.S. “success” in that land, Aghanistan is now again the world’s top producer of that crop.

The drastic decay of U.S. culture has greatly accelerated with the drug explosion.  Since the Yid media is subtly pushing it by denigrating “uptight” White fathers who want the narcotics torrent stemmed, there is little chance that the death of Caucasian America can be averted.  The ex-cocaine-using chimpanzoid considers the drug plague “no big deal” and, of course, relishes the idea of the eradication of White civilization, as do all of the genosuicidist Whites around him.  They thus turn a blind eye to the horrors erupting throughout the country:  the thousands of teenage road deaths each year due to driving while “high” on drugs;  the vicious wars which narcotized teens inflict on their own families, including, sometimes, killing their own parents;  the explosion of theft everywhere by hopheads to support their habits.  (We need not discuss the widespread slaughters going on south of the border.)  The Negroid Attorney General of the United States tried to help the narcotics import business with a policy called “Fast and Furious” which sold guns to Spic criminals.  When a White border agent was murdered with one of the guns, the media Yids (as well as the White House Negro) did their best to cover it up so as not to disturb the chimpanzoid’s reelection chances.

The masses of deaths, of lives destroyed forever, of wasted resources of every kind, mean nothing to the politicians who control our destinies.  They spend their days calculating how to manipulate and regime-change foreign countries, and how to acquire more wealth and power for themselves.  Meanwhile suicides in the U.S. armed forces are currently running at a rate of one per day, exacerbated by drugs of various types that the hope-and-change artist and the other power elites refuse to do anything about.  Civilizational collapse is of no concern to them — nor, of course, to the lower multitudes who believe there are no consequences to taking toxins.

Naturally the politically secure in their gated communities blame the poisoned White middle class for being incompetent parents unwilling to guide their offspring in the right paths.  The elites are able to seal themselves off from the hell they are imposing on the rest of the country, and to act as though it were not happening.  In fact, of course, they know exactly what they are doing, just as when they imposed Communism on Russia in 1917.  But what they claim to be their “good intentions” excuses all.

It is the nature of the United States to mask its parasitic sacrileges against evolution with religious sanctimony.  In the last century, it mortally wounded the European heartland of the White race and enslaved half of it with Yid Communism in two World Wars in the name of “Christian democracy.”  In this century, it is clandestinely poisoning the remaining portion of our stock with narcotics and racemixing in the name of “social justice” for the bloodsucking lower races everywhere.  The rest of the White nations follow the leader, trying to outdo it with demonic anti-White and narco-permissive laws of every type.

The reality is that the so-called “democracy” of the U.S. is becoming increasingly corrupt, just like the majority of non-White governments everywhere on the planet.  The elites float in Fantasia and dream of an egalitarian utopia led by themselves, while the country as a whole is sinking into a lethal quicksand of hallucinatory poisons.  As the global non-White population grows, as Whitey surrenders his will to live in a fog of smiley-faced stupefaction, and as the world’s economy sickens and dies due to Peak Oil and other factors, it is now just a matter of time before we return to the Dark Ages the narcotraffickers promise.

Religious Perversion

2012 Jul 14 [Sat]:  On maps several centuries old, made before the full geography of the earth was known, one can see depictions of strange sea monsters and other oddities in the then as yet undiscovered seas and land.  Where did such fanciful images come from?  Obviously, from the imagination of the cartographers.

With the advance of geographic knowledge, such decorations disappeared from the maps, and only the utterly ignorant or conspiracy obsessives believe in such things today.

However, when it comes to the issue of postmortem survival, the imagination of the religionists runs riot.  From their culture or even from paranormal incidents they draw and hold absurd conclusions fitting their worldview, and insist that others believe those conclusions, too.

The most deranged such ideas about the hereafter are found in Mohammedanism.  There, the pious devotee is supposedly rewarded by unending posthumous sexual orgasms in a pornographer’s delight.

Christian iconography, in contrast, emphasizes chaste souls drifting in ecclesiastical clouds and blue skies with lots of sexless angels singing endless praises to God.

And as with Islam, Christianity consigns the reprobate to everlasting fire.  Judaism, except for a few smaller subgroups, does not believe in posthumous existence of any type.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead invents various realms of light into which one may enter intentionally or unintentionally, some of them being hells which would make Dante proud, others being paths to bodily reincarnation or even to utter dissolution (nirvana), which allows final escape from this world of repeated suffering through reincarnation.

All of such imaginings are employed to control believers politically.  Europe fought many hideous wars over whose version of post-death existence was correct, Catholic or Protestant.  The same motive keeps the mass murderers and suicide killers of Mohammedanism going today.  But in most of modern Whiteland, the literal belief in such realms of reward and punishment has waned.  Only America, where the Christian masses believe themselves chosen to ride herd on the rest of the world, are the Christian heaven and hell still vividly alive, especially in politics.

Here, a pseudo-Puritan morality which views the adult female nipple as the evil eye coincides with a covert criminality in all things financial.  “Helping the poor” (especially when Negroidal) is regarded as the highest political virtue, so that the country teems with “good Samaritans” trying to make silk purses out of sows’ ears and expecting celestial payback in the grave.

In reality, we know very little about what, if anything, happens after death.  The best documentation is provided only by Ian Stevenson’s work, especially his magnum opus, Reincarnation and Biology, along with some supporting evidence from Rupert Sheldrake’s investigations into formative causation.  (Both of these researchers see the “paranormal” as part of the dynamic of evolution.)

But politics is itself uninterested in the hereafter.  It is concerned only with how to use the delusions of the masses to control and fleece them.  Acutely aware of Whitey's Christianity-driven genosuicidism, White politicians everywhere seek to ride along on this locomotive.  The believing masses themselves are little more than inert material to be mechanically swayed this way or that, depending on the religio-political technique and propaganda used.  “Good” and “bad” are defined strictly in medieval Christian terms — even though few would acknowledge the provenance of these concepts, let alone question their validity.  And, of course, evolution is a no-no because the unspoken assumption is that all God’s chillun are equal, given that their original progenitor, Adam, was magically produced after seven twenty-four-hour days of cosmic creation sometime within the past ten thousand years, so there can be no evolutionary differences.  Got that, Whitey?

Whitey’s twisted otherworldliness in the service of thisworldly materialism is a primary cause of his genosuicidism.  It allows him to pretend holiness as he leaps to his death.  While submerging himself in toys and hedonistic entertainment (to say nothing of drugs), he can mask his plunge into the depths of hell.

The ancient Phoenicians and other Semites of the Near East used to worship a god called “Baal” and sacrified their babies to him.  According to historians, they would burn their infants to death amidst great fanfare and noisemaking which allowed them to drown out the screams of the little ones so they would not hear them.

Similarly today, all of the materialist fanfare and noisemaking about material gains and “helping the (non-White) poor” drowns out the weak voices warning of White extinction.  Led, ironically, by the Jews whose remote ancestors fought fiercely against the cult of Baal, Christianity, which now cheerleads the White parade to doom, has reintroduced Baal as its real god.  Let us, it says, do everything possible to enable non-Whites to proliferate and replace us.  Let us ignore the purpose of marriage as a means to continue our race and replace it with barren “marriage” for homosexuals.  Let us avoid having our own children and instead buy kidnapped, dark-skinned toddlers from World 3 while pretending to be compassionate.  (You have to understand:  they’re so “cute.”)  And, of course, let us excommunicate and declare anathema all Whites who wish to preserve their own kind.  After all, Baal will reward us after we are dead.

Government by Sob Story

2012 Jul 09 [Mon]:  In the White House on Independence Day, Wednesday, 2012 Jul 04, the chief chimpanzoid made naturalized Americans out of 25 newbies taken primarily from his specialty, non-Whites.  The creature claimed, “we have to remain a nation of immigrants,” thereby letting us know his plans for the future.

Two days later, the U.S. Labor Department revealed that only 80,000 jobs were added in June, well below what is needed to keep the country economically afloat in order to pay for all the new parasites in addition to what we already have.  But hey, what’s a few more million unemployed Whites when we have so many darkies wanting to replace them?  After all, as the probable son of Negro pornographer Frank Marshall Davis says, “we have to remain a nation of immigrants.”

The masses love to hear heart-warming stories of wonderfulness and love.  This past week, the Pentagon reported that five U.S. soldiers had been shot by another devout Mohammedan in Afghanistan in a soldier’s uniform.  The report was given very short shrift in the news on the hypnosis box.  But the same media moguls devoted many minutes of their expensive time on some young woman with a flesh-eating disease and her parents (the latter talking about their religious faith and how nicey-nice people were sending money to them).  Seems the soldiers just don’t rate.  You have to understand:  we wouldn’t want to upset the masses with the more important aspects of reality.  They might not re-elect the Negro.

The Black Thing blames the general decline of the economy under him on the opposite party, on past administrations, on Europe, on evil White racists, on rich people who “won’t pay their fair share,” on Big Oil or Big Whatever, while displaying various types of heartrending poster children he claims as recipients of his governmental love.  His supporters eat it up.  Numbers — real numbers — are anathema to them when it comes to economic or societal decline.  Instead they pull their own numbers out from dark places to prove their accomplishments.

In the last decade, vast waves of human driftwood have washed into the nation, all warmly embraced by the Congress of both parties.  Like government itself, government “entitlement” programs have exploded in the interest of helping these multiplying bottom feeders.  Touching.

Congress has turned into a social club, passing feel-good laws to keep its members elected and to mask reality.  No national budget has been passed for several years;  instead, “continuing resolutions” and expansion of the debt limits keep the nation on life support.  No politico dares breathe anything about taking “benefits” away from “hard-working Americans” who cannot compete with ThirdWorld serfs.  The political line is confined to “helping” the most diseased people, especially non-Whites, while demanding a “fair share” of taxes from those who work (i.e., while getting even with Whitey for being White).

The student loan program is in fact a student load program, designed to keep academically incompetent young people off of the streets where they might cause trouble.  Never mind that there are no jobs awaiting those who graduate with majors in politically correct guilt.  It’s comforting to say Uncle Sam is “investing in its future.”  But completely beside the scams involved here, the high rates of default (above 14% in 2011) on student loans do not promise the kinds of employment sufficient to repay many of them.  Still, not to worry:  the all-loving burrhead and his sympathetic Congress extended the 3.4% interest rate for another twelve months (i.e., past the election).

So, students and workers (and parasites), unite and re-elect the spear chucker!  You have nothing to lose but your chains.

An attractive slogan.  But we know from history that the masses love chains.  They always look for the Big Man who will save them from themselves.  And they really do not care about the history of Easter Island.

The name of the game is to manipulate the masses by emotional means.  Forget about facts and logic.  Elections are won largely by pulling the levers of the deep subconscious, a subconscious which the average person does not even know he or she has.  It really amounts to a giant computer game involving increasing amounts of money, since the multitudes are incapable of thought, let alone forethought.  The most effective technique is inspiring fear of the opponent in the electorate:  he is going to destroy its livelihood/benefits/future/religion/accessibility to pot/permission to bring in ThirdWorld relatives/etc., etc.  Sometimes an appeal to simple boredom works, as with the 2008 election, when the masses were tired of the drabness of Bush and wanted a jigaboo rock star.  Rarely will reason change anything, even though appeals are made in its name, as with the insanity-driven French and Communist revolutions.

In “democratic” politics, especially as seen from the Left, the aim is always to manipulate the evolutionarily implanted drives and inclinations of the masses.  Activation of the human nurturing instinct works especially well with women.  Group paranoia is an automatic winner with Jews.  Guilt imposition is a universally effective technique with gentile Whites after 2,000 years of Christian “pay-now-fly-later” propaganda.  And, of course, subtle stimulation of greed is a trustworthy practice with parasites of every kind.  Originally, the idea of helping the poor was a religious one, supposed to assist the believer into gaining supernatural merit.  Today it has been contorted into a device for attacking political opponents who just happen to be White and for increasing Whiteland’s overload of bloodsuckers.  Thus, given this perversion of humaneness into a device for grabbing power, we can expect a concomitant rise in governmental inhumanity in the name of achieving heaven on earth.  Because it’s the story, not the reality, that the sob sisters — and their brothers — want.

Arms Racing

2012 Jul 01 [Sun]:  The multitudes, in their obsessions with soap operas, sports and other cretinous forms of entertainment, are utterly unaware of another Damoclean sword joining the cluster now overhanging them:  weaponry of sophistication so refined that it verges on the preternatural.

Besides a multiplicity of robots and drones, new types of radar-deflecting paint, “smart” bombs, rockets and satellites, etc., the new dimension of electronics has opened a completely new universe to lovers of warfare.  In fact, the world of video games itself shades off imperceptibly into real weaponry.  Now everyone from 16-year-old boys to computer scientists with multiple Ph.D.s can participate in the fun.  And the internet has made entry into this realm available to any place on earth that has electricity.

One of the many things few people realize is the continuity, the ongoing nature, of this new arms race.  It is infinite.  As the earth’s population continues to swell, the quantity and quality of weapons of all types directed at the U.S., and at Whiteland in general, will continue to increase.  There will be no end to it, and there are not enough technicians, scientists and programmers in the United States to fend them all off.  Even now the U.S. is using countless Chink scientists to maintain is nuclear weapons program.  (It should be noted that, other than Ashkenazi Jews, northeastern Asiatics — northern Chinese, Manchurians, Koreans, etc. — show the highest average IQs of all human types.)

All this is happening while the chimpanzoidal regime is impoverishing the U.S. with every imaginable kind of Marxist “benefit.”  On Thursday, 2012 June 28, the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 split decision, ruled that the Negro’s “Affordable Care Act” was “only” a tax, not a “mandate,” and could be constitutionally imposed on the taxpayers.  (The Kaiser Foundation has produced a flowchart of this disaster.)  Coming on the heels of the court’s decision in the previous week to nullify Arizona’s attempt to stop criminal aliens from invading that state, this outrage demonstrates clearly that the now solidly leftist Supreme Court interprets the U.S. constitution as a genosuicide pact.  Not only will the country be even more overburdened with taxes, but every ThirdWorlder who can sneak into the country will be affixed to the health system.  In other words, this is but one more way to assure the weakening of Whiteland.  This, too, must be taken into consideration when evaluating the equations of military power.

When most writers discuss military capabilities or weaponry, they detail long lists of war toys and strategy.  Few discuss the larger picture.  That picture shows a worldwide tide of parasitic enemies finding ever more ingenious ways to destroy the civilization that the White man has created.  Except for a few of those enemies, such as Iran or North Korea, none are so foolish as to declare themselves outright as enemies.  Their first weapon is the export of their diseased excess population to Whiteland.  Their second line of attack is the export of narcotics everywhere, but especially to the decaying West.  Their third line is the clandestine support of international criminal organizations of every sort.  Then comes equally secret support of anti-government groups in targeted countries (usually not so open as America’s current instigation of civil war in Syria, but more like Iran’s quiet support of Shiite groups in Saudi Arabia).  This is followed by actual arms development and the use of computer viruses to do everything from industrial spying to causing the destructive malfunction of enemy war-fighting equipment and facilities.  Currently the U.S. is the most advanced participant in this category, but the game is being played by all sides.  Whitey interprets everything in terms of his semi-Christian morality, but in fact the struggle is utterly amoral and thus beyond his comprehension.  It is also growing more intense with each year.

The likewise amoral world financial system is, of course, a primary target of “i-thieves” — completely aside from that system’s inherent and increasing vulnerability due to its superhuman speed and automated operations.  (We are already on very thin ice here:  for instance, the true reason that America has not yet obeyed Jewry and attacked Iran is because it would bring about instant financial suicide on a global scale.)  Scarcely a month goes by when the discovery of another mass loss of critical identity information is not made public.  (One can only wonder how many such cases are never publicized, since identity theft has become a growth industry.)  A sideline to this theft of important data are the innumerable “leaks” of supposedly secret governmental and military information to various media channels.  Such leaks must be considered losses in the global arms race.

Given this burgeoning onslaught of enemies and criminals of every sort — not to mention our self-inflicted wounds —, it would seem only a matter of time before the White man’s civilizational edifice is crippled for good.  All it takes is the “accidental” collapse of a single part of a complex system (as by falling off a severe Bernankean “fiscal cliff”), and that entire system, no matter how strong, will collapse.  The fact is that millions of hostile agents are working feverishly — some even unknowingly — to bring such a collapse about.  Modern warfare is not limited to military logistics, equipment and operations.  Due to multi-dimensional integration of all sorts, it involves every imaginable source of national strength and weakness:  physical, industrial, economic, educational and — most important — will power.  The U.S. has been disintegrating in all of these areas, but mostly in the will to survive.

American infantilism and self-absorption will ensure that, as the U.S. darkens racially, its vulnerabilities will increase and multiply.  The world is not static, and the demand of the masses for constantly increasing “entitlements” is weakening the emasculated White man’s survivability by the day.

But hey, the Jewbox tells us not to worry:  there is no tomorrow.  Alas, it may be right.

June 2012

Roman Empire II

2012 Jun 18 [Mon]: 

“A recent United Nations report notes that in terms of the percentage of immigrants in relation to the national population, Australia has 19.9 percent;  the United States has 12.8 percent;  Germany has 12.3 has 12.3 percent;  Sweden has 12.3 percent;  and France has 10 percent (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs 2006).”
— Jeffery S. Victor, “Political Myths that Influence Voters”
in Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. 36, Issue 4, p. 51.

Joseph Tainter’s analysis and prediction of the collapse of global civilization is now known by all who have an interest in history.  His thin volume, “The Collapse of Complex Societies” (1988, 2000), revealed how societal demands always increase in a society until they pass the point of sustainability, at which point “simplification” (i.e., collapse) sets in.  In modern American mythology, such simplification will never occur, because “they” will always invent some new, more complicated hardware or software to save us from history at the last moment.

The rate of such salvific invention, however, does not seem to be keeping up with demand.  Not even with a Marxist chimpanzoid at the helm are things improving.  The sheeplike masses who elected that incompetent are blissfully ignorant of what they have done.  For the creature has no idea of reality and is focussed only on destroying Whitey in a process he calls “social justice.”

Meanwhile, in Europe, which has a yet more complicated environment and fewer resources, things are getting out of hand and coming apart.  The innate parasitism of the Mediterranean countries, starting with Greece, is undermining the entire support system.  Like America, Europe is eating its own seed grain, of which there is less there than here.  All of the European countries are looking to Germany to save them from their own profligacy.

Because the European Union has been profitable for Germany, that country’s elites want to rescue the spendthrifts from themselves.  However, that cannot be done without controlling them, which none of the welfarite nations wants.  Moreover, regardless of the various summit meetings, conferences, bargaining sessions, etc. there and here, the situation is not improving.  On Thursday, 2012 June 21, Moody’s, the financial rating agency, downgraded 15 financial institutions, including banking megagiants.  Just one more straw on the camel’s back.

The European elites, all of whom live in Fantasia, see the solution in the resurrection of the Roman Empire.  With a new imperial regime, all problems will be solved.  There will be social justice (White genosuicidism) everywhere;  the masses will have their gladiatorial shows, updated to modern tastes;  the intellectuals will be provided with secure, if meager, sinecures;  and a new class of bureaucratic nobles will ensure that the peasantry knows its place.  ThirdWorlders will be imported en masse to replace Whitey (see quote in box, above), whose religions, both political and traditional, promise him bliss beyond the grave.

Whenever there a major crime, terrorist or otherwise, by one of the lower races, the elites are quick to assert that it was just an “isolated” incident, and that the “vast majority” of the relevant racial group is peace-loving and beneficial to Whitey — in fact, just like him in every way.  They also never fail to point out that there are White criminals as well, so we shouldn’t worry (i.e., it’s just a cost of doing business).  This, of course, is the same as saying that, although we are playing Russian roulette, the vast number of the chambers are empty.  So go ahead, point the barrel at your temple and pull the trigger, Whitey.

So the White electorate continues to elect the same death camp guards again and again.

European culture is coming apart at the seams.  Its religious heritage has metamorphosed into an unrecognizable junkpile.  The Anglican Church is in the throes of electing a new Archbishop of Canterbury to lead its 80-million strong membership.  Among the leading candidates is a hideous African Negro, John Sentamu, imported from Uganda, who has been tokened into the position of Archbishop of York (perhaps because he is missing a front tooth?).  Christianity does not understand that its myth of original sin is really a metaphor for our evolution, and our evolutionary inheritance, from the lower primates;  it wants Whites to sink back into primeval negritude.  One can merely sigh and now realistically speak of the Church of England only in the past tense.  All the Limeys are obviously now “proud” of being spiritually led by a zoo animal.

The European elites are clearly aware of the disintegration of their race;  indeed, they have been pushing for it for over half a century now.  They are the true heirs of the cruel sycophants who surrounded the Roman emperors for centuries.  In vacuous attempts to show that they still mean something, the French and British suzerains and their generalissimos attacked and killed Muammar Gaddafi, the admittedly cruel, penny-ante dictator of Libya.  Interestingly, they could not even pull that minor job off without the logistical help of the U.S.  But it made them feel important, which was the only thing that mattered.  (The fact that, due to them, Libya is now in a state of chaos, is irrelevant.)

With the EU reeling from one economic shock to another with no end in sight, it is clear that empire is the only answer.  If not ancient Rome, then a new Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (Sacrum Romanum Imperium Nationis Germanicæ) is being proposed.  It will of course have the wholehearted support of genosuicidal Christianity.  Assisting the empire’s demigods will be the torrent of mind-destroying narcotics flooding the West, a plague which — gee whiz — we just don’t seem able to do anything about (especially since the biggest banks need the narcomoney).  With this in mind, on Monday, 2012 June 25, the U.S. Supreme Court eviscerated an anti-illegals Arizona law and effectively declared amnesty for all alien criminals.  Anything to help “the economy” and to postpone and delay the reckoning with Peak Oil, with ThirdWorld overpopulation and with the narco-tsunami, and to divert attention from reality.  The name of the game is to get Whitey to commit himself to his own extinction and keep the current overlords in power until the end.  Which might not be all that far off any more.

Finally, another interesting sideline is the hullabaloo about climate change.  Yes, the earth is getting warmer due to man’s burning all the hydrocarbons — oil in particular.  But the real reason for the hyperventilation about global calefaction is the uneasy feeling that today extinction really, truly, is impending.  This is not a joke, Whitey.  Your “love-everybody-except-your-own” religion and your embrace of the lower races have truncated evolution.  Now you are foreseeing the inevitable results of your failure to acknowledge the laws of life and the limits to growth.  Yet the tightening noose around your neck is your own.

Đe Bakken

2012 Jun 18 [Mon]: 

The Bakken Formation
was deposited in the more central and
deeper portion of the Williston Basin

Nowadays there is much talk and much ado about a subsurface area of northwestern North Dakota and adjacent parts of Montana and Saskatchewan.  It is referred to as “the Bakken” (named after a farmer who originally owned a portion of it which was first explored), and is a region where some sticky crude oil can be found.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, long before man or even mammals had evolved, the entire Great Plains of North America were covered by a shallow sea teaming with prehistoric fish, reptilian sea monsters and, above all, algae.  Dinosaur bones are today regularly found in the northwestern Plains on its former coastlands.  Around 360 million years ago (upper Devonian through lower Mississipian ages, in geological terminology), it got warm enough for a great deal of algae to bloom and sink to the bottom of that sea.  With the passage of time and the breakup of Pangaea, earth’s original single continent, the seas were filled up with infalling space dust and the algae corpses were gradually pressure-cooked into various grades of oil.  Today that oil is about a mile down, with a temperature of ~160°F.  (Worldwide, the oil “window” is generally between half a mile to one and a half miles beneath the surface.)

The best American oil today is found along the Gulf of Mexico coast (especially Texas and Louisiana) and in the Gulf itself.  However, usable grades, though more difficult to extract and process, are also found far north of there, particulary in the Bakken and in northern Alberta’s tar sands.

As America has extracted most of the easily obtained, high-quality oil in order to war upon Europe and enjoy a lavish lifestyle, it has been forced to exploit more difficult areas with lower-grade oil such as the Bakken, northernmost Alaska and the Canadian tar sands.  Difficulty, of course, means greater expense.  And, added to global depletion and increasing non-White demands on Whitey’s wealth, all this is resulting in the slowly deepening, global economic depression.

The creeping desperation has led to an economic boom in the Bakken.  There is much blather about it being “another Saudi Arabia” in terms of oil, and North Dakota is now the only state awash in money.

The U.S. regime, always looking for ways to advance its primary program of racial miscegenation and White genosuicidism, has seized on this opportunity.  A decade ago, non-Whites were few and far between in North Dakota.  The feds, however, have been importing them in large numbers and planting them there.  It is increasingly difficult to find an all-White restaurant or large store in the larger towns without employed creatures that barely understand English and that also sport deep suntans and/or flat, simian noses.

Mexican drug traffickers, who have already infiltrated the rest of the nation, must now have their attention focussed on ND as well.  They will be an integral part of the “hardworking, law-abiding” Spics who “do the work Americans don’t want to do” — i.e., replace Americans themselves in the job market.  These replacements are being hired at the same time that only one in ten of Americans unemployed for over a year can find a job.  To help out the Latinos, the chimpanzoid, on Friday, 2012 Jun 15, by executive order effectively declared an amnesty for the invading aliens.  It’s his way of helping the economy.  Since they also serve as complicit cover for their narcotrafficking relatives, we can now count on more Spic methamphetamines obliterating what is left of our country in North Dakota.  As Stratfor (Thursday, 2012 June 14) says, “The Mendoza-Haro operation is one of hundreds, if not thousands, of midsized, U.S.-based trafficking groups likely using legitimate businesses to move their drugs and launder the proceeds. … The largest criminal organizations are powerful enough to enlist the aid of corrupt bankers and other financial service providers.”

Thus the Bakken has become merely one more device to ensure the destruction of America and the White race.  Never mind that its oil is much more expensive to extract and refine than the traditional crudes from TX, OK and LA.  By the time the economists and politicians admit that its goo is too expensive to be economical, and abandon it, the damage will have been done — which was the main objective of the whole exercise to begin with.

Along with the economic corrosion of southern Europe, the rapid depletion of the Bakken will finally bring the White death march to a head.  Dazed and confused, Whitey will be told to look for scapegoats everywhere except within himself and his Jew-infested regimes.

The Bakken’s per-well output peaked in 2010 at 145 barrels per well, even though now more wells are being drilled so that, momentarily, overall output is still rising.  Without it, the energy spigot would even now be slowing to a trickle.  The chimpanzoid-led federal government would already be accelerating its currency inflation by orders of magnitude.  Thus the Bakken represents the “last, best hope” not only of America but also of the genosuicidists.  For, unbeknownst to the comatose masses, the Bakken is our last hurrah.


2012 Jun 10 [Sun]: 

Charles Hall, at the State University of New York, has calculated that it is not possible to run our complex civilisation on a net-energy below about 6:1 — because society needs that reserve energy to run its transportation, agriculture, health systems and so forth.  The tar sands 3:1 net energy is simply pathetic.  A salmon does better chasing herring.  An Amish farmer gets 10:1 net energy with hand tools.  I suspect most of the industry cheerleaders talking about “giant discoveries” and “energy gluts” know this.  Still, they spin every new oil discovery as an arrival in the Promised Land, pump stock plays and promote their industry.  In our world, that is legal.  But it is not really honest.  In April 2011, chief economist of the International Energy Agency Fatih Birol revealed what the industry knows:  “We think that the crude oil production has already peaked, in 2006.”
— Rex Weyler,
Peak oil is real and will stunt any economic recovery
2012 March 15

Everyone has seen them.  They are found in virtually every public place, especially eateries:  pizzerias, hamburger joints, all-u-can-eat places;  but also in big box stores, supermarkets, trinket shops and so forth.  And, of course, also in hospitals.

They are people so obese that the word “human” has to be stretched to include them.  They frequently glide through store aisles on the electric carts originally meant for the lame and infirm.  It takes the space of at least two seats to accommodate them on airplanes.

This type of obesity is a historically recent phenomenon, and found in the U.S. more than in any other country.  All kinds of excuses are proffered to explain it, but its true foundation is the incredibly excessive wealth of America, which encourages gluttony among many other vices.  It is the external sign of the same self-indulgence and egocentrism which appear in the narcotics plague seeping through the nation’s bloodstream and which also produce a simian president.

Moreover, in North America, the increasingly widespread phenomenon of tattooing — anywhere and everywhere on the body —, and of hideous and repugnant skin-puncturing jewelry on ears, eyebrows, cheeks, nipples, genitals, tongues and anywhere else, is a blatant reversion to uncivilized and anti-civilizational states of being.  All of which is just one more indication of the general drift toward apehood.

On the economics front, from time to time there is a small bit of seeming “recovery” in the nation’s employment picture.  The actual reason for part of this is that some of the recently unemployed have run out of unemployment checks from the government and have decided to work for a third or a half of their former wages rather than to have no income at all.  In other words, the aforesaid excessive wealth is diminishing, but it is usually still quite possible to exist on the remainder.

This diminution will continue in the coming years until America can compete with India and Communist China in the global marketplace.  Which means we still have some way to go, since this country is rich beyond historical imagination.

The name of the game is keeping appearances up, regardless of reality.  The masses cannot tolerate any moderating of their ever-growing demands whatsoever.  Hence the U.S. government is debasing the world’s reserve currency and thereby shoving its debt onto the rest of the planet.  (In the fourteenth century, Florence did the same thing with its florin — at that time effectively the reserve currency of Europe —, thereby causing a major economic problem in that entire continent.  In his Divine Comedy of ca. A.D. 1320, Dante Alighieri placed a certain “Master Adam,” apparently the man burned in Florence in 1281 for circulating counterfeit coins, in the tenth circle of Hell.  Cf. Robert M.  Durling, The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, Vol. I:  Inferno, pp. 474, 476.)  The idea that such debasement — now global — of the dollar will have no serious consequences is yet another fantasy of the chimpanzoid’s regime.

Meanwhile the primary aim of the Jew-controlled command structure is to keep the American populace divided:  not just Blacks against Whites, but Jews against gentiles, invading illegals against natives, homosexuals against heterosexuals, poor against not-so-poor, labor unions against union-free workers, and on and on.  The reason is the ancient practice of divide and conquer.  The American polity is to be made into a demographic horror of mongrels in a war of all against all.  The politicians will constantly promise “coming together,” etc., but the real strategy is division.  Thus the chaos of the present is simply a planned consequence of the trash who run the country.

Seeking to take advantage of this massive corruption, the anti-White dross believes it can demonstrate its “moral superiority” best by showing indignation and spewing vituperation against any White who utters a favorable word for the White race.  Indeed, the lower the cultural level and the more TV-hypnotized the individual, the more arrogance he or she feels entitled to express toward fellow Whites.

An integral part of genosuicidist mentality is deliberate cruelty towards other Whites.  There is no end of cases in which White governmental functionaries in various bureaucracies have inflicted draconian punishments on Whites for “racist” behavior or even merely comments.  The Jews in particular enjoy doing this.  Expulsion from one’s job, demotions, even loss of one’s home, and heavy fines are among such penalties.  All in the name of “social justice.”  If physical torture were in vogue in this country, we can be sure that it, too, would be included, since Jewish and genosuicidist hatred really knows no bounds.  (A few years ago the independent historian of World War II, David Irving, was deliberately lured to Vienna, in the covert dictatorship of Austria, on the pretext of wanting him to give a lecture, then imprisoned for three years for something he had written almost two decades previously diminishing the official propaganda about the “holocaust.”  American Jews — who may even have had a hand in it — were ecstatic, since in Europe they could thereby torture the man for his words, something constitutionally forbidden in America.)  The practices of Yid Communists and their pupils are well known, even though ongoing Heeb propaganda tries to mask such horrors with drivel about a “holocaust” during WW II.

With the effects of Peak Oil (see quote from Rex Weyler, above) becoming more intense, there will be yet more propaganda of this sort, since the rich neurotics will struggle to keep their positions.  As already mentioned, given the unprecedented wealth of America, this will take a little more time.  The stunning wastage of energy by human sloths, parasites and blobs will nonetheless accelerate the process.  Even now, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke’s phrase, “fiscal cliff,” has become popular in the financial world.  However the bribe-ocracy in Washington, D.C., may choose to deal with this cliff, the drones, spongers, alien bloodsuckers, freeloaders and outright enemies will scream, riot and go insane as their perks are reduced in the coming years.  (Greece, in which rioters recently even killed an innocent female bank employee, may be a foretaste of this.)

Dick Morris, a 20-year political consultant for former President Bill Clinton, has just written a book, “Screwed!:  How Foreign Countries Are Ripping America Off and Plundering Our Economy-and How Our Leaders Help Them Do It.”  It is an exposé of the criminal operations of our leaders and their ongoing destruction of America.  After the coming Presidential election on 2012 November 6, Congress will be in a “lame-duck” session, in which the current set of bribe-ocrats will be more or less in suspension, waiting for the next crew to take over in January 2013.  The chimpanzoid and company plan to use the heavily Democrat Senate portion of that lame-duck Congress to override the Consitution with international treaties:  the International Criminal Court Treaty;  the Law of the Sea Treaty;  the United Nations Small Arms Treaty;  the European Code of Conduct in Outer Space;  the United Nations Convention on the Child;  and the requirements of Agenda 21.  These treaties, which will supersede the Constitution, will basically take all of the wealth of the U.S. and distribute it to the dark-skinned Third World.  Or, more specifically, to their corrupt ruling elites.

Yet Whitey is taking little notice of any of this.  He is diverted by the frenzy of propaganda about social inequalities, about “marriage” for homosexuals, and about lack of sameness in general.  He is told that “coming together” is all that matters.  The reality, however, will be a vast decrease in his standard of living — in effect, a collapse of the American economy.  And when the pacifiers are taken out of the mouths of the flabby, we can look forward to yet more calls for a return to Communism, considering that close to half of the nation already receives at least some government support.

From ambulance-chasing tort lawyers to labor unions in education and government, there will be innumerable sources of disruption, making the situation all the worse.  That Spic and Negro criminality will increase is a given.  Already, narcotics has become a major American industry whose bribe money is distorting national politics.  While Whitey fantasizes about the aforesaid “coming together” and dissolving in a global group hug, the rest of the world is striving either to feed off of him, to climb the social ladder by miscegenating with him, or to annihilate him.  Thus as the culture and economy decline, the dictatorship of the proletariat (i.e., of Jews) becomes ever more likely.  But since, for the mentally flabby masses, parasitism and passivity offer the path of least resistance, we can expect no alternative.

Finally, the masses are embracing the most deadly of afflictions:  mind-altering narcotics.  Far worse than the already wretched perversion of alcoholism, the new stupefacient substances now swamping Whiteland are the most direct form of chemical lobotomy ever witnessed on the planet.  It is no wonder that the multitudes have elected a hophead chimpanzoid as president:  he matches their own addictions.  It now appears that the majority of America’s youth have “experimented” with drugs of one sort or another.  As if alcoholism were not enough, from professional sports to the military, drugs are used for every imaginable purpose, chief among them being chemical “highs.”  There are incessant calls everywhere for marijuana to be “decriminalized,” — another step in the mass self-destruction of the West.  It only follows logically that the White nations of the world should import ThirdWorld dregs to provide Caucasians everywhere with racial euthanasia.  Abortion and birth control are not good enough for Whitey;  he wants a kinder, gentler and faster way to death.  He will get his wish.

April 2012


2012 Apr 23 [Mon]: 

PROT[estatio]. N. 469/81a
(In responsione fiat mentio hujus numeri)

00193 Romæ, die 6 novembris 1985
Piazza del S. Uffizio, 12

Declaration # 469/81a
(When responding please include this reference number)

00193 Rome, 1985 November 6
Plaza of the Holy Office, 12

NOV 15 1985
NOV 15 1985
Excellentissime Domine, Most Excellent Bishop:
Acceptis Tuis litteris diei 13 septembris h.a., circa causam dispensationis ab omnibus oneribus sacerdotalibus quæ attinet ad Rev. Stephanum MILLER KIESLE, istius diœcesis, officii mei est Tecum communicare quæ sequuntur. In response to the receipt of your letter of 13 September of this year regarding the release from all priestly obligations pertaining to the Rev. Stephan MILLER KIESLE of your diocese, it is my duty to inform you as follows:
Hoc Dicasterium, etsi gravis momenti æstimet argumenta adducta pro dispensatione in casu postulata, attamen necessarium censet considerare una cum oratoris etiam Ecclesiæ Universalis bonum, et ideo parvi facere nequit detrimenta, quæ dispensationis concessio in christifidelium communitate provocare potest, attenta juvenili præsertim oratoris ætate. Even though this Bureau views the arguments presented for release in this case as extremely serious, it believes it necessary to consider, along with the good of the petitioner, that of the Church Universal as well.  Hence it cannot regard as trivial the damage which granting the release might cause among the faithful, especially considering the petitioner’s young age.
Oportet proinde hanc Congregationem subjicere hujuscemodi casus accuratiori examini, quod longius temporis spatium necessario requiret. This Congregation must accordingly submit this kind of case to a more careful examination, which will of necessity require a longer period of time.
Interim Excellentia Tua ne omittat oratorem paterna qua pollet cura sequi, eidem insuper apte patefaciendo rationem agendi hujus Dicasterii, quod procedere solet habito præ oculis præprimis bono communi. Meanwhile Your Excellency ought not fail to assist the petitioner with as much fatherly care as possible, at the same time explaining to him in an appropriate manner the way this Bureau functions, which normally proceeds by focussing primarily on the common good.
Hanc occasionem nactus, impensos æstimationis meæ sensus Tibi obtestor, permanens Taking this opportunity to convey to you the sentiments of my highest regard, I remain
Excellentiæ Tuæ Rev.mæ
Joseph Card.[inalis] Ratzinger
Most devoted to your most Reverend Excellency,
Joseph Card.[inal] Ratzinger
Exc.[ellentissi]mo ac Domino
Dno Joanni S. CUMMINS
To the Most Excellent and Most Reverend Sire
Sir [i.e., Bishop] John S. CUMMINS
Josef Ratzinger’s pre-papacy view on how to cover up
the pederasty of Stephan Miller Kiesle, a Catholic priest :

At the end of the Second World War, the leaders of the United States delivered half of Europe to the tender mercies of Stalin and his Jews.  In the United States itself, Henry Morgenthau, Jr. (1891 - 1967), the Jewish Secretary of the Treasury under Roosevelt, and the Lithuanian Communist Jew, Harry Dexter White (1892 - 1948) developed a plan (the “Morgenthau Plan”) to kill about 50 million German civilians after the war, in addition to transferring the eastern third of Germany to the invented country of Poland.  At the same time, two Communist Jews, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, along with other Jews, betrayed American atomic secrets to the Soviet Union.  The conquest of the world by Communism seemed inevitable.

As a result, all of the elites of the remaining part of continental Europe were absolutely terrified.  As opposed to the bovine American multitudes, they knew quite well that Stalin and friends had murdered and starved to death 61 million people before the war, a fact which the Heeb press in America had kept carefully hidden from the yokels hereabouts.  Those elites believed that Communism would inevitably be imposed on the rest of their continent.  Consequently, the Catholic Church (which then ranked among the elites) decided to accommodate itself to the Communists:  hence the Second Vatican Council (1962 - 1965), officially called the « Sacrosanctum Œcumenicum Concilium Vaticanum », also known as “Vatican II.”

Deferring to the Soviet Union, the Council carefully avoided all condemnation of Communism.  In consequence of this and the revolutionary insanity of the time, the whole thing was a disaster for the Catholic Church.  It not only threw Latin overboard, previously its common language throughout the entire world and the mother tongue of Europe, but it vulgarized its own entire ritual and religion.  The result was a massive reduction in the number of priests and religious everywhere, and a colossal apostasy among the Whites of Europe and America.  The so-called “experts” (in Latin, « periti ») could have made some intelligent reforms in conformity with modern science, as well as revising their views on birth control and sex, but their main purpose was instead to become more acceptable to Communism and Judaism (which greatly overlapped in those days).

With the emergence of the “new, improved” V2 church, the daring duo of Pope John Paul II and Josef Ratzinger (later Benedict XVI) began “updating” the Catholic Church.  The new order became known as the « Novus Ordo » (Latin for “New Order,” as on the U.S. $1 bill).  Such innovations as seminaries which encouraged homosexual males to the exclusion of normal males came into vogue.  “Guitar Masses” replaced the stately liturgies of the past.  Pederasty (homosexual abuse of boys by men), while always quietly practiced by a few of the clergy, became extremely popular, and priests who were exposed for it were shipped off to remote parishes to continue their personal practices elsewhere, as subtly adverted to in the letter from Ratzinger himself, above.  Traditionalist Priests who preferred to celebrate the old Latin Mass and not engage in pedophilia were quietly forced into retirement.  A “kiss of peace” was introduced into the Novus Ordo Mass, so that parishoners were encouraged to shake hands with or even physically embrace illegal aliens with tuberculosis who had invaded the country.

Many of the nunneries became hotbeds of “social justice,” dedicated to taking from each (White) according to his ability and giving to each (non-White) according to his alleged need.  Old-fashioned practices such as prayer and self-sacrifice were jettisoned in favor of lobbying, marching and screaming for freebies, amnesty and Bolshevik-style pillaging of the bourgeois to benefit the swarthy parasites.  It got so bad that even a few Novus Ordo prelates were taken aback and tried to limit some of the extremism.

The Jews, viewing the self-destruction of their old arch-enemy, loved it, since John Paul II embraced them, too, while he and Ratzinger kept up a plaintive drumbeat about the “Holocaust” which the Catholic New American Bible, Revised Edition (2011), quiveringly refers to as “sacrilegious.”  The subtext of this is that Christianity is henceforth meant to serve the Jews.

The popes demonstrated unbounded love for all peoples and religions — Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., etc.  The only people cast into the Outer Darkness were traditionalist priests and people, left to wail and gnash their teeth out there.

What followed was an apostasy from Catholicism unprecedented in the two-millennium history of that Church.  It is estimated that, worldwide, 100,000 priests left the organization between 1965 and 2010 without being replaced.  Protestantism picked up many of the ex-Catholics, while many others simply wandered off into a vaguely defined “personal spirituality” or nothing at all.  Today, the remaining Catholic hierarchy pretends not to notice this collapse as it sends out appeals to deceived, self-sterilizing Whites for donations to help fast-breeding ThirdWorld non-Whites swamp Caucasia.  In Seattle, against the very weak disapproval of the Vatican-appointed bishop, some of the churches recently refused to allow a petition against homosexual “marriage” — a petition which even many Protestant churches circulated.  All in the name of being “welcoming” to the gay community (perhaps 2% of the population).  Or maybe to attract more seminarians from that sector of society.  Indeed, the general situation reminds one of those people who adopt a baby baboon because it is so “cute” and then, when it matures, cannot understand why it acts like a baboon.

About half a million Catholics — a small fraction — have broken with Rome and remained traditionalist, regarding the current papacy as vacant.  The Latin term for a “seat being vacant” is sede vacante, and they are therefore sometimes referred to as “sedevacantists.”  On the other hand, some 400 Austrian priests have of late petitioned Rome for a further innovation:  women as priests.  Various European Catholic leftists have called for the clergy to disobey all directives from Rome.  And so it goes.

Much of Catholicism, like so much of the rest of Western civilization and human society generally, is based upon delusions and pretty lies invented to justify power.  They mostly amount to some variant of the alleged divine right of kings.  When such delusions and lies become evident for what they are, as today, the powerholders become desperate and use any methods, including tyrannical force, to compel belief and remain in power.  But eventually the dam breaks anyway.

Thus the Catholic Church, like many other Western cultural institutions, is dying, despite its loud calls for allowing illegal parasites from Mexico and the rest of the Third World to invade America.  It was a great show while it lasted, but nothing can prevent suicide.  As Vatican Catholicism goes into the sunset singing “Coombayah,” the rabid Muslims are moving into Europe to take its place.  Spicland is moving to America.  These Mohammedan and Latino replacements do not have the same religious or cultural views as ex-Catholic or Protestant Europeans or Americans, but that is of little concern to the Novus Ordo hierarchy.

(Interestingly, there is an old Latin list, called “The Prophecies of Malachy,” known from A.D. 1595, which purports, by using mottoes, to foretell the popes to come before the end of the Catholic Church.  According to the legend, a certain Saint Malachy (or someone) had a vision of the line of popes to its final member.  The current pope, Benedict XVI, is given the motto “Gloria olivæ,” literally meaning “glory of the olive,” and is listed as the next-to-last pope.  If one wished to understand this symbolically, however, it would be necessary to return to the original root of the word “olive.”  This is an ancient, pre-Greek, Mediterranean word *elaiwon, which (through Latin oleum) also gave rise to our word “oil”, since olive oil was virtually the only kind of oil known in antiquity.  Thus “Gloria olivæ” could also be taken to signify “Glory of oil” or, with a little poetic license, “high point of oil,” i.e., “Peak Oil.”  Also noteworthy is the description given for the last pope in the list, the one to follow Benedict XVI.  It is:  “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, Peter the Roman will preside, who will nourish the sheep amidst many tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city [i.e., Rome] will be destroyed and the fearsome Judge with judge his people.  The End.”)

As mentioned above, the hierarchy of the Novus Ordo no longer believes what it preaches.  In accordance with the original impulse for V2, it has become “Communism Lite” in clerical vestments.  (The few “sheep” who are interested in the mystical aspects of existence have clustered around the aforesaid Traditional Catholicism, with a Latin “Tridentine” Mass and Late Roman/medieval practices.)  The Vatican itself and its supporters are interested primarily in power and money.  If they were truly interested in the Intelligence behind the universe, they would stop pretending that the world was created only four or five thousand years ago in a week of 24-hour days.  They would admit that race plays a major part in human intelligence, and would stop all the nonsense about how extramarital heterosexual copulation or masturbation are deserving of everlasting hellfire (while being very quiet about pederasty, as evidenced in Ratzinger’s letter, above).  They would also stop trying to foist guilt on Whites for the sloth and/or criminality of tropical non-Whites.  And, finally, they would undertake a campaign against the universal spread of brain-poisoning narcotics, the greatest moral plague of history.

The evolutionary purpose of organized religion (tribal or national) is the life and preservation of its society.  Modern Novus Ordo Catholicism has abandoned Whites and uses them only as cash cows.  (In fairness, it must be said that the other branches of Christianity are not any better.)  Its only concern is about White “racism.”  Of course, racism means preservation of one’s own race.  Thus the N.O. is perforce the enemy of the White race.

Perhaps the best thing for the Novus Ordo to do is to drop all pretense and simply call its church buildings synagogues, and ornament its crucifixes with hammer and sickle.  Then Rome would finally be calling a spade a spade.

Jewish Control

2012 Apr 15 [Sun]: 

Netanyahu’s Israel has dictated the global agenda as no small state has ever done before, just as its international standing is at its nadir and its dependence on the United States at a zenith.

To the miracles of the rebirth of the Hebrew language after two millennia, the establishment of a thriving country of immigrants in the Land of Israel in such a short span of time and the invention of the kibbutz, we must now add another, much more deserving of a place on the list of the seven wonders of the world than the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, than the Roman Colosseum or the Great Wall of China:  Israel’s wondrous power in the face of the United States.  There is no rational explanation.

Israel features in the American presidential campaign as no other foreign country does, with the candidates vying for the sobriquet of “biggest Israel-lover” to the point where it often seems to be the main issue.  Rich Jews like Sheldon Adelson donate enormous war chests to candidates for the sole purpose of buying their support for Israel, while the president of the United States, who won with a message of change, was forced to fold up, at lightning speed, the flag of planting peace in the Middle East simply because Israel said “No.”  If last week a British member of the House of Lords was forced to resign from Parliament after daring to criticize Israel, in the United States she would never have even considered making her views known.

It’s just a matter of time before U.S. tires of Israel
Israel doesn’t know when to stop, and it could pay dearly as a result.
By Gideon Levy
Tuesday, 2012 Apr 3

The primary struggle in the world has always been the will to power, as Nietzsche, in his memorable work, “Der Wille zur Macht,” explained over a century ago.  Today that struggle is centered on the control of the United States of America, the current alpha male among human organizations.  The population itself, being cultureless, has little say in the struggle.  The government, or means to power, is a bribe-ocracy, and those who have the most money are the true movers and shakers of the nation.  Hence the Ashkenazim, the most intelligent and cohesive of all human groups, rule the roost.  They have two main branches:  the Zionists and the Universalists.  Both prongs are driven by hate-filled paranoia, the primary psychodynamic of Judaism, although their interests do sometimes diverge.  The Zionists emphasize control of American foreign policy in the Mideast, as explained by an Israeli in the quote above.  The Utopian universalists, the most prominent of whom is Hungarian Yid George Sörös, want a mulatto world taking all of Whitey’s money and handing it over to marginal humans with dark skins.  Sörös has already made great strides by inserting his Negroid puppet into the White House.

In short, the American and international media are run primarily by the universalists, who usually defer to the Zionists in matters specifically involving semitics.  Gentile academics, petrified of losing their sinecures if they breathe a word not pre-approved by the official Semites, compete vigorously to propose and implement ever more absurd measures of anti-Whitism.

In concordance with this, the Congress of the United States has several fears, chief among them being that there will be another spate of Jew-incited Negro “civil unrest.”  That is, that the media-goaded darkies will commit even more than their usual mayhem, thereby disturbing the all-important economy.  In order to avoid this, the Negro is officially portrayed as, after the Jews, the most oppressed of all those oppressed by Whitey (who has, we are informed, oppressed the entire non-White world).

The left coast of the United States is especially fertile ground for this propaganda, since it is populated mainly by psychopaths and cretins with a thin overlay of high-IQ “useful idiots.”  Indeed, the urbanites in that area surpass even Massachusetts in their grief over the demise of the Communist Soviet Union.  They long for the emergence of a Stalinist messiah who will extirpate the White race for good.  And with the election of the chimpanzoid they have made a good beginning.

There is only one cloud on the horizon for those Lefties and their hopes for the new Satan:  Peak Oil, the vanguard of increasingly obvious evolutionary constraints.

During the latter half of the twentieth century, there were about five major abundant sources of cheap, high-quality oil.  These were:  (1) Texas-Oklahoma (the algaic deposits of an ancient shallow sea);  (2) the Alaskan North Slope;  (3) the Cantarell field off Mexico’s Yucatan;  (4) the North Sea between Britain and Norway;  and (5), biggest of all, the Persian Gulf lands, especially Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar and neighboring Abqaiq.

Today, we know for certain that the first four have passed their peaks.  The numbers for Ghawar-Abqaiq, however, are maintained as state secrets by that open, liberal, Allah-loving society called Saudi Arabia.  Those Muslim pinnacles of truth and honesty, the Sauds, assure the rest of the world that nothing in their area has peaked and that they can supply lots and lots of oil for the globe at any time.  Of course, any Western oil engineer or scientist who let any portion of truth slip out would immediately lose his job and probably his pension.  He might even risk having a fatwa pronounced against him for blaspheming that ultra-holy political ideology called Islam.  And we know what the results of that would be.

Due to subterranean info-leaks and inadvertent slips, however, we do in fact know about the current condition of the Ghawar.  In spite of “enhanced oil recovery” (EOR), horizontal drilling and various other tricks, the Ghawar is now approaching the end of its own peak.  Those in the know predict that its present slow decline will become a fast one within five years.  Meanwhile the Kingdom of SA is ballooning in its population of incredibly slothful and arrogant killer apes whom the royalty keeps fed with oil money and Mohammedan hot air.  Since the simian numbers keep increasing, the KSA must use more of the Ghawar oil for the country’s own needs — to keep that nationwide zoo quiet.  Thus, no matter what, the Available Net Exports (ANE) from Araby will diminish even as worldwide demand increases.

Despite all of the incredible space-age technology in place and forthcoming in the oil industry, there is simply nothing that can replace the oil now draining from the super-giant Ghawar.  Nothing.  (To oversimplify a bit:  think of a container 300 feet deep, 30 miles in breadth and 125 miles long, with most of its easily extractable oil already gone.)

There are, of course, legions of snake-oil salesmen out there, peddling the Bakken, Canadian oil sands, deep-sea plays, fracking, and on and on.  Certainly all such possibilities are being explored and exploited, but all together they cannot make up for the increasing oil depletion.  This is the real reason why gasoline/Benzin/petrol is even now close to $10/barrel in many European areas, and reaching or surpassing $4.00 in the U.S., with no end in sight.  (European governments, with their monarchist traditions, feel they have a divine right to grind the peasants into the dust.)  Also, Anglo-French feel-good aggression against weak, oil-producing countries such as Libya only aggravate the problem by creating power vacua.  (Never mind about also opening the floodgates for more dark-skinned aliens to invade Europe.)

Since the chimp-faced power machine in the U.S. is pulling out all the stops to keep the economy looking “normal” until the presidential election on November 6, Whitey will continue to ignore the Damoclean sword of Peak Oil hanging over his head.  And when, next January, we go over a “fiscal cliff” (as per Treasury Secretary Ben Bernanke), it will of course be blamed on evil rich people (but not Wall Street Jews) who need to pay their “fair share” and be impoverished, especially if they are White male Republicans.

So if Stalin returns, Whitey will welcome him with open arms.  After all, Americans have been voting for Jewish Marxism for a long, long time now.

Election Year Oil

2012 Apr 02 [Mon]: 

“The U.S. is seeking additional oil output from Saudi Arabia to fill a lack of supply arising from upcoming Iranian sanctions, but likely won't need the boost until July, when the EU plans to embargo Iranian crude oil.

“Saudi Arabia, which is the only oil producer that can accomodate the gap, is open to the idea but wants to avoid political entanglements between the West and Iran, which is allegedly seeking a nuclear missile.

“‘There were talks held between Saudi and the U.S. and the U.S. asked if Saudi could be accommodating once the sanctions take effect in July. And the Saudi response was that it was ready to meet demand in the market if required, but would not like to take part in the politics,’ a Gulf official said during the International Energy Forum in Kawait, Reuters reported.”

US Asks Saudis To Boost Summer Oil Output
Posted by Roland Li
2012 March 13

Americans as a nation are no longer capable of recognizing absurdity.  Whether it be awarding insane amounts of money to so-called “victims” for some alleged, trivial bit of emotional distress in a lawsuit, or electing a White-hating Negro as their president, the entire gamut of American political life has become a carnival of fools.

One of the most quixotic things about this national oddity is that the Jewish propaganda elites of the media and Hollywood — although, interestingly, not the true Zionists — are themselves the most genosuicidal of all constituents in the carnival.  The Mohammedan Sand Negroes, pouring in to Whiteland in enormous numbers, are enthusiastically welcomed by those same elites as a quick way to destroy Whitey, while the whirling dervishes bear a hatred toward the Jews more lethal than toward any other group.  In France, during the period 2012 Mar 11-19, Mohammed (that name again!) Merah, after murdering three French-Algerian soldiers (for fighting in Afghanistan), also murdered a rabbi and three children (two of them being the rabbi’s) at a Jewish school in Toulouse, along with a daughter of the school’s principal.  The Muslim “community” in France, which now distorts the whole of that nation in every way, answered the murders with the obligatory denials that the killings had anything to do with Islam.  Moreover, if any raghead is asked personally about such crimes, so typical of Mohammedanism, he/she will immediately use the opportunity to switch the topic and condemn not just Israel but the White West generally, and demand that yet more camel jockeys be imported and accepted by Whites.  All while, in France, the political elites are trying to make the killer and similar Allah-lovers into “neo-Nazis” — that is, to paint them as, effectively, evil Whites.  The propaganda Yids on both sides of the Atlantic, meanwhile, actually go along with this, immune to what such events — and the Mohammedan invasion generally — portend for their own very existence.

Of course, if nothing in this latest Muslim mayhem were changed except the color of the skin, and all the Mohammedans in France were White, one may be sure that the French elites would instantly undertake a civil war to kill as many Whites as possible, since that is the object of the whole charade.

America itself is driven by fetuses with a fundamentalist religious bent, and actually run by hypocrites who spring out of this background.  Although the hypocrites deride the fundamentalists and consider themselves supernaturally superior to them, they actually share many of the fetuses’ core assumptions.  Among these are the idea:  that God is a human being, sort of like those found in Greek mythology, except with more clothes on;  that Americans have a divine mission to Americanize and subjugate the rest of the world;  and that we must abolish by fiat and force of arms all biological differences among all hominids.

This fetalistic stance makes it easy for propagandists to wage war on evolution.  Since it accords with the oedipalism which is the primary national characteristic of White Americans, it has led us into slaughtering vast numbers of other Whites in the Civil War and World Wars I and II.  It also provides justification for infantile sloth and the importation of fast-breeding ThirdWorld slaves who “do the work Americans don’t want to do.”

But since Peak Oil and other limits to the growth of the nation’s intra-uterine demands are already closing in, the hypocrites at the top are becoming uneasy.  If the God-given rights to freebies for everyone (especially darkies) cannot be asserted effectively, what then?  And worse:  if the petroleum-based pacifier is taken out of the mouths of the masses, there will be hell to pay.

Given the combination of rank ignorance and the religious conviction of being entitled to cheap oil, the West is becoming more and more desperate about what to do.  On Wednesday, 2012 March 28, the media reported that the U.S. is pressing France to join it in releasing oil from its strategic reserves.  Now, those reserves are supposed to be used only in true national emergencies.  However, the upcoming presidential campaigns in both the U.S. and France are now regarded as “national emergencies” by the current overlordship in these lands.  The chimpanzoid in America and Sarkozy in France are afraid of being dethroned;  so endangering their nations by such drawdowns is of lower priority than their personal positions.  And their electorates are oblivious to that danger.  Giving welfare to imported ThirdWorld sludge (thereby benefitting businesses which use it as slave labor) is more important than the future of our civilization.

America is now caught in a pincer movement between Allah-friendly nuclearization and our need for oil.  The pincers are growing tighter, with food, gasoline and everything else becoming more expensive, the financial industry becoming more corrupt, and the prospects for war in the Persian Gulf increasing.  Freebieland is becoming imperiled.

The solution?  Denial.  Change the leadership from White to Black.  Scream and holler.  Reintroduce Marx, Lenin and Stalin and combine them with Mohammedanism.  Eliminate oppressive Whitism and return to Noble Savagery.  Seek solace in narcotics.

Thus it is impossible to deal with the issue of Iran and its drive to bulk up with the bomb.  The U.S. asks (see NASDAQ quote, above) Saudi Arabia to pump more oil.  SA will of course do this, but the quality of the oil is now no longer the same as it used to be.  Also, while the kingdom is very rough and tough on women and girls (e.g., beheading “sorceresses”), it is utterly incapable of any serious military resistance to Iran.  The production of its highest-quality crude peaked several years ago, and it is now producing a lot of “brine stained with oil,” as the late Matt Simmons used to say.  So the KSA wants the U.S. to do its dirty work with Persia for it, while it exports Koran-adorers to the West.

Every day that goes by tightens the screws a little more on the race-mixing funny farm.  The White House spook wants Israel to hold off on denucleating Persia until next January, after the elections, and France to make more oil available from its reserves for the same period, so he can get another four years negrifying America.  But even if he does get re-elected, the forces of history may take events out of America’s control.  And that may mean the abortion of the America fetus.

March 2012

Allah versus Yahweh

2012 Mar 18 [Sun]: 

“The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting the Presidency to a man like him.  It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.  The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America.

Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.  The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool.  It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.”

Translated into English
from an article in the Prague newspaper
Prager Zeitungen, 2010 April 28

Few are the people today who know of Flavius Josephus.  He was a Jew who lived roughly from A.D. 37 to about 100 and participated in the suicidal uprising of the ancient Jews against the Romans (A.D. 66-70, with the last holdouts in Masada committing mass suicide in 73).  He himself lived through it all, firstly as a Jewish general in the northern territory of Galilee and then, after being captured by the Romans, as their interpreter, in vain trying to get his compatriots in the south, in Judea, to surrender before absolutely everything was lost.  Later, about A.D. 77 (± 2 years), he wrote the Jewish War, a history of the disaster, in Greek.  There are a number of Greek manuscripts of this history, plus a Latin translation of it made about two centuries later.

The Bellum Judaicum makes for gruesome reading (Romans killing Jews, Jews killing Romans, Jews killing Jews), and is not for the faint of heart.  Although Josephus exaggerates somewhat in the numbers of those involved and is a little mistaken in a few other elements, his history is basically correct, so far as we can tell from other Greek and Roman sources and modern archeology.  It is the main source, outside of the New Testament, for information about the events in and around Galilee and Judea during the all-critical first century of our era.

By wiping out the Sadducees and Temple worship, the Jewish War had two major historical consequences:  it terminated Jerusalem’s control over early Christianity, allowing it to metamorphose into a Greek mystery religion (e.g., “sacrament” [originally “military oath”] is the Latin religious translation of the Greek word “mystery”);  and it established the (Pharisaic) Jewish rabbinate and synagogue as the dominant guides for what remained of Judaism.  Both factors eventually turned out to be of world-historical importance.  The later Bar-Kokhba rebellion (A.D. 132-135) did not change these facts.

Although the modern West, with its obsession on the here and now and its obliviousness to history, regards the annihilation of an ancient city two millennia ago as irrelevant in every respect, Jews, whose average IQ is the highest of any human group, are generally quite aware of what happened back then.  And even though, through their control of the international media, they urge Whitey in general to commit genosuicide, the Zionists among them have no intention of letting their spiritual homeland go down the tubes a second and final time.

White gentile peaceniks, innocent of all historical knowledge, cannot grasp this.  After all, there is plenty of other land for the Jews to migrate to:  maybe Madagascar (Adolf the Great’s preference), Antarctica, Outer Mongolia, or possibly even upper New York State.  With a million Muslims ready to become suicide bombers to liberate Palestine, why should the Jews be so recalcitrant about preserving the Zionist Entity?  Besides, a lot of the oil America — far more than any other country — needs still lies under Mohammedan countries, so we should be nice to them.  Clearly the White House’s non-White thinks along these veins.

The consequences of Peak Oil are easy to see.  A quarter of global oil production is consumed by the U.S.  By comparison, China with its massive empire needs only about 10%.  Without private automobile mobility, America would hardly be able to function.  Already people on low income can hardly afford gasoline.  On top of that, the housing and settlement patterns in the United States are more dependent on cheap oil than those almost anywhere else on earth, except perhaps Canada and Australia.  Rising prices mean that housing with poor access to transportation will have to be abandoned.  But expensive housing in the (non-Negro part of the) inner cities is out of the price range of those with average income.  It is a vicious circle which will have not only national but global consequences as America vainly tries to keep the world under its control.  Iran is an initial test case in this respect.

To your garden-variety White genosuicidist, whose theme song is “It’s a small, small world,” the thought of anyone taking drastic preemptive action to save himself is anathema.  All disputes, especially those with non-Whites, should be solved through negotiation, as with the Gook Communists in Vietnam.  Murderers whose crimes are motivated by universalist political (e.g., Marxist) or religious (e.g., Islamic) ideologies must be “understood.”  Be nice to them.

After all, we’re all in this together.  Christians (and anti-Islamic Jews) should turn the other cheek.  Let bygones be bygones.  Love one another.  As for Peak Oil, there is no such thing.  And it is time for Euro-American neocolonialism to stop oppressing people of color.  Et cetera, et cetera.

It is impossible, through the narco-haze of modern American materialism, to understand anyone who prefers to stave off extinction.  Such bigots must be stopped.  Thus Germany had to be destroyed, and, later, Serbia.

Comes now nuke-gravid Israel.  Its leaders know all about Flavius Josephus and his tale of woe.  They identify with the ancient Jews of Galilee and Judea, not with the Romans of old.  And they do not intend to allow Iran, the modern descendant of Rome’s old eastern enemy, Persia, to repeat the annihilation of Jerusalem.

Thus the probability of an Israeli-Iranian war is closing in on certainty.  The cartoon darky in the Oval Office is trying to bribe Bibi, Yidland’s PM, with new war toys to wait until after the American Presidential elections on Tuesday, 2012 November 6.  The toys look pretty good, so the war will now be post-election.  Thereafter, all bets are off, because the Mohammedans think that Allah can beat Yahweh.  They may have to learn the hard way that their beliefs are not consistent with reality.

The general attitude among Euro-American elites has been that, once Mohammedan crazies get the bomb, they will automatically become sane.  After all, that is what happened with Russia and China.  These elites are the same ones who have long abandoned anything resembling that spur to self-preservation, pre-Enlightenment Christianity, and are convinced that reason is all-conquering.  All you have to do is give the servants of Allah a course in logic and everything will be fine.

Meanwhile the exploding populations of the Third World need somewhere to emigrate to if they are not to cause chaos in their lands of birth.  This is especially true in the lands of the Sand Negroes where, with the sole exception of Iraq, the oil bonanza is even now coming to a end.  So Whitey has generously agreed to let his countries serve as trash bins for the sludge.  By moving in with Whitey, the swarthies will become civilized and contribute their “unique perspectives” on how evil he has been and how much money he owes them.  Perhaps they can also educate him on such niceties as killing one’s daughters or burning one’s wife.

As increasing numbers of White youth comfort themselves with home-grown or imported narcotics and the political leaders chatter endlessly about creating more make-work jobs devoid of meaning or substance, the swamp creatures in the outer darkness are growing restive.  Mexico is already in effect a failed state;  the billion-strong Muslim funny farm dreams of overwhelming Whiteland;  and Whitey’s modernized religions tell him to leave the planet as quickly as possible.

Historically, such conditions have progressed only up to a limit.  That limit is war.  In the last century, Jews through their Communism exterminated over sixty million Russians, and the contagion spread to China and Indochina, obliterating another eighty million souls.  Many Heebs have now switched to Zionism.  But the idea that they would now shrink from liquidating a few tens of millions of Iranians flies in the face of history.  If Whitey will not stop the “Allahu-Akbar” screamers, the Yids will.

Because they remember Flavius Josephus.

March 2012

Persian Engulfment

2012 Mar 09 [Fri]: 

“‘I am asking Congress [to] eliminate this oil industry giveaway right away,’ Obama continued.  ‘I want them to vote on this in the next few weeks.  Let’s put every single member of Congress on record:  You can stand with the oil companies, or you can stand up for the American people.  You can keep subsidizing a fossil fuel that’s been getting taxpayer dollars for a century, or you can place your bets on a clean-energy future.

“Oil and gas industry associations and other business groups again questioned his characterization of the federal tax code provisions the White House wants to eliminate.  ‘A subsidy is a direct payment of money to a person or business by American taxpayers,’ American Petroleum Institute Pres. Jack N. Gerard said on Mar. 1.  ‘The president has it backwards:  Our industry pays the government nearly $90 million/day—the biggest contributor of government revenue than any other industry in the United States.’”

Obama acknowledges Bush policies helped US oil production grow
2012 March 3
By Nick Snow
OGJ Washington Editor

People whose intellectual home is Disneyland dream up all kinds of myths about how to fix America.  Many of them involve variations on a theme about living in a late-nineteenth-century, bucolic America that has been updated with political correctness and modern plumbing.  Few include scenarios of a life in, say, modern Detroit or some other Negro slumland.

Regardless of the real direction in which we are obviously sliding, the power elites (including our Jewish overlords) continue to propel the country into a miscegenationist hell.  The Sheenies vent their intense hatred for Whites in every form of media they control, along with the ads they produce.  Whitey eats up the genosuicidism and tells himself he will be rewarded for it in a Christian heaven after death.  Meanwhile America is taking out a reverse mortgage on itself.  Give us a few final years of a golden sunset, and then we don’t care what happens to Caucasia — or to a planet left to non-White savages.

The few bright spots and promising cases in the picture are utterly swamped by the tsunami of human waste matter now clogging the nation’s socioeconomic arteries.  Even among Whites, instead of serious work and study to further our intellectual prowess, we have low-IQ insolence and sloth demanding free entitlements to a life of carefree ease.

Why is it utterly impossible for any deviation from the current trajectory to happen?  What keeps the entire nation, and the West generally, from avoiding obvious suicide?  Why can we not even imagine averting the collapse of our civilization by changing our behavior?

Because there is one simple precondition which blocks any change whatsoever, one factor which pre-invalidates all psychotherapy and keeps Whitey rigidly fixed in place on the doomed airliner.

That factor is the Jewbox.

Given the fact that TV holds the masses in a clinically proven state of hypnosis, no form of reason or logic, no manifest facts will change their minds.  Most are now zombies, pure and simple.  Materialism and miscegenationism flow out of the Yid-controlled “infotainment” system directly into the deepsouls of the multitudes.  And once these demons are in possession of the soul, it is impossible to exorcize them.

Thus change is literally unthinkable, because the synagogites, themselves entranced in a culture of hate-driven paranoia, will not allow it.  The paramountcy of this cabal is reinforced by the Christian adoration of Judaism as the epiphany of God.  Along with its fundamental psychodynamic, the historically implanted demonization of sex (which views even the sight, in public, of the female nipple as the modern equivalent of the evil eye), modern Christianity demands slavish obeisance to all things Yidlike.  Thus a war against Iran will be couched not in rational but in religious terms:  “we” have to save the Chosenites in Isitreal because Yahweh demands it.

But all is not lost, at least from the point of view of Mother Nature.  She seems to be preparing to engage a fail-safe mechanism to keep evolution from failing.  On Thursday, 2012 Mar 8, news reports circulated that the chimpanzoid in the White House had offered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu advanced “bunker-buster” bombs and refueling planes if the latter would just please postpone attacking Iran until after the November presidential elections.  (This was first reported in the Tel Aviv newspaper, Maariv.)  Naturally the U.S. government’s ministry of propaganda immediately went into lie mode and denied it all.  But as a result we now know that an attack on Persia is definitely on the agenda, probably if not this spring then next winter.  Of course, given the Black boy’s hatred of American capitalism and two decades at an America-hating Black church, he cannot be expected to be in love with Jews who, in the Negro mind (or what there is of it), are synonymous with said capitalism.  Nonetheless he is being forced by circumstances to choose the least bad course for his own reelection.  Yet while America has been stirring up a hornets’ nest of fundamentalist Mohammedan killers with its provocation of an “Arab spring” in Allahland, a perfect thunderstorm of global impoverishment is gathering.

Thus we can be confident that the madcap ayatollahs of Iran are currently setting up their short-range missile batteries in answer to the forthcoming Heebian-American attacks.  However they are certainly not planning on wasting them on American military devices (i.e., planes, missiles, drones, ships, etc.), which have all kinds of protective and evasive software and techniques.  Instead, they are targeting the oil installations on the opposite side of the Persian Gulf and in Iraq.  These are all fixed and largely indefensible targets.

In other words, the Sand Negroes of Persia, with their ingrained apocalyptic mentality, intend to take the world economy down with them as their own nuclear wish dreams go up in smoke.

At this very moment the biological ad cultural foundations of the West are being destroyed without protest by the sick power elites of Europe and North America.  They all refuse to recognize the insidious and deadly character of Mohammedanism, which (hard as it is to believe) actually outstrips Yid lethality by orders of magnitude.  The elites’ sole focus is on the few Whites who do not want to go extinct.  Bizarrely, the most powerful BosWash Jews themselves are the foremost cheerleaders of this dance of death which will end in their own utter extermination far more certainly than any so-called “Holocaust” during WW II.  If, as looks increasingly inevitable, aggressive muds overcome Whiteland, there will be no tomorrow.  Only the snake pit of Islam will be visible, stretching as far as the eye can see, and there will no longer be a First World.

The planetary inframind is beginning to move against this death sentence, since Whitey will not.  A perfect storm is gathering in the very region that makes the maniacal materialism of the West possible.  Since the world gets a very large percentage of its crude oil from the globally unique geology of that region, even a small decline in its petroleum output would have drastic effects on the modern world, including the U.S. of A.  The free rides for non-Whites would come to a grinding halt.  Economic development everywhere would go into reverse.  And we would start learning exactly what it means to return to a bucolic past.  American power elites would greatly accelerate their plans to impose an outright dictatorship.

Thus the hopes of the leftist Disneylanders for an America of small farms and fewer people may indeed soon be realized.  Just not in the way that they want.

Fiscal Cliff

2012 Mar 03 [Sat]: 

“[Federal Reserve Chairman Ben] Bernanke also urged Congress to focus on cutting federal debt over the long-term, without derailing short-term growth.  He warned that the economy is heading toward a ‘fiscal cliff,’ as the beginning of 2013 brings both massive spending cuts and tax increases.”
Bernanke:  Job market ‘far from normal’
CNN Money
2012 February 29: 2:06 PM ET
By Annalyn Censky@CNNMoney

The primary aim of the Negroid President Of The United States (“POTUS”) is to fill the country up with so many parasites that it collapses and gives his ilk dictatorial power.  In fact, this is the aim of the entire American political system.  Unlike a living organism which takes in nourishment, digests it and eliminates the waste, in the U.S. and its European vassals there is no elimination.  The Communist-friendly Left, which is supported by the genosuicidists, yearns for a new Dictatorship of the Proletariat.  It suppresses all awareness of what happened in Russia, as well as the fact that that country is now ruled by a Dictatorship of the Criminal.

The fall of Russian communism has not often been understood in its true light.  Yes, it was a victory for the U.S. over part of the most savage and bloodthirsty ideology the world has ever seen.  But far more than that, it was actually the first stage in the disintegration of the “modern” world as a planetarily consumptive organism.  Communism, based on envy and megalomania, utterly exhausted half of Asia’s resources and devastatingly polluted vast tracts of pristine wilderness forever.  The subsequent collapse of the Russian economy and population was simply the logical consequence of the primitive idiocy which Russia’s people have pursued for centuries.  It was not an aberration, but the culmination of the usual sadistic tyranny long preferred in that part of the world.  The current, oil-based surge of temporary prosperity in Russia does not change that overall fact.

The West would like to think of itself as immune to such a collapse.  Unfortunately, with its drift towards Marxism-lite, it is merely slower in environmental depletion than full-blown Communism and — at least initially — certainly far less barbaric in human terms, but in the end the result will be the same.

On Saturday, 2012 Feb 2, an American Army colonel and major — White, of course — were shot dead inside the Afghan interior ministry by an Afghan police intelligence officer, Abdul Saboor, from Parwan province.  In other words, it was an inside job.  According to Taliban propaganda, the killings were in retaliation for the inadvertent burning, at Bagram Airfield, of the outhouse scribble known as the Quran.  The only emanations from the White House over the murders were that the jigaboo “apologized” for the disrespect shown to the Muslim comic book by the Bagram employees.  (The spade’s express words:  “I wish to express my deep regret for the reported incident. … I extend to you and the Afghan people my sincere apologies.”)  He didn’t feel he needed to say anything more than uttering some anodyne statements about “partnership” with his Afghan soul brothers.  After all, it was only Whites who died.

Following those — and other — American military deaths on the same excuse, the U.S. Defense Department withdrew all its military advisers from Afghan ministries, which are known to be riddled with a mixture of Taliban-friendly types and corrupt locals.  But the burrhead’s government likes to imagine that Afghans are really just honest, obedient Germans in disguise, and that they can be converted into democracy-loving vassals of the U.S. with lots of American taxpayer money and pro-Mohammedan slaver.  There is absolutely no sign that the boy in the oval office has learned anything at all about the nature of modern warfare.  Thus our Armed Forces can expect to have their lives liberally squandered for the benefit of the miscegenationist darky’s ego.  Of course, the jungle bunny might also be worried that if he offends the Sand Negroes over there right now, they will cut off our oil before he can be re-elected in November of 2012.  So Mohammedan murderers are just explained away.  But then, what else can one expect from an anti-White POTUS who was schooled as a Communist?

American politics has become a kind of circus.  The masses pretend not to notice the corruption of their leaders, and the leaders pretend not to notice the animalism and stupidity of the masses, who demand infinite fantasia.  Indeed, a considerable percentage of them, while personally dressing as faux scumbags, also vote for genuine scumbags for their politicians.  Accordingly, they have a compulsion to ignore the fact that the chimpanzoid’s real father is Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Negro pornographer.  After all, lies and hypocrisy are the foundation of the American political system.

The circus is the logical consequence of the mulattoizing proletariat of the U.S., which has elected a Negro with severe psychological problems — a schizophrenic coon who mirrors its own developing psychosis — as POTUS.  The results of his mental imbalance, although slow and stealthy in manifesting themselves, are inexorable and terminal.  As the old saw goes:  whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

The megalomaniacal American obsession with “nation building,” as seen, e.g., in Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere, is merely one of the many absurdities leading to our self-destruction.  But the one that will come home to roost first will be peak oil.  Regardless of the constant variation in price, the inevitable direction of the cost (following global demand) of petroleum is upward.  Meanwhile the “conservative” Right pretends to be concerned about “jobs” while it ignores the fact that only government makework can employ the increasingly sluglike lower multitudes accumulating everywhere, and that the current, mushrooming bureaucracy must be restrained if the nation is to survive in recognizable form for another decade.  Along with countless other problems, the necessary effect of this will be to drive the lazy, the crazy and the stupid into increasing poverty.  Since these types are the foundations of modern politics, we can expect a South-American type of dictatorship to emerge, masked as a “democracy.”  In short, the government of the United States has been infiltrated and taken over by bottom-feeding, philosemitic criminals and genosuicidal maniacs.  There is no hope left for a once promising land.  We know from countless other extinct societies that their members refused to change their traditions until the whole system collapsed.  In the last century, Germany attempted to make a life-saving change in traditions, and we know what happened to them.  So we know what lies ahead for us.

February 2012


2012 Feb 21 [Tue]: 

The latest estimates of shale natural gas reserves in the U.S. represent a shocking step backward for the rapidly growing industry, according to Bloomberg.

The projections released by the U.S. Department of Energy estimate that the country holds around 482 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas from shale basins. That represents a 42 percent decline from the year before when estimates of shale gas reserves were placed at around 827 trillion cubic feet.

The declines stemmed from more detailed information available because of the dramatic uptick in natural gas exploration in shale deposits over the past year.

Probably the most substantial impact of the updated estimates, however, was the 66 percent reduction in recoverable reserves in the Marcellus shale formation in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and West Virginia.

Last year that basin was estimated to hold 410 trillion cubic feet of gas, enough to fill U.S. gas demand for 17 years at 2010 level. Now that number has been reduced to 141 trillion cubic feet, or around 6 years.

Nevertheless, the DOE estimates natural gas production will rise even higher than previously predicted despite the smaller resource base.

Analyses of Marcellus shale basin natural gas development can be found at PennEnergy's Research area.

U.S. shale gas reserve estimates plummet
2012 January 26

On Saturday, 2012 Feb 4, the chimpanzoid’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, declared that Russia’s and China’s veto of an anti-Syrian U.N. resolution was a “travesty,” while Washington's U.N. ambassador Susan Rice advertized that she was “disgusted” with their veto.  It seems that Russia and China are not in favor of U.S. subversion of Syria.  As usual, an American regime is using moralistic arguments to mask its aggression in an undeclared war against another nation.  The pretext being employed is that the Syrian government is spontaneously attacking its own democracy-seeking people.  No word that those “people” are being secretly incited and armed by U.S. agents provocateurs.  Or that the real objective is to make Syria into another vassal of the U.S. and thereby destroy its alliance with Iran, the ultimate enemy.

The idea that Russia and China can see through this game, and are just as cunning as the United States, is therefore “disgusting” to the U.S., whose next move was to order Suzy R. to assert that “any further bloodshed that flows will be on their hands.”  So the White House Negro is using a feminist leftover from the Clinton administration, Miz Hillary, to pretend “indignation” over the fact that Russia and China can match the United States in international power plays.  Directing the U.S. strategy in the background, of course, are the Zionists and other Jews who manipulate the infantile Black factotum in D.C.

The American masses, naturally, could not care less about all this.  The bulk of the men are too obsessed with sports on TV, and the women with Fix-A-Flat boob jobs along with the latest Hollywood antics.  The fact that their government is destroying nations on the other side of the planet means nothing to them, since in their minds only America exists.  Yup, my country, right or wrong, even if mostly wrong.  Got to prevent another “Holocaust.”  Never mind, Bubba, that your daughter intends to produce mulatto babies on permanent welfare, or that America is driving homo sapiens to extinction through insanity.

The future of America can be vaticinated by looking at the economic disaster called California, West Coast home of the media Jew, main spigot for the torrent of illegal Latinos and their drug culture, fount of anti-White hatred, and carcinoma of the nation.  There are those who imagine that the state can be cured by tinkering with its anti-business government or some such thing.  The fact that the problem is an ineradicable culture of materialism and guilt projection is forbidden.  Thus the progress of that particular state is a bellwether for the rest of the nation.  The White minority there is in the grip of suicidal psychosis, so no change can be expected.

Due to the fact that today our nation no longer has a mass army consisting of conscripts, but a small, volunteer one, the public no longer feels the pain of war.  Military deaths affect only individual families and occur sporadically.  Thus there are no massive anti-war movements any more.  The regime can do pretty much whatever it wants, just so long as it keeps public awareness of its violence and threats at a level lower than that of Hollywood nonsense or sob stories about mean border agents preventing innocent Spics from crossing the border in search of the American Hallucination.  Wars are presented, rather, in cartoon fashion, with Mighty Videogame Warriors fighting against an anti-democratic Evil One.  Indeed, the string-pullers (e.g., officers of the Council on Foreign Relations, superrich such as Georg Sörös, etc., and senior Senators along with the President) have a much freer hand today.  They no longer have to create “incidents” such as the sinking of the Lusitania or the allegedly “sneak” attack of the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, in order to whip up American backing for a war.  Advanced technology, especially unmanned aerial vehicles (“drones”), reduces American casualties and hence makes butchering foreign people much more acceptable to the masses.  And it is all justified using pseudo-Christian terminology about guilt.

Despite all of the sci-fi weaponry, however, America is getting weaker year by year.  The pace of debilitation is being accelerated by the importation of countless ThirdWorlders and the genetic deterioration of the original demographic.  It is the primary aim of the political class to mask this decline and blame it on political foes or irrelevant factors.  The negrification of the populace has reached critical mass and the decay is now out of control.  Every technique of propaganda, whether conscious or subliminal, is used to maintain the delusion not only that the all men are created equal, but that they must all be provided with the most expensive lifestyle that can be dreamed up by the latest political or commercial fadmakers.

The Greeks are probably the currently most blatant manifestation of the Western reaction to reality.  Faced with the fact that 2 + 2 = 4, they are burning down buildings and vehicles in their own country to demand that arithmetic be confuted and their unsupportable lifestyle be allowed to continue.  (Of course, the Greeks have been calling on the West to do their heavy lifting for them ever since the crusades.)  When the new math really begins to hit America, the result will probably be the election of Judeo-Negroid escapees from all of the nation’s mental hospitals.  And it will all be presented as the pursuit of truth, justice and the American Way.

Speaking of the American Way, we must again note the hypocrisy which has always been a constitutional part of American foreign policy, since it was inherited from the British who are past masters in hypocrisy.  As pointed out above, at this particular moment the U.S. is trying to foment a “popular” revolution in Syria in order to divorce that country from Iran, the current bête noire of the Jews who control Washington.  During the above-mentioned subversion of Syria, the line being dished out by allegedly “conservative” senators and the Heeb-riddled high command is that “we” (i.e., you, Whitey) have to help the poor, downtrodden Syrian masses attain Yankee-style democracy.  Of course, there are any number of governments throughout the world that downtread their subjects, yet the U.S. inexplicably says and does nothing about those governments.  There is also no mention of the undeclared war being waged against Iran, with assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, drone overflights, various types of economic measures and threats, etc.  It is all a perfect example of how the synagogue-based Council on Foreign Relations is working to change the world to its liking.  The American masses are being fed with the usual quasi-religious justifications for their regime’s wanton aggression.  In between TV-broadcast football games, that is.  Hypocrisy, after all, is the primary modus operandi of American politics.  Deception and fraud are truly America’s weapons of mass delusion.

The only problem is that these weapons also slide imperceptibly into self-delusion.  And that deliberate blindness is leading us down the primrose path of denial about the limits to growth and about American decline.  But not to worry:  nature will soon end the American attempt to end nature.

Whacko Politics

2012 Feb 01 [Wed]: 

“Andrew Adler, owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, wrote a January 13 column about the threat of Iran to Israel.  He posed three options for the Jewish state to counter the Iranian regime.

“One of them called for a ‘hit on a president in order to preserve Israel’s existence.’

“‘Give the go-ahead for U.S. based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.’

“U.S. Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie told CNN Saturday, ‘We are aware of it.  We are taking the appropriate investigative steps.’”

Yid loyalty to the U.S., as revealed in the article
Jewish paper’s column catches Secret Service’s eye
By Joe Sterling, CNN
6:11 PM EST, Sun 2012 January 22

Naturally, a bunch of other Jews disclaimed any agreement with Heebissimo Adler.  Can’t let goys know what the Learned Elders of Zion really want.

Among other things, such a crime would result in the horror of having every second major avenue and high school in America named after yet another Negro.

On Tuesday, 2012 Jan 24, the White House chimpanzoid drooled out his latest State of the Union speech, which was actually his first spurt of re-election gibberish.  He emphasized the notion of “fairness” — actually a code word to the underclasses telling them that it is OK to engage in crime.  After all, if the “rich” (i.e., Whites who earn their way in life through study and hard work) are not paying their “fair share,” then the stupid and the lazy have a “right” to take it away from them by any means whatsoever.  That is why the supermarkets and other retail stores of the land are now witnessing a strong surge in shoplifting and petty crime of all sorts.  It’s now allowed, since the alleged president says it is all fully justified.  The old Jewish ploy of whipping up jealousy against non-Jewish “rich people” (“capitalists”) is experiencing a renaissance on the chimpanzoid’s side of the campaign.  The jungle bunny also talked about America having another century of gas.  Clearly he means the outgassing from all of his speechifying.

As the nation imports ever more narcotics from the Mexican drug cartels, the Negro is using various ruses to help the suppliers by giving them all immediate amnesty.  That ploy will gain him votes not only from the tidal wave of Spics rolling over the country, but also from the vast numbers of disintegrating Whites who are looking for any excuse to blow their brains out with psychedelic chemicals.  The plague starts insidiously by seducing teenagers with marijuana, billed as “harmless.”  The most prominent effect of this drug, however, is a weakening of the will.  The young user soon convinces himself or herself that study and hard work are unnecessary and merely an irrational imposition by parents or “society.”  The effects then spread further, given that weed is quite often a “gateway” drug to more dangerous narcotics.  Today movements are afoot in an increasing number of states to legalize the drug under the pretext that it is needed for “medical” purposes.  The result is a slow deterioration of national sanity — all behind the façade of moral improvement.

As the machinery of civilization becomes more complex and efficient, and the demands of the masses increase, any disruption, natural or manmade, becomes an excuse for outbreaks of savagery by Negroes and other lower types.  The threat of such eruptions is the subtext of the chimpanzoidal campaign strategy:  elect the darkie or experience riots and rampage by the government-supported lower animals.  The recent “Occupy Wall Street” operation is a creation of the leftist media to raise the fear of just such threats.

Meanwhile the non-leftist side is wallowing in total confusion.  The word “conservative” has become a wild card used to mean anything the user wants it to mean.  At least one of the “conservative” Republican presidential candidates, Newt Gingrich, uses it to mean a massive expansion of the federal government, especially its military side so that he can attack people the Zionists do not like.  (He also wants to put a permanent base on the moon, something truly out of this world.)  To others it means some kind of theocracy;  to others some amorphous idea called “family values”;  to yet others, a return to the Wild West, including the legalization of brain poisons supplied by syndicates of Mexican murderers.

Of course, Americans have never shrunk from murdering their own kith and kin in the name of “higher morality.”  It is such fun to commit fratricide and parricide in order to answer the call of the elites to establish some new, utopian world or, for godly wonderfulness, to exterminate those of their own blood who are trying to breathe.  Yes, America the beautiful.  Missionary to the world, standing on the bodies of White men and women.  It is to finish off the remaining members of our race that our politicians are singing their siren songs.

Dante and Vergil encounter
sodomites in hell
(Manuscript illustration,
ca. 1345)

In reality, the American polity has now moved so far from the natural bases of life and evolution that it can only be called an abomination of desolation, to use an ancient phrase.  It has deliberately turned its central cities into human crime farms infested with Negroes and, pushed by political bribes from those outside the gender mainstream, it has attacked the biological unit of the family.  (Among other circus acts, homosexual Rep. Barney Frank [D-Mass and former chairman of the House Financial Services Committee] is planning to “marry” another male, Jim Ready, with much fanfare.)  The Christian practice of guilt-tripping has utterly destroyed any rational solution to the problem of parasitic Whites, to say nothing about the vast overload of cancerous non-Whites.  Freakishness is prized among the youth and self-indulgence among its elders.

The political campaigners talk much about “jobs” and reducing unemployment, but in fact the masses want only government-supported make-work of the easiest sort — a national playpen for all the adult infants.  Thus the presidential campaigns amount to little more than exercizes in nationwide self-delusion and whistling in the dark.

In the background, the cheap and easy, high-quality oil and other energy resources (except, temporarily, natural gas) are already things of the past.  These resources have made the American fantasy possible from the days when the pre-U.S. colonies were established on these shores by crowds of escapist religious nuts.  We are now going to see a paroxysm of madness as we descend the downslope of the energy mountain.  According to Oil & Gas Journal, the recent quarrel with Iran (with the U.S. forcing Europe to place sanctions on Iranian oil) may soon result in a price rise of $20-$30/barrel of oil.  This, of course, is only a small blip on the radar screen of the future.  Wait another few years, and the forces of general collapse will be gathering serious steam.

The phenomenon of Greece (to be followed soon by Portugal and Spain) is instructive.  Having cheated the northern parts of the European Union for years in order to live the dolce vita, its masses are now rioting because the cookie jar is empty.  As evolution-hating America follows the path of Greece, we can expect nothing less, until we end up with a de facto corrupt, race-mixing quasi-dictatorship à la Mexico.

January 2012

Đe Presidential Campaign

2012 Jan 18 [Wed]: 

State debt and economic output of industrialized countries (1991-2011) (in grey: GDP/in red: public debt) Source:  Spiegel, 01/2012

Under normal circumstances, the two political parties of the U.S., Republican and Democrat, trade places in the White House every eight years or so.  They actually do this by mutual agreement in order to make the masses think that they have some say in the matter, and that the U.S. is a “democracy” (rule by the people), where the “people” make decisions about governance.  In fact, the party whose turn it is to concede the presidency to the other simply puts forward a candidate or candidate pair which is foreseeably unacceptable to the prospective electorate.  An example was the candidature of the one-armed bandit, Republican Bob (“Dolorous”) Dole against the exciting rapist Bill Clinton in 1994;  another was the 2008 selection by the soporific Republican then-candidate John McCain of Sarah Palin, a dingbat woman from the Alaskan outback, as a Vice Presidential running mate and laughing stock, against a Jew- and Negro-supported chimpanzoid who promised to absolve Whites of their original sin of having been born White.

This game has endured for many years because America’s power and wealth has permitted a historically unprecedented façade to emerge, behind which an anti-evolutionary dynamic could sprout to threaten the existence of the earth as a life-supporting planet.

But the long-predicted limits to growth are slowly coming to bear.  The massive overshoot in every dimension and the metastasizing parasitism by systemic drags (Negroes, illegal invaders, criminals of every sort, etc.) are clogging the machinery of civilization.  This means that the coming election will be much more vicious than hitherto.  The Democrats, the party that favors crime outright, may even get one of their expendable “mules” to do some particularly dirty work for them in order to keep their stranglehold on power.  The key is to maintain some figleaf of plausible deniability, which is fairly easy when you control the media.

On the Republican side, the hopefuls have used their love of Jesus (Rick Santorum) or America’s wonderful role in mass-murdering vast numbers of Germans and Japanese in WW II (Newt Gingrich) as talking points to boost their popularity.  Others have paraded their anti-Whitism by displaying their adoption of non-Whites from China and India (crypto-Democrat John Huntsman).  The carefully designed “down-homeyness” of the politicoes — the lack of ties, the rolled-up shirtsleeves, the wearing of jeans (which must have a well-worn look) instead of slacks or trousers, etc. — is another feature demanded by the public.  The more rabble-like, the better.  In short, the choreography of the presidential campaign is much more a demonstration of the electorate’s mental deterioration than it is of the candidates themselves.

Simultaneously, vast sums of money are being sluiced into the presidential and congressional races from all kinds of sources.  The chimpanzoid is being abundantly funded especially by Jew Street and probably through subterranean tunnels from international organizations and foreign countries.  In short, the American body politic, although long influenced by British and Zionist forces, is today a robot manipulated by world finance in general.  Since the masses are concerned only about their daily TV entertainment, they prefer to ignore this modern form of diabolic possession by planeticidal body snatchers.

But because of the ongoing economic depression, there is much unadmitted worry among government agencies about loss of taxpayer money.  The military, in order to boost its claim on the remaining wealth, is busy making propaganda about China as a future enemy.  (Never mind that China, with four or five times the population, spends less than a third of the money on defense that the U.S. does.)  Various fiefdoms within the federal government are frantically painting doomsday scenarios about what will happen if their particular budgets are cut.  (Just think:  vagrants and bums might no longer get posh living quarters at taxpayer expense!  Oi vey!)  So the government-dependent masses will make sure to vote for their mulatto fetus a second time.

However, history may intervene.  On Friday the 13th of January 2012, the financial ratings agency, Standard & Poor’s, downgraded nine European countries:  France, Austria, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia by one grade;  Portugal, Italy, Spain and Cyprus by two.  By any measure, this means global weakening.  (See the graph heading this essay for an overall picture.)  Furthermore, if Italy cannot pay its debts and Germany is overloaded with demands to rescue Club Med, the U.S. financial markets may encounter truly serious difficulties.  That would entail a severe downturn in our own economy, with unpredictable results.  Meanwhile the U.S. and Yidland continue to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists and lay siege to Iran with embargoes.  The chimpanzoid may even be preparing to distract the electorate with a new Middle Eastern war against Iran, or some kind of disruption barely short of war (since the U.S.-Iran relationship is essentially a stalemate moving slowly in Iran’s favor).  The masses could be expected (again) to rally around “their” president.  Never mind what would happen to the global economy if the Strait of Hormuz were closed or even just temporarily constricted by hostilities of various sorts.  The Democrat party is becoming so desperate to retain power that it may try anything.

There are two fundamentally different ways of deciding what is “right” in human society:  personal desire or logic based on a Weltanschauung.  Typically, human beings confuse the two:  they firstly decide what they want, which usually depends upon some easily manipulated inner drive or emotion, and subsequently they invent a cosmic order which enables them to justify that want.  If fact-based logic were the primary criterion, the world would be an entirely different place.

Within a society, politicians and advertizers primarily use two methods to manipulate the mass mind:  force and emotionalism or, in general terms, law and advertizing.  (Outside of the given society, war, threat, subversion and various other forms of coercion are the main tools.)  These methods of exterior and interior control can also be loosely classified psychologically as “operant” (“Skinnerian” or reward/punishment) and “classical” (“Pavlovian”) conditioning.  Dictatorial systems tend to emphasize the compulsion end of the spectrum, “democratic” ones the emotional end, although no society is driven purely by force or purely by emotion.  Logic is perverted in all systems of control.

In the current presidential campaign, logic is mostly flung to the winds and appeals are made primarily to the primal urges (anxiety, sloth, greed, envy, hatred, guilt, the seven deadly sins, etc.) of the masses, although such appeals are cunningly made through all kinds of euphemism and distortion through which the contending sides “point out” what are alleged to be “facts” tarnishing their adversaries.

All of this plays out within an overarching context, however, which is planetary and evolutionary.  The question is:  will the lower forms of humanity overwhelm the higher?  This is in fact the current direction.

The elites are everywhere imposing an increasingly tyrannical system of control, utilizing every possible psychological, legal and paramilitary technique to strengthen their grip on power.  In Europe, freedom of speech has been utterly stamped out, with Jewish supremacy rigorously enforced in all matters of public discussion.  Non-Whites are treated with the utmost solicitude, and any scintilla of preference for Whites by Whites is cause for imprisonment and court-ordered impoverishment.  The Jews hate the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech, since it limits their control a tiny bit, even though they rule the big media, especially TV.  As the world slides towards ever deeper economic depression, they and their puppets seek to compensate by instituting their own form of mulattoist Stalinism.  They are backed, of course, by the billions of lower anthropoids seeking to participate in the parasitism on Whiteland.

Whites themselves have largely been hypnotized into exchanging temporary wealth for life itself, not realizing that the wages of that wealth are death.

One of the corollaries of American-style politics is that politicians not only must mimic the ignorance and error of the mass mind in matters of science and history, but themselves actually wallow in that same ignorance and error.  Their lack of understanding of evolution and biology is dumbfounding, as is their misapprehension of foreign cultures.  Concepts such as “higher” and “lower” are utterly suppressed in their sociological worldview.  “Good” is apodictically defined as that which furthers racial pollution and Heeb supremacy.  “Bad” is anything which countervails White genosuicidism.  Just ask your local Christian clergyman.

The chimpanzoid currently in the catbird seat has given lip service to science by installing a Nobel-prize-winning Chink as science advisor, but even that advisor is in fact ignored except as a façade.  As everyone knows, any discussion of racial realities is studiously avoided, including the drastic global consequences of Darkland’s overpopulation.

In sum, the entire presidential campaign is restricted to a single theme:  “It’s the economy, stupid.”  Black (the blacker, the better) superiority is affirmed as an important desideratum, while alleged personal flaws (heterosexual ones, that is) of candidates are hyped as incapacitating them for office.  The carefully concealed background of the (perhaps bisexual) White House Negro is considered outside the limits of discussion.

Thus the struggle for the most powerful office in the world is reduced to a dark comedy — albeit one awash with money for bribes and propaganda.  In the last analysis, the 2012 presidential campaign amounts to a further lurch toward global death, the true terminus of the American Way.

Đe Victory of Stupidity

2012 Jan 04 [Wed]: 

“Driven by misinformation, in 1992 Congress mandated funding of complementary and alternative medicine by establishing an Office at the National Institutes of Health with an initial budget of two million dollars.  This office metamorphosed into a center with yearly funding comparable to the National Institutes of Health’s well-established research centers.

“Americans reportedly spend thirty-four billion dollars annually on alternative medicine protocols and products.  In 1992 when Congress mandated the funding of an Office to study alternative medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with a budget of two million dollars, it couldn’t have predicted that in 2011 NIH would be funding marketing of ‘distance healing’ and that Americans would be paying for delivery of alternative medicine in their health care bill (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010).

“Billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on testing healing as interventions for serious medical problems such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and cancer.  Grants to naturopathic institutions since 2000 have totaled over thirty-two million dollars.

“Worse, some funding awards — such as two million dollars to test magnet therapy and twenty-two million dollars to test distance healing — reveal an ignorance of basic science.

“The Division of Biological Physics of the American Physical Society has endorsed a statement of its concerns on the use of distance healing:  ‘[The division] deplores the misuse of he term energy to mislead and defraud the public by improperly validating scientifically unsubstantiated protocols.’  NCCAM [National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine] has awarded grants totaling $11 million for these protocols.”

Skeptical Inquirer, The Magazine for Science and Reason
Measuring Mythology:  Startling Concepts in NCCAM Grants
Vol. 36 No. 1 | January/February 2012
pp. 35—43
By Eugenie V. Mielczarek and Brian D. Engler

The U.S. was born of people who were willing to work and wanted to do so without excessive governmental interference in their business of their thought processes.  Due to fierce Protestant antagonism to all things papist, a moralistic tenor pervaded the ruling classes, which gradually morphed into a “high moral ground” from which to bombard political enemies.  The political atmosphere thus gradually reverted to the same pattern found in the monarchies of Europe whence the founders came:  Cujus regio, ejus religio.  Whose region, his religion.  In effect, a generalized pseudo-Puritanism, now polluted with Zionism.

There is a difference, however.  The masses told themselves that everyone was equal.  In practice, this meant, and means, that the mindset of the lowest common denominator prevails in all social interactions.  With the advent of Jew-controlled TV and its predominant use as an advertizing billboard, that denominator has sunken lower and lower.

Today, the more apelike/Negroid the behavior, the better.  The common youth of America are taught to imitate Negroes and barbarians in dress, speech and bodily disfigurement.  Intelligence and learning are ridiculed by those of two-digit IQ.  After all, Americans must not allow themselves to be infected with “intelligencism.”

Concomitantly, the multitudes have become progressively lazier, importing ThirdWorlders to do tasks their ancestors would have done without complaint, and demanding “entitlements” of every sort.  All of this deterioration is euphemized as “The American Dream.”  To fill many positions in intellectually demanding fields, large numbers of Chinese or Indians are brought in.  To native Americans (not Amerinds), mathematics, science and foreign languages are too boring to bother with, as is the acquisition of technical skills which require serious effort in learning;  so companies go to the foreign labor market to find workers.  And yet the American unemployed claim that they cannot find jobs.

American military superiority keeps this system in place for the time being.  But the world is changing.  Technology of every sort — much of it plagiarized or stolen from the United States — is spreading throughout east Asia, and much of that technology is militarily useful.  (Never mind that the increasing efficacy of computer hacking by individuals and governments is disrupting financial and business conditions everywhere in Whiteland.)  In order to keep the Yankee fantasy afloat for one more election cycle, vast amounts of national wealth are transferred abroad or squandered in financial boondoggles.

The casual acceptance of vicious crimes perpetrated by non-Whites is another feature of American decline:  such horrors are excused as due to their “culture” — as if they had any.  And the historically unprecedented explosion of drug use in America speeds the downhill slide as countless brains are physically destroyed.

Recently the barbaric dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, died.  The choreography of lamentation and forced wailing displayed by his government’s media and military was the source of much humor in the U.S., since it was all so obviously contrived.  But something quite similar occurs on a daily basis in this country when it comes to the perfunctory lamentation over pre-Civil-War Negro slavery or the Heeb “holocaust.”  Few dare to say the obvious:  that none of it is today of any importance whatsoever except, possibly, to archivists of historical curiosities.

Through various shell games the U.S. has been able to maintain the mirage of Business-As-Usual up to now.  But with the growing expense and difficulty of acquiring high-quality oil at the rate needed to continue slaking the thirst of Disneyland, it looks like 2012 will culminate in the end of BAU.  The consequences of American hypertrophy will become increasingly evident from 2013 on, as the post-election country descends to Third World status and its vaunted military becomes technologically vulnerable to Asiatic competition.

So many storm clouds are now looming over us — Quantitative Easing;  Zero-Interest-Rate Policy (ZIRP);  the U.S. government’s policy of using the global reserve status of the dollar to push its inflation onto the rest of the world;  the repeated, “emergency” raising of the national debt limit;  not to mention the European sovereign debt problems, the Chinese slowdown, Japanese suffering due to the tsunami and a double-decade recession;  and so forth — that we are clearly beyond the point of no return even now.  The economic-political elites, of course, are delaying any serious remedies as long as possible so that they can remain in power.  The official policy is to whistle in the dark and do nothing except invent more debt.

At the sub-national level, state governments are increasingly lurching toward the decriminalization of gambling and narcotics so that they can cash in on those lucrative markets.  Real estate agents everywhere are telling potential clients to buy property beyond their means and then to let it go into foreclosure, a trick which will allow those clients to live as squatters in ritzy quarters for at least three or four years, maybe longer.

The core of the problem is the masses themselves.  In a civilization, as Joseph Tainter (The Collapse of Complex Societies) pointed out, the demands increase remorselessly at a rate faster than the ability to satisfy them.  The attempt to do so leads to increased complexity (more inventions, sophisicated techniques, etc.).  In our case, complexification means more brainwork above all.  But the multitudes are unwilling to put forth the required effort, and they also demand the right to proliferate stupid progeny utterly incapable of intellectual advance, thereby intensifying the problem.  The predominant religions encourage such proliferation, condemning any ideas about eugenics as diabolical.  Yahweh, they whisper, prefers dysgenics.

Fantasy is also promoted as official policy, as demonstrated above in the excerpt from the Skeptical Inquirer on mythology in government-supported medical research.  Pseudo-medical mumbo-jumbo likewise persuades vast numbers of the populace to adopt worthless or even harmful health “cures.”  In the area of energy, taxpayer-supported production of ethanol is another example of government-mandated stupidity.  Never mind the abuse of the human nurturing instinct via poster children of every type to squander wealth or even direct foreign policy.

Since the demands mentioned by Tainter are driven primarily by stupidity, it might be possible to quantify the stupidity quotient of a nation — a sort of inverse form of national intelligence quotient.  When the SQ reaches a certain point, the nation becomes liable to collapse.

For the U.S., that point seems very near.

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