World Collapse




What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?  For what can a man give in return for his life?

—  Jesus

Recent Developments — June 2019

"Peer polities [i.e., groups of mutually competing states] tend to undergo long periods of upwardly spiraling competitive costs, and downward marginal returns.  This is terminated finally by domination of one and acquisition of a new energy subsidy (as in Republican Rome and Warring States China), or by mutual collapse (as among the Mycenaeans and the Maya).  Collapse, if and when it comes again, will this time be global.  No longer can any individual nation collapse.  World civilization will disintegrate as a whole.  Competitors who evolve as peers collapse in like manner."

- Joseph A. Tainter, The Collapse of Complex Societies (Cambridge:  Cambridge U. Pr., 1988, $20.00), p. 214.

In his superlative study, The Collapse of Complex Societies, British Archeologist Joseph A. Tainter has made a convincing case that the long-sought key to understanding the rise and fall of empires is economics, the dismal science.  Deep within this tangled realm lies the hinge of fate, which decides whether a commonwealth shall live or die.  Tainter calls this fateful hinge marginal returns - the economic difference between input and output.

Input is whatever is used to maintain or raise the level of organizational complexity needed at any given point in a society's history.  Output is the benefit which the supporting population gets from this complexity.

Tainter's well-articulated argument is based on four points:

  1. Human societies are not disorganized swarms of people who just happen to live together; they are problem-solving organizations differentiated vertically and horizontally by function and level of control, in the manner of all living systems.

  2. Such systems need energy to exist and grow.

  3. As a society grows in complexity, its cost per capita increases.

  4. The growth in problem-solving complexity often enters the range of diminishing marginal returns, which happens when the benefits of complexity barely or no longer exceed its costs.  In the vernacular: things cost too much.

Picture the "marginal growth" of a society as like the throw of a stone: the original burst of energy sets the social complex on its way.  And at first it climbs steeply.  But as gravity - that is, the burden of accumulating demands - drags on the stone, its climb slows.  The flight path grows flatter and flatter with time.  (And the commonwealth gets less and less return for its efforts, no matter how hard it tries.) This "near-horizontal" stretch of the arch is the range of diminishing marginal returns.  It is in this range, where the curve begins to "top out," that a complex society becomes vulnerable to collapse.  If the path is followed to the point where it is actually descending, the collapse has either already occurred, or the society is somehow deliberately destroying itself (as may occur in a dictatorship).  Collapse (which is a rapid, drastic simplification) is normally catastrophic because of the typically large populations which the complexity has made possible, and which must perforce disappear with it.

The steady slowing of a society's upward growth, it turns out, follows a general law of natural behavior, insofar as any life form always exploits the most easily available resources first, and only after their depletion spends increasing energy foraging for the less available ones.  The curve defines the "path of least resistance," and in fact expresses the law of inertia.

One may well ask why we cannot just stop at the stage of optimum returns.  Why must we pursue growth to the point where everything costs too much, taxpayers are overburdened, and civilization collapses? (A civilization, by the way, Tainter [p. 41] defines as "the cultural system of a complex society.")

Responding to this query, many vote-seeking U.S. politicians are today suggesting that they have the secret for "fine tuning" the society so that we don't have to continue along the ballistic path to our doom.  To this alleged secret they give a smooth name like "sustainable development" - a buzzword for a perpetual motion machine.  They sing sweetly of "harvesting" trees, "recycling" garbage and cannibalizing everything.  A pleasant lullaby that lulls only the bemused to sleep.

As Tainter points out (p. 123), this dream scheme is possible only in flexible societies, like hunter-gatherer peoples, that can shift to a different energy-rich region when the current one is exhausted and overstressed.  Complex, territorially or sociopolitically confined societies, however, have no way out but to intensify their investment in more complexity (or "efficiency").  Stress, because it is unrelenting and found universally among all societies, compels them to continue to invest and thus proceed further on the same course - into the twilight of declining marginal returns.  The unavoidable fact is that the greatest benefits from any given energy source (technology, etc.) come at the beginning, then gradually taper off, eventually becoming no longer worth while.

Shared misery breeds war.  Tainter points out: "When a number of local groups each experience lean times concurrently, their behavior is largely without option, and is entirely predictable: competition, raiding, and warfare" (p. 170).  The reader may supply his own examples from history's ever-recurring rapine.

Which brings us to here and now.  The modern economic system of America - and increasingly of the world as a whole - is based on a process (usually called "economic growth") which makes a steady state utterly impossible.  This is because of the psychological destabilization of the individual through sophisticated advertizing techniques.  From infancy, the "consumer" is taught that he has a(n inalienable) "right" to the proffered goods; he "owes" it to himself to obtain them.  He must "demand" the very best, at ever lower prices, and demand that he get it now.

Ergo the average Negro, a social millstone with his IQ of 85, concludes he has a "constitutional right" to economic equality with Whites; "We" (i.e., White gentiles) are adjudged to be "morally obligated" to provide every advertised comfort to the lower races, especially to the dark aliens invading us by land, air and sea.  "It's their right;  it's the White Man's Burden."

With the addition of each new nonwhite to the already exorbitant global welfare demand, not only does the societal thicket grow more complex, but its costs grow much faster than the benefits.

This market-driven system, which converts people into dehumanized consumers who explode upon contact, makes "sustainable development" (or any kind of systemic stability) a vacuous phrase.  Driven willy-nilly toward ever more costly complexity, the world system must inevitably go under.  Once this is understood it becomes clear that noble phrases like "sustainable development" are oxymoronic fantasies invented to deceive the voters and taxpayers.

But the genosuicidal trash tyrannizing the White populations of America and its satellites is seeking to "keep the economy growing" at any cost whatsoever.  To do so, it is importing swarthy ThirdWorlders by the millions into the U.S. (about 41 million from 1990 to 2004) to help in the genocide of the White race.  This force-fed cancer is of necessity also grossly exacerbating America's energy-demand problem, as was documented by an October, 2002 report announced by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  According to FAIR's website, Dr. Donald F. Anthrop, professor of environmental studies at San Jose State University and consultant to the California Energy Commission on energy conservation standards, who has testified on behalf of the Sierra Club regarding water resources, has published the real facts in a book, Running in Place:  Immigration and U.S. Energy Usage.  In a word:  the 70 million dark aliens pumped into the United States between 1973 and 2000 have by themselves caused the amount of energy consumed in the nation to increase by over 30%.  Such facts, of course mean nothing to the political and economic powers ruling America, much less to the unconscious masses.  Reality is simply denied.  So the messenger-killing White world is headed off of a cliff.  The likely result is that some kind of stunted imperial power will be built on the negrified wreckage:  the revenge of the Jews.

Many naive people, including some of the dimmer politicos themselves, expect energy-expanding miracles from technology, particularly from computers.  This is a desperate new faith in an almost literal deus ex machina.  For this reason, enormous investments in every form of mechanized intelligence and communications are currently being made worldwide.  Given the modern mythology about eternal economic growth, every imaginable source argues that we will be saved from the coming decline of oil by "science."  There are, however, major blocks to this idea:

  1. Techno-exhaustion:  Technology itself treads a path of increasingly diminishing returns.  That is, the biggest gains from new knowledge and inventions are always reaped immediately after their acquisition and implementation;  further refinements yield ever lesser profits until, finally, the returns on investment become negative.  (On this, see Joseph A. Tainter, Complexity, Problem Solving, and Sustainable Societies).  Note, in addition, that for over half a century the most powerful international companies in the world have, with the backing of many governments, been spending trillions of dollars to advance the state of technology in the petroleum industry, and yet are slowly getting less and less for their technological efforts.  In other words, no god is going to pop out of the machine and save us all at the last moment, regardless of what politicians promise.

  2. Timing:  In the unlikely event that the petroleum industry developed a new method of producing cheap oil today, it would in all probability take a decade before this method could be implemented in any manner that would make a serious difference in depletion rates or in preventing the cost of oil from rising further.  By that time we will have passed the point of no return — the point at which the Hubbert peak halts global growth.  Once the gap between global supply and demand opens up, it will be virtually impossible ever to close it again, and any new invention or process could only slightly slow the oil famine's inevitable growth.

  3. The squander instinct:  As proven by all human history, if a new technique were suddenly to make more oil available, that oil would not be used carefully and conservatively, with the future in mind.  Instead, it would be exploited for maximum immediate gain wherever possible, and simply exacerbate the depletion of the resource.  A small example of this is the way in which modern cars have become much more fuel-efficient than their forbears of several decades ago, but the energy saved in mileage has been simultaneously expended on more features per vehicle, and on making vehicles larger, more powerful and more comfortable.  Net reduction in demand growth:  zero.

Thus the idea that science is going to save us is a mere wish-dream.  As Tainter points out (p. 211):

There may be favorable countertrends [to declining marginal returns] in some spheres, perhaps such as microprocessor technology.  Yet there can be no denying the disquieting nature of the statistics .  .  .  .  It is clear that at least some industrial societies are now experiencing declining marginal returns in several crucial and costly spheres of investment.

In other words, the wolf is gaining on us, no matter what we do or how fast we run.

After answering the main objections to the obvious implications of these facts, Tainter concludes that, unless the laws of history and economics are magically suspended for our generation, the future is going to repeat the past - soon, and much more violently.  Globally and terrifyingly, we are headed ineluctably for the End.

There is an irresistable urge to regard Tainter's book as another irrelevant ivory tower artifact with no bearing on "real life."  But consider what has happened just since the end of the Vietnam War in 1973:

  • 1989/90 saw the collapse of the perpetual-motion experiment called the Soviet Union - a basically economic phenomenon.  If the West had not subsequently helped the Russians, some major components of the former USSR would have slid over the precipice into the economic abyss.  Due to the sudden, drastic diminution of North Sea oil and gas output, Russia has been able to rebound in the years since 2002 by exporting large amounts of both to Europe and the world market.  These striking facts portend the serious economic decline of Europe (especially the United Kingdom) and the growth of Russia's geopolitical power.

  • Forgetting the enormous trade imbalance of the United States, we note simply that the U.S. national debt amounts to trillions of dollars.  Despite economists' smiley-faced predictions, this debt is only going to get larger.  Allegedly, we were supposed to have a federal budget surplus by 2010 which would let us wipe out the debt.  By the end of 2001 that "surplus" had evaporated like the daydream that it was.  From here on out, we're living on credit.  But aside from this:  In the last decade or so, there has been a concerted effort by the leaders of international business and governments to create larger and larger "trading blocks."   Examples in the Americas are:  the North American Free Trade Association ("NAFTA") of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico;  and now the drive to create a market area encompassing all of North and South America, excluding (for political reasons) Cuba.  (The meetings of these global "free traders" regularly attract thousands of trade union protesters, anarchists and people who want to get their pictures on TV.)  The reason for the drive to create ever larger "free trade" areas is always alleged to be "economic growth," a positive, healthy-sounding phrase.  What is never mentioned is the ominous stick behind this carrot:  the fact that, without the desired expansion of market and production area, we are faced with economic stagnation, then collapse.  (A fuller discussion of the principle behind this reality, known as "Liebig's law," may be found in an article by Willian Catton, "Industrialization:  Prelude to Collapse.")  Of course, since the planet is finite, and we are aleady very near its political, economic, demographic and physical limits, such rearrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic will not do much to avert the inevitable.  Come the next really big stress surge, there will be no reserve.  And, by the way, the moon walks are over for good.

  • The mass immigration of the coloreds, mulattoes and off-whites into the lands of the Whites, now reaching deluge proportions, began in the first half of the 1970s due to the promise of short-term political and economic gain.  In the U.S., the American Democratic Party imported them in order to get more votes.  Republicans, the party of business, especially Big Business, imported them as a means of reintroducing slavery, which reduces labor costs and pushes the resulting social costs onto the general taxpayer.  But no matter the political reason, it is clear that the lands of origin of these mass-émigrés have already exceeded their effective population capacities, which is to say, the planet is full.  (Global population reached the incredible number of six billion homines sapientes before the year 2000.)  As for the imported slaves' and serfs' effect on America and the West generally, it is nothing less than catastrophic.  The inner dynamic of this entire activity with its cyclically repeated "amnesties" and expansions guarantees the rapid growth of the non-White and parasitic populations to terminally cancerous proportions.  The importing slavemasters expect that their corrupt subversion of the American and general Western political mentality will succeed long enough to provide them with a golden retirement as they and their race are replaced by the tyranny-prone Asiatics, Southern-Hemisphere dimwits and feral Negroes, parasites all.

  • Of course, it would be politically incorrect to call this "slavery," so the politicians and business tycoons simply call it "outsourcing" — to Third World countries like India and especially China.  Local slavery through the importation of illegal aliens is not given a name of any sort, nor even talked about except in banal, diversionary language about opportunities in America, helping the poor, rescuing the oppressed, etc., etc.

    Yet in spite of all of this "increase in productivity" and "greater efficiency" (i.e., depression of labor costs toward zero), America (to say nothing about the rest of the world) is proceeding, hesitatingly but ineluctably, with periods of temporary reprieve, into a deepening economic recession.  What this really means is that, even with all of modern technology, computerization and cost reduction (including just-in-time inventorying), we are at the end of our rope as a civilization.  We just can't keep up the required pace of growth any more.

    Future American presidential election campaigns (cf., e.g., the recently completed 2004 election) will be spent with all kinds of finger-pointing.  If we have a serious terrorist incident at a global oil chokepoint somewhere, or some state such as North Korea becomes desperate and nukes an American city, things could deteriorate very quickly.  But even without such events, we are now inevitably sliding from positive to negative marginal returns:  it is becoming no longer worth while to keep global civilization afloat.  The rest of the decade is going to be especially traumatic for Americans as they are confronted with the incompatibility between their Disneylandish "anti-racist" fantasies and the disappearance of the economic ground under their feet.  The cliff will be reached at the very latest in 2012 or thereabouts (and probably before 2010), if current trends hold.  The bleeding hearts, the Liberals Without Borders, the armies of missionaries to the darkies and similar parasites will be without any more taxpayers' money to undermine evolution, because there will be too few taxpayers left.  None of the genosuicidists recognize this right now of course, and in fact they try to kill anyone who brings such a message.  But their days are numbered.

  • By 2050, world population is expected to grow to over nine billion. All of that growth will be among the non-white races, while Whites decline in absolute numbers (as well as in percentage) from their current level.  In other words, the White race, today obsessed with such things as gay liberation and decriminalizing the narcotic drug trade, has decided to commit self-extinction.  Africa alone, homeland of the least evolved subspecies, is expected to go from 800 million to nearly one billion hominids, even despite AIDS.

  • A main justification for the existence of any state has, from the beginnings of civilization, been the protection of its citizens.  In urban America (and increasingly in the other countries in which Whites are still a majority), governments can no longer provide such protection.  The U.S., the Tyrannosaurus Rex of nations, and its allied regimes attempt to cover up their impotence with propaganda, urging us to "understand" the aggressiveness and criminality of Turks, Mexicans, the Negro.  And to back up this psy-war and to quell protests and demonstrations, the renegade White regimes threaten, violate, entrap and imprison some of their finest and most courageous citizens.  Hence the costly and economically unproductive persecution of "White supremacists."

  • As Professor Richard Lynn, Director of the Ulster Institute for Social Research, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, has shown in his 1996 book, Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations (London & Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, p. 208), the average intelligence in Western nations has fallen by between five and eight IQ points in the last 1¾ centuries.  In other words, in spite of modern technology, we are on average becoming dumber and dumber.  The less conscious are reproducing at a much faster rate than the more conscious.  This portends only catastrophe for the White-led global economy.

  • The decline in IQ has been greatly accelerated in the U.S. since about 1970 by the fact that large numbers of White women have inseminated themselves with Negroes, producing (almost invariably fatherless) mulattoes with IQs halfway between the White and Negro means, or about 92, to the intense glee of the Left and of the White genosuicidists.  This population explosion of subnormal hominids is contributing strongly in every way to the diminution of marginal returns.

  • Of the over 300 million hominids in the United States, about 30 million are Negroes and a roughly similar number are Protomongoloid/mestizo Latin Americans, mainly from Mexico, many of them illegal aliens.  There are also unknown millions of other illegals from Asia.  The Latinos in particular are multiplying rapidly, due to the largess of the genosuicidal White man and his corrupt politicians, who are bribed or threatened by Jews and the leaders of large corporations with an interest in slave labor.  This mass of over fifty million dark-skinned types cannot support itself except through crime, especially drug trafficking, or offering its services at slavery levels while taking its real payments in the form of welfare and other social services from the White stock of the country.  Large numbers of Negroes are employed in make-work occupations in these same social services.  All of this debilitating parasitism can exist only so long as the host, the White man, continues to live off of his patrimony while not defending himself from such blood-suckers.  But that patrimony - foremost, his national economy - is now almost exhausted.  Its declining marginal returns are beginning to show up everywhere in the form of joblessness and lack of industrial production.  (The computer-related sector does not at all make up for this enormous loss.)

  • It is no secret that unintelligent and uneducated people, to say nothing of criminals and the insane, cost more in education, upkeep, and health expenses than ordinary citizens.  Since the suicidal elites in White lands everywhere insist on importing more darklings, criminals, and diseased creatures as cheap-labor slaves under pretext of "compassion," - not to mention letting the ones that are already here breed to their glands' content - these elites are also doing their utmost to accelerate the rapid decline of national marginal returns.

  • The one-fifth of the human race called "Greater China" is expected to surpass the U.S. in gross domestic product within a decade or so.  This will end the "American century," and kick off the Mongoloid millennium.  Under the globalization of markets, American "prevailing wages" will sink to the level of those of the insectile Chinese coolie.  It will be small consolation that, as anyone familiar with the history and superheated racism of Asians can surmise, the Mongoloids may eventually decide to exterminate the least intelligent race, the retrogressive Negroid type, since the latter is evolutionarily unfit for the demands of the future.

  • The diseased Yankee commitment to the self-evident lie that "all men are created equal" is now beginning to bear fruit in America.  The U.S., obeying the directions of the TV hypnotists, has developed a Negro-friendly culture of arrogant stupidity and ignorance.  For the youth, wearing clothes fit for a bum, with a baseball cap on backwards or sideways, is de rigeur.  For adult males, sporting a four-day growth of beard like a TV Jew is the height of fashion.  (We will say nothing about the face-distorting jewelry piercing the lips, noses and eyebrows of the stupified, often drug-addicted young fools found in so many places.)  Being a clod is now "cool."  George W. Bush, the U.S. president, affects a "hee-haw" patois replete with grotesque grammatical and other language errors to impress the lower masses that he is just one of them.  Science is "out";  mouthy assertions of moral superiority are "in," as are ritual condemnations of "racism" and, above all, "anti-semitism."  The mental level of the Negro is the ideal.  The real aim of America is to make a population of dysgenic, mulatto TV robots with two-digit IQs.  All of them are supposed to be "different" and "creative" because they love bright colors and loud sounds (like Negroes do) and find logic, mathematics and the physical sciences distasteful (like Negroes do).  Meanwhile and in fact, the number of engineers and physical scientists is expanding with lightening speed in Asia while declining in the U.S.  In the midst of this tectonic shift, the sludge-like American masses and the entire U.S. public education system with its teachers' unions is resisting even the most minimal attempts to impose educational discipline through uniform national tests or the so-called (and badly underfunded) "No Child Left Behind" policy.  According to the highly qualified Robert J. Herbold, a member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, “Th[e] data relating to physical science and engineering Ph.D.s was assembled by Professor R.E. Smalley, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist from Rice University.  His disturbing conclusion: 'By 2010, 90 percent of all Ph.D. physical scientists and engineers in the world will be Asian living in Asia'.”  “Asia” here means especially China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, followed by other predominantly Mongoloid nations as well as even non-Mongoloid (largely southern Caucasoid), cloacal India.  The handwriting is on the wall.

  • Finally, the Biggie:  Officially ignored by all U.S. politicians is what is variously called "peak oil," "The Big Rollover," "Hubbert's Peak," an "inflection point," "super spike" or simply "the end of cheap oil."  This is the point at which the world price of oil (i.e., gasoline/petrol/Benzin) will transition permanently from a buyer's to a seller's market.  Then will begin a never-ending, serious rise in prices of all sorts and in real (not merely inflationary) costs.  About a decade after the oil maximum, world gas will peak, too.  These limiting events will occur because world demand for these vital necessities will outstrip supply.  Graphs of world oil and gas production (below) show that we are now nearing the tops of the respective "bell curves."  For oil, petroleum geologist Richard Duncan has made two projections:  one assuming the currently accepted estimate of available oil as two trillion barrels, the other based on the estimate of (an extremely unlikely) 3.3 trillion:

The Big Oil Rollover:  Two possibilities
Two Oil Zenith Projections
by Richard C. Duncan
Oil & Gas Journal, July 19, 2004

The Big Gas Rollover
Gas Zenith Projection
by Asher Imam, Richard A. Startzman and Maria A. Barrufet
Oil & Gas Journal, August 16, 2004

Oil & Gas (NGL) Projection as of 2004
Updated by Colin J. Campbell,
2004 May 15

    Due to the extreme importance of this issue, quite a number of experts has worked on estimating the approximate time of the production maxima, especially the global oil peak.  None of the honest and trustworthy (hence non-political) predictors has forecast anything later than the year 2020.  And the best estimates center on the time frame 2005-2010.  Some experts believe the Big Rollover has already started and we are on a decade-long "bumpy plateau."  A barrel of oil cost $18 in 1999 but was accurately forecast to be $27 in 2000;  then by August 2004 the most desirable kind ("Light Crude") had exceeded $45/barrel and within another couple of months had temporarily exceeded even $55/barrel, a preliminary indication that the forecasts of the time of Rollover are essentially correct.  (Strenuous political efforts are being made to reduce the price again, of course.)  Although there have been "small" Rollovers before (the U.S. in 1970 and the Soviet Union in 1986/7, which helped destroy the Communism-based system), the Big Rollover will be global.  Since 2000, the U.S., with 5% of the world's population, has been using 25% of the world's oil and has to import about 60% of this - and, moreover, increases its imports by 3% a year.  "Hubbert's Peak:  The Impending World Oil Shortage," a 2001 book by Princeton University Professor Emeritus of Geosciences, Kenneth S. Deffeyes, argues that the world's oil production will peak ("Hubbert's Peak") between 2004 and 2008 (most likely in 2005), then enter never-ending decline.  (A review of the book may be read in the October 2001 issue of Scientific American.)  Professor Deffeyes' calculations are reinforced by those from another quarter, Richard C. Duncan, in his article, "Big jump in ultimate recovery would ease, not reverse, postpeak production decline" (Oil & Gas Journal, July 19, 2004);  Mr. Duncan, as pointed out above, gives two forecasts for the peak of world oil production:  2007 and (if we are incredibly lucky) 2010.  Other projections: 
  • Ominously, according to government figures published 2001 March 20, by 2020 the energy demands of the U.S. will require an increase of 33% for oil, 45% for electricity and 62% for natural gas.

  • Then there is BP exploration consultant Francis Harper, who estimates the original global endowment of oil at 2.4 trillion barrels of oil and believes the Peak will lie between 2010 and 2020, as reported in the November 07, 2004 edition of The Business ("Europe's Global Business News").

  • In their latest (December 2004) revision, Colin Campbell and the Uppsala Hydrocarbon Depletion Study Group have given 2006 as the high point for regular (i.e., cheap, high-grade) oil, and 2007/8 as the maximum for all liquids (i.e., including not only heavy oil and natural gas liquids but also the high-grade but expensive polar and deep-sea oil).

  • For price estimates, Charles T. Maxwell, a senior energy analyst at Weeden & Co., in Greenwich, Connecticut, who expects the Peak to be around 2009-2010 for non-OPEC and sometime around or before 2020 for OPEC (and hence the planet), in a November 15, 2004 article in Barron’s, expects the following range of oil prices per barrel:  2004-2010, $30-$60, average $40;  2011-2020, $50-$100, average $70.  At the same time, both China and India, together 40% of the global population, will be motorizing fast.  Thus the global demand will soon (2005, according to Deffeyes, 2012 if we are lucky, 2020 if there is a global miracle) drive prices to the point where the American economy will have to change radically or cease to exist.

  • According to an article "NEW OIL PROJECTS CANNOT MEET WORLD NEEDS THIS DECADE" published by the Oil Depletion Analysis Center on 2004 November 16 and appearing (with only cosmetic changes) in the Nov. 22, 2004 edition of Oil & Gas Journal (pp. 28ff.), the major oil development projects (which take at least six years to complete) with reserves of 500 million barrels or more are scheduled to begin operating in the following numbers per year:
    2005-07:  averaging 19/year (56 in total)
    2008:  7
    2009:  3
    2010:  2
    "into the next decade" (tentative only):  "not more than a handful."

Decline in Sources

    All kinds of denials and fantasy solutions have been issued from various quarters, but none of them will stave off the Wolf.  For those who can read German, there is an excellent summary of the coming state of affairs by the Jörg Schindler and Werner Zittel in "Weltweite Entwicklung der Energienachfrage und der Ressourcenverfügbarkeit" ("Worldwide Development of Energy Demand and Availability of Supply") as the conclusion to public testimony by industry experts on the German Parliament's Commission on "Long-lasting Energy Supply under Conditions of Globalization and Liberalization," published in Ottobrunn, Germany in October 2000.  All so-called "solutions" proposed as possible are more expensive (and some much more expensive) than the methods and status of oil production heretofore.  It is clear that the Big Rollover is not far off since, as the periodical Energy Weekly published by Goldman Sachs made clear in its 1999 August 11 issue, oil geologists believe that about 90% of all deliverable oil has already been found.  And the amount of oil found in every 5-year span since 1980 (and, when averaged out, since 1965!) has been decreasing.  The much-propagandized Caspian Sea region will be of only moderate help, since its oil turns out to be heavily saturated with sulfur - i.e., is much more expensive to make usable, compared with Persian Gulf oil.  Moreover, it is now estimated that the Caspian (including the new Kashagan East field) could at very best supply only 3% of world demand.  In the United States, the U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that American oil consumption, 19.5 million barrels/day in 2000, will rise to 23 million/day by 2010, 66% imported.  After a careful 1998 analysis, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated the much-discussed Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to contain perhaps 7.7 billion barrels of oil, distributed among 10 "plays" (oil-producing areas), given an oil price of at least $24/barrel (which is virtually certain).  Due to the long lead time, production of actual oil could not start until 10 years after the political decision to open ANWR to exploration, and would be less than 200,000 barrels/day for the first few years.  It would culminate around 2030 at about a million barrels/day, then decline from there.  (Independent petroconsultant Jean Laherrère of Geneva estimates the peak at only 700,000 barrels/day.)  At that point ANWR could meet a little less than 4% of U.S. daily demand.  It would, however, provide at least a little help.  Nonetheless, until 2005, the willfully blind (because bribed and threatened) men who control U.S. Congressional politics prevented the opening up of ANWR.  On another front, the United Kingdom's share of North Sea oil production peaked in 1999 and declined ~40% by 2005, while Norway's share crested in 2001 or 2002.  (It takes several years to gather the appropriate data to determine the peak.)  Thus the North Sea, too, has now reached its maximum and will only decline from here on out, ceasing to be profitable at all around 2020 - with increasingly unfortunate consequences for the British economy.  In other words, no matter which way we turn, the costs of oil and everything that depends on it are going to start rising seriously, and in real terms.  And the United States, that house built of cards of cheap energy, will find its very existence at stake.  (Natural gas will follow a similar path after a time lag of perhaps a decade - cf. the graph above.)

   Added to this are the inevitable happenstances of erratic political behavior which will only worsen the problem and hasten global collapse.  An example:  in 1974, in the aftermath of the Arab-Israeli war, the entire industrialized world was shaken by an Arab oil embargo - an impetuous act of a very few states.  And yet the oil shock of 1974 was quite mild compared to what is projected for the Big Rollover.  And:  unknown to most Americans is that, since 1994, there has been an unwritten "gentleman's agreement" between the United States and the grotesquely corrupt rulers of Saudi Arabia:  the U.S. will provide free military protection in return for cheap oil.  Actually this "agreement" just continued the secret pact between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia made in 1945 by the murderer of Whites, Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The cost of this "free" protection may be very high, but is hidden in the U.S. military (including the $2 billion/week costs of the Iraq situation) and other budgets, instead of being paid for at the gasoline pump.  Thus the real cost of Saudi Arabian oil to America is more than the "official" cost, and dependent on highly fragile political conditions.

In brief:  You have to find oil before you can extract ("produce") and use it.  Extracting oil is not the same as finding it.  The extraction itself generally increases in volume until certain geological and natural factors (like subterranean pressure) limit it, then begins to decline, regardless of how much oil is left underground.  With some exceptions, the point of fastest extraction is usually reached when about half of the ultimately recoverable oil ("EUR") has been gotten out of a field.  The timespan between discovery and peak extraction rate ("peak oil") averages about four decades.  Some examples:

USA 1930 1974
North Sea 1974 2001
(Only 27 years,
due to advances
in technology)
World 1964 2006 for regular (or
"conventional") oil,
2007/8 for all liquids
(estimated by
Colin Campbell,

Most other investigators (Bakhtiari, Deffeyes, Deutsche Bank, EIA, Goodstein, Laherrère, Simmons, Skrebowski, World Energy Council) have all estimated the Peak to occur in the range 2006-2020.  In their estimation, in other words, the beginning of the end is right now.

Estimates of Peak Oil
(from poster “The Oil Age”)
to year
Matt Simmons, investment banker 2005 2005
Ken Deffeyes, Princeton professor 2005 2005
Chris Skrebowski, editor of Petroleum Review 2014/2015 2015
Richard Heinberg, author and peak oil expert July 2008 2008
Jean H. Laherrère, oil company geophysicist 2008 2008
Colin Campbell, retired geologist 2008 2008
David Goodstein, vice provost, Caltech Before 2010 2009
Thierry Desmarest, CEO, Total 2020 2020
Shell Oil After 2025 2026
U.S. Energy Information 2030 2030
Average of estimates:  2013.4

The realities are as follows:

  1. The giant and supergiant oilfields of the globe are past middle age and declining.

  2. Aside from the polar regions, there are no major frontiers on earth left to explore.

  3. Extraction of unconventional oil in the deep sea, the Venezuelan Orinoco and the Canadian Athabasca tar sands is now being pursued at great expense, which means the days of cheap oil are ending.  (And it should be remembered that much of what is called oil is not commercially viable for reasons of quality, quantity, political instability or other reasons.)

  4. OPEC (mainly the Mideast) is itself being pushed to its limit, and cannot raise output much more.  Its members also have a tendency to lie (a Muslim characteristic) about the size of their oil endowments, in an attempt to deceive unwary Western investors, economists and journalists.  A typical example:  in late 1989 the Islamic Republic of Iran proclaimed, with no evidence whatsoever, that its proved oil reserves had increased 50% from the previously (in 1975) ascertained 62 billion (62E9) barrels to 92 billion (92E9).  That lie was not enough.  in July 2004 Iran's minister of petroleum, Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, told the world that his country had 132 billion (132E9) barrels of oil.  This, in spite of the fact that between 1989 and 2004 Iran had extracted over 20 billion (20E9) barrels.  (Cf. Mansour Kashfi, "Lack of data casts doubt on Iranian reserves hike," Oil & Gas Journal, Nov. 1, 2004, pp. 20f.)

  5. In realistic terms, and with all due respect to the religio-political beliefs of most economists, there exists no current or foreseeable substitute for oil and gas, no combination of the technological miracles they insist will appear to save us from ourselves;  they desperately want and demand such substitutes and miracles, because oil and gas yield about 40% of the world's energy - energy used to maintain developed nations and help developing nations grow - and keep economists employed.

Finally, the world-historical crisis due to reaching the global energy limits can be summed up in a simple chart.  The following shows one estimate of the dependence of population on hydrocarbons ("HC"  = oil and gas) and the future of the world:
World death

Note:  Gb = "Gigabarrel," i.e., billion [1E9] barrels;  kb = "kilobarrel," i.e., thousand [1E3] barrels;  oe = "oil equivalent," e.g., "kboe" = thousand barrels of oil equivalent;  "unhab" = "inhabitant, person," e.g., "Gunhab" = billion [1E9] human beings;  "a" = "annus/year," e.g., "kboe/a/unhab" = thousand barrels of oil equivalent per annum per person.

In 1963, the great Fred Hoyle, British astronomer and philosopher, gave a talk at Seattle's University of Washington, a talk published the following year in a booklet titled Of Men and Galaxies (University of Washington Press: Seattle, 1964).  In this speech, he explained the problem facing us:

".... It is probably inevitable that the poor countries will outpopulate the rich countries and that all hope of stabilizing the world population will be gone.  And if the world population is not stabilized, if it rises as far as it possibly can, consistent with the best technology, nothing but pain and grief will follow.  The future will then indeed be based on our cries of agony.  ....  It used to be a common theme of movie makers  ...  to show how the youth who insists on always having a good time goes from bad to worse, eventually ending up among criminals.  I suspect the same thing for our whole species: if we insist on always following the easy path we could end up as a criminal species."

In 1963 the world population was approximately 3 billion (3E9).  In the year 2001, it was over 6 billion (6E9).  As mentioned above, it is expected to reach 9 billion (9E9) by 2050, most of the growth being in the squalid Third World.  This growth is the true "Weapon of Mass Destruction" ("WMD").  The Negroes in Africa, as is only natural for them, will in spite of AIDS account for about 2 billion (up from 0.8 billion in 2000) of that 9 billion.  And the U.S. appears ready to do everything it can to help them reach that insane number.  For the reader to gain some idea of what this dysgenic population explosion will mean, it might help to glance at the following chart excerpted from Race, Evolution and Behavior:  A Life History Perspective, 2nd Special Abridged Edition, by Professor J. Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario, Canada:

Average Differences
Among Blacks, Whites and Orientals
  Trait Blacks Whites Orientals
Brain Size:
  Cranial capacity 1,267  1,347  1,364 
  Cortical neurons (millions) 13,185  13,665  13,767 
  IQ test scores 85
in Africa, 70)
Jews, 115)
  Cultural Achievements Low High High
  2-egg twinning (per 1000 births) 16 8 4
  Hormone Levels Higher Intermediate Lower
  Sex characteristics Larger Intermediate Smaller
  Intercourse frequencies Higher Intermediate Lower
  Permissive attitudes Higher Intermediate Lower
  Sexually transmitted diseases Higher Intermediate Lower
  Aggressiveness Higher Intermediate Lower
  Cautiousness Lower Intermediate Higher
  Impulsivity Higher Intermediate Lower
  Self-concept Higher Intermediate Lower
  Sociability Higher Intermediate Lower
  Gestation time Shorter Longer Longer
  Skeletal development Earlier Intermediate Later
  Motor development Earlier Intermediate Later
  Dental development Earlier Intermediate Later
  Age of first intercourse Earlier Intermediate Later
  Age of first pregnancy Earlier Intermediate Later
  Life-span  Shortest  Intermediate Longest
Social organization:
  Marital stability Lower Intermediate Higher
  Law abidingness Lower Intermediate Higher
  Mental health Low Intermediate Higher

From an overview such as the above chart it can be seen that all of the characteristics which will be needed to survive in the coming chaos are concentrated in the White and Oriental races.  When push comes to shove, in other words, the Negroid race is going to go to the wall, along with that portion of the White race which insists on aping the Negro.  The Jews, the Leftists and politically correct bureaucrats, academics, mediacrats and politicians all know or should know this;  but while using Stalinist tactics to destroy those who seek to explain the truth, these congenital liars pretend it is untrue and nothing but "racist hate speech," thereby justifying their use of violent and corrupt methods to maintain their power.  They, too, will be whipped away by the fierce winds of the coming storm.

In Ölwechsel! Das Ende des Erdölzeitalters und die Weichenstellung für die Zukunft, authors Colin J. Campbell, Frauke Liesenborghs, Jörg Schindler und Dr. Werner Zittel (Munich: dtv, 2002, pp. 196f.) point out that growth in closed systems (like the earth) exhibits a generic profile:  that of a bell curve, or a hill on a plain in cross section.  The ascent starts gradually, and becomes steeper and steeper until a point of maximum steepness is reached.  Then, as the summit is approached, the climb becomes less and less steep until it flattens out at the top.  The descent is a mirror image of the ascent.  The generic nature of this profile makes it possible to know when the point of maximum growth (greatest steepness) has been reached, and to predict roughly when the growth will end (the summit will be reached) and decline will start.  (Of course, in many cases of overload, as the system draws near its point of maximum load tolerance, it begins to "totter";  that is, important load-bearing elements - such as fuel prices - in it begin to vacillate until the whole finally collapses.)

Given this general pattern, we can note some facts about the growth rates in several vital areas worldwide.  On such a scale, of course, a difference of a decade or so is insignificant.  Ölwechsel! lists five important indicators:

  1. Global population expansion reached its maximum rate of growth (steepness) towards the end of the 1980s and has been slowing ever since.

  2. Grain production per capita passed its peak growth rate in the '80s.  Since then, increasing production of basic foods has been becoming much more difficult.  In response, many American agriculture corporations are trying to introduce environmentally and evolutionarily precarious, genetically modified plants (called "frankenfoods" by the skeptical).  It remains to be seen whether such types can temporarily slow the "flattening" of the per capita growth rate.  So far, they have not.  In addition, some of these "GM" plants depend on oil-based fertilizers for proper growth, and will be ineffective when such fertilizers are no longer cheaply available.

  3. The consumption of primary energy passed its point of fastest acceleration around 1980.  It is expected that the use of all conventional energy (coal, oil, gas, nuclear) will soon reach its limit, too, and then begin declining.

  4. Oil production (see above) is currently at or close to its global limit.

  5. Carbon dioxide emissions are in the vicinity of their maximum and are expected to start declining in the not too distant future.

All of these indicators point to the fact that the planet as a whole is approaching its maximum carrying capacity under current and expected anthropogenic (human-generated) conditions.  Individuals who do not like the idea of an end to economic growth constantly bring up objections to these indications, objections which are usually of the deus ex machina variety mentioned above:  supposedly, prices will rise, stimulating science and technology to come to our rescue at the last minute, just as it always has before.  The fact that most of the cheap and easy scientific and technological discoveries and inventions have already been made is intolerable to such people.  They find indigestible the concept of declining marginal returns, which governs all closed systems.  For despite (and partly because of) our age's fractal explosion of science, technology and information of every kind, the costs of civilization are increasing faster than its benefits.

When oil production can no longer satisfy total daily demand, the world will begin returning to coal, a fuel source with less energy density than oil.  It will also be more expensive to extract coal in the future, since most of the coal easiest to get at has already been mined.  Ditto for solar and other "renewable" power sources.  (As for nuclear power, see, e.g., Richard Heinberg's discussion of this option in his The Party's Over:  Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies [Gabriola Island, BC (Canada):  New Society Publishers, 2003; pp. 132-139].)

In brief, global civilization is approaching its growth peak, the summit of the growth "hill."  In the synoptic view, all of these things taken together indicate that, as a global civilization, we are nearing the point of declining marginal returns, which makes this now planetary civilization liable, piece by piece, to collapse, or "simplification," in Tainter's words.

The Consequences of Idiocy
The Results of Declining Returns

Because of its long history of anti-evolutionary and dysgenic actions, the U.S. would have to either change radically or die.  Despite some recent indications (see below), its history is directing it to death, taking the world with it.  This dynamic is seen clearly in the following numbers:  Between 1979 (the highest point) and 1999 the amount of energy per capita (ê) in the world declined 0.33%/year.  From 2000 to 2011 the decline accelerates to 0.67%/year.  Then from 2012 to 2030 the downward rate will be 5.44%/year.  In 2030 ê will have fallen to the level it was at in 1930, and Industrial Civilization will have ended.  (For elaboration on this, see R. Duncan, "The Peak of World Oil Production and the Road to the Olduvai Gorge.")  The earth will return to the Stone Age.  There will be no second chance.  America will have triumphed.  We will have ended up as a criminal species.  After that, the world will have perhaps a few more hundred years left before all returns again to an everlasting Dark Age.  The history of America, then a distant memory, will be a tale told by an idiot.

Many economists loudly deny that the end of cheap oil will cause major disruption.  As oil price begin to rise, they say, scientists and engineers will invent new alternatives to oil, and things will shortly return to "normal."  They speak of all of the possible alternatives - wind, solar, geothermal, ocean current and tidal, biomass conversion into ethanol, fusion, hydrogen fuel cells, oil shale, clathrate hydrates of methane in deep ocean-bottom sediments, conservation, 80 mpg cars and so forth - without knowing what they are talking about.  None of these alternatives, or even all of them together, will cover more than 5% of the global demand for the uses now supplied by oil.  For those who are serious about informing themselves about the imminent peak of oil extraction and the insatiable demand for more and more energy, there are excellent websites, such as, and in English or, in German,, to say nothing of an increasing number of books and articles by experienced experts in the oil and energy fields - and who are not economists.

In the May 26, 2003 (Volume 101.21) issue of Oil & Gas Journal (pp. 18ff.), the above-mentioned Richard C. Duncan, director of the Seattle, Washington-based Institute on Energy & Man, published the results of his study of oil production forecasts.  In "Three world oil forecasts predict peak oil production," Duncan examined the research and prognoses of three foremost oil analysts:  Colin J. Campbell;  himself (Duncan) and B.D. Monin;  and M.R. Smith.

Their projections of the production peak were, respectively, 2003, 2006 and 2016.  (Campbell's most recent [2002] projection at the time, taking world recession into consideration, was 2010, but that is of minor importance in this connection.)

Comparing the historical oil industry data with these three depletion models, Duncan came to the following conclusions:

  1. The historical data support the thesis that world oil production will peak in the period 2003-2016 and decline thereafter.

  2. The data do not support the models' average projected postpeak decline rate of -2.52% per year, but rather a much less steep and more gradual one of only -0.23% per year.

  3. If the decline rate can be kept to this -0.23% per annum for several decades, mankind may have enough of a temporary reprieve to build a new energy base which might replace the current one.  This depends, of course, on the world organizing itself with great care and intelligence to develop such a base.  In Duncan's words, such a new energy regime "is conceivable."

Of course, since such organization would mean leaving the United States and the West generally with the lion's share of the remaining oil, it is unlikely that much care and intelligence will be applied in any cooperative fashion.  Also, in contrast to Duncan's optimistic view, the The Uppsala Depletion Study Group of ASPO believes the decline will be more like -2.5% in 2015, and the president of ExxonMobil, Jon Thompson, projects that in that year we would need 180% of our current volume of oil to cover global needs.

Further, in the April 26, 2004 edition of Oil & Gas Journal, an article, "World oil production capacity model suggests output peak by 2006-07," by Ali Morteza Samsam Bakhtiari (a senior expert in the corporate planning division of National Iranian Oil Co., Tehran) presented the following graph of global oil production projected by the World Oil Production Capacity (WOCAP) computer simulation model:

world oil extraction rates

    Moreover, what is outside the scope of Duncan's study is peak oil's larger context.  Specifically, that context is one in which the limits of growth are already being approached for a number of factors besides oil, as explained above.  The summit of the oil production curve will coincide roughly with the peaking of other forms of growth.  Together, these summits signify the beginning of diminishing returns for the world as a whole.  The beginning, in other words, of world-civilizational collapse.

On war:  lest anyone fantasize that no country would be so "crazy" as to start a modern war with America, let us point out a bit of history:  on July 25, 1941 the greatest American traitor of all, war-seeking President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, froze all Japanese assets in the United States (then an oil exporter), thereby cutting off Japan's main oil supply and forcing that country into a suicidal war with America.  (The president withheld critical intelligence information from Hawaii from this point on, so that the Japanese attack, when it came, would be unexpected by the locals.)  In response to Roosevelt's death threat, the Japanese had no alternative but to seize the oil fields of the Netherlands East Indies in August and then, in December, to attack Pearl Harbor, an attack foreknown, intended and electronically and cryptographically tracked down to the very hour by FDR (see Robert B. Stinnett, Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor, Simon & Schuster Trade Paperbacks, 2001).  The American masses, of course, greedily swallowed whole the lie that the attack was a "surprise."

If tiny, semi-medieval Japan, faced with strangulation in this manner, could lash out in desperation at the self-lauding superpower that was about to destroy it, consider what today's nuclear powers, China among them, will do once America, the world oil hog, prices them out of the oil they need to survive.  An honest appraisal of these realities shows that America's days are numbered.

The extreme vulnerability of the U.S. Disneyland (which has obligated itself to supply Israel in perpetuity with as much oil as it needs) was exposed on September 11, 2001, when Osama bin Laden, a cunning caveman on the other side of the world, destroyed the epicenter of world trade in New York City by having his agents hijack American airliners and fly them into the twin World Trade Center skyscrapers, which subsequently collapsed.  His men also crashed another airliner into the Pentagon, the center of America's vaunted military might, plus a fourth plane in a Pennsylvania field.  All told, around 3,000 people died.  (Many have noted that there are numerous oddities and unanswered questions about "9/11," and believe that, like Fort Sumter in 1861, the sinking of the Maine in 1898, the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915, and Pearl Harbor in 1941, the attacks of that day were provoked, foreknown and even facilitated by the U.S. in order to galvanize the American electorate into supporting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  This subject, however, is beyond the scope of the present discussion.)  These events resulted in a war against Afghanistan to eliminate bin Laden and his international, anti-Western guerilla organization, Al Qaida.  In passing it might be mentioned that bin Laden's reason for these attacks was none other than the oil-thirst-driven "protection" - i.e., essentially occupation - of Saudi Arabian land, holy to Muslims, by the U.S. through the above mentioned "gentlemen's agreement."  In other words, we are already in a low-level resource war with enemies fired by a superheated religion founded by a robber, brigand and murderer today revered as a holy prophet by a billion primitives.  (On Mohammed and his consequences, see Paul Fregosi, Jihad in the West: Muslim Conquests from the 7th to the 21st Centuries, New York:  Prometheus Books, 1998.)  President George W. Bush has now declared an open-ended war on global terrorism and "evil," in pursuit of which the U.S., alleging Iraqi development of weapons of mass destruction, waged a preemptive war on Iraq in March-April 2003 and took over the country with its oil wealth (the wealth, of course, having nothing to do with the invasion).

This war, however, is only a single battle in an ominous, growing, nuclear-proliferation struggle unrecognized by most people.  Pakistan, for instance, has been distributing nuclear technology around the world for at least two decades.  The Paki operation has been far more widespread, sophisticated and lucrative than that of Bin Laden.  Among other things, reports that "[I]n late 2003, Pakistan was reported to have concluded a "nukes-for-oil" deal with Saudi Arabia."

Regardless of the personal fate of Bin Laden, his actions showed that multicultural America with its Jew-driven White genosuicidism now rests on thin and melting ice.  It is a house increasingly riddled with termites.  In addition, the U.S.-supported Saudi Arabian government is corrupt far beyond even what is typical for Muslim governments, and its fall is all but inevitable, with subsequent disaster for Western oil supplies, unless the U.S. seizes them in advance.

Lest any reader fancy that "our" government would never imagine such a seizure, consider the following:  On 2004 January 2 The International Herald Tribune reported that the "U.S. government seriously contemplated using its military to seize oil fields in the Middle East during the Arab oil embargo of 30 years ago, according to a declassified British government document" because the "United States was unwilling to abide threats by 'underdeveloped, underpopulated' countries."  This is the reality behind all of the smooth, snore-inducing talk about conservation, alternative technologies, a Green future, et cetera.  And if that was the situation in December of 1973, when the U.S. and the world had vastly more oil left than they have today, it is obvious what American "contingency plans" hold in store for the world a few years from now.

A "small" side point:  The number of non-Whites who are even aware of the problems of Peak Oil, global overpopulation, environmental poisoning, etc., let alone care about them, is vanishingly small.  The only race with any awareness of, and concern about, the future of biological evolution is the White race.  Since the American government is obsessed with maintaining and increasing its power via a strategy of globalization and re-introduction of slavery, this very strategy must undermine the survivability of the species, to say nothing of European civilization.  In order to import ThirdWorld slaves, American powerholders and their Jewish stringpullers must pretend that resources are infinite and that "we" (i.e., you, Whitey) can support an infinite number of muddy welfarites, let alone the native detritus which prefers sloth under the cover of victimhood and makes cynical appeals to the "responsibilities" of TV-hypnotized Caucasian taxpayers.

"Productivity" - constantly increasing economic output for ever less input - was supposed to come about through technological innovation.  There are essentially two types of input:  labor and materials (including technology).  But gains in materials/technology efficiencies peaked a couple of decades ago, and major improvements are in practical terms no longer attainable.  The materials/technology-improvements phase is over, despite the raucous asseverations of politically motivated government functionaries.  This leaves only labor costs.  Their reduction is now being accomplished through the historically ancient method of slavery - i.e., by importing thirdWorlders and exporting jobs to the thirdWorld.  The noisemakers' claim that America itself is becoming more "productive" is a charade.  Furthermore, the bribeocracy's current importation of more slaves, criminals, parasites and low-IQ types only expands the nation's population to even more dangerous numbers at a time when we should be reducing it.

Such action by a tight-lipped government which knows clearly the current situation, together with its failure (or inability) to take any serious measures to soften the coming impact, is revealing.  It shows that the administration's true purpose is to use the coming collapse to justify the imposition of martial law and a permanent state of national emergency.  In other words, the regime is engineering the end of nominal freedom and the beginning of full dictatorship.

A most interesting sidelight:  in all probability, the first of the advanced nations to be afflicted by the exhaustion of oil and by the self-delusion of the genosuicidists will be Great Britain.  Now that the UK is no longer led by the Ill Church - er, Churchill - it will be most droll to watch that island's demise with no war to distract us from the facts of the nation's bankruptcy.  This vicious little island, which initiated the slaughter of Germans and other Europeans by inflating a localized conflict into a global conflict in 1914, is about to reap what it has sown.  Having sucked the U.S. into its campaign of mass-murdering other Whites in two world wars, then imposing an ideology of guilt on Germany in order to suppress it forever and justify tearing away half of its land, this priggish little land now faces physical ruin and collapse as its North Sea oil fields run dry and rising global demand drives crude prices to intolerable heights.  The White stock of the island will be bled dry in order to satisfy the welfare demands of the countless Blacks, Sand Negroes, Wogs and assorted Asiatics who are being drawn by anti-racists into the very country whose early inhabitants once fought fiercely to keep Julius Caesar from landing on its shores.  But the time is nigh when the upper crust won't even have the wherewithal to maintain the Camp of the Saints in the style to which the Third World invaders have become accustomed.  Tsk, tsk.

The End of British Virginity
UK North Sea Decline
February 2002 British Petroleum graph of UK North Sea fossil fuel production for the period 2001-2030.  The legend itself is too dark to read, but it doesn't matter.  Extraction on the UK Continental Shelf ("UKCS" - depicted by the non-green squares) contributes very little to the whole.  According to BP's optimistic assumptions, as much as 70% of conventional oil might be recovered from the biggest fields, which means that if they can't get that 70%, depletion will be even faster.  In either case, lacking the vast revenues from that oil, together with the need to start importing increasingly expensive oil from abroad, the UK economy will have little time to live;  and the genosuicidal people who have so enjoyed waging war against Germany and other White nations, and importing Third Worlders, are at last going to pay for their fun - with destitution.

Actual N Sea Depletion, 2004
Tracking of actual UK North Sea production (red line) plotted against the projections done in 2001 by German corporation L-B-Systemtechnik GmbH.  From this it can be seen that the UK oil flow had declined 40% by the end of 2004 — falling well within the projections by that corporation and proving the validity of its forecasts.  The anti-White, darkie-loving Brits are on the precipice right now, although they are still being kept in the dark about it by their leaders in the Camp of the Saints.

The British Isles lie at the end of the oil pipelines coming from Russia and other points east and south.  This means that British petrol prices will be an order of magnitude higher than any other European prices, if indeed Britain can be considered European at all after what the Churchill-lovers have done to Europeans.  The Jews, of course, will maintain their stranglehold on British politics and prevent the emergence of any self-preservational movements until all the Whites there have starved to death.  As dire as the situation for everyone is, some of us will enjoy a certain Schadenfreude in seeing those oh-so-noble race traitors being the first to drown in the sewer they have created.  The only question left:  will the self-righteous Limeys unleash another World War to annihilate Europe totally before they themselves blink out?

There are many people who do not understand that the small amount of farmland left on the postage-stamp-sized territory of Limeyland cannot possibly feed its roughly 59 million inhabitants, and such ignorami include many of the Brits themselves.  This self-imposed ignorance is actually a good thing, because it means that they will take little or no action to avert utter disaster until it is far too late.  Since they helped shove all the anti-White, Yid lies down our throats in the beginning, it is only fitting that they be the first to suffer the effects of their own success.

It couldn't happen to a nicer people.

According to recent estimates, major oil extraction projects will dwindle to a pitiful few by 2008.  Within couple of years thereafter, the Age of Denial will give way to the Age of Anger, as it slowly becomes evident that Disneyland can no longer maintain pretenses.  About the middle of the twenty-teens it will become manifest that the Hubbert Peak has passed forever, and we will enter the Age of Negotiation, especially with OPEC, headed by Saudi Arabia (or maybe Bin-Laden Arabia).  Finally, after 2020, the Age of Acceptance will dawn, which is the same as the Age of War.  It will no longer be the War to End All Wars, or the War to Save Democracy, or the War to Kill Germans and Save Jews and the Soviets, but simple war as a permanent state of being and condition of survival:  war as a mechanism of population reduction.  America, meet History.

  As if this were not enough, we have now reached the point where one or two annihilative acts of terrorism on global oil chokepoints (e.g., the Alyeska pipeline, Bab al-Mandab at the mouth of the Red Sea, Bosporus Straits, Caspian Sea, Malacca Strait, Panama Canal and pipeline, Strait of Hormuz, Suez Canal, Sumed pipeline) would almost instanteously injure planetary civilization severely.  Note also that the Muslim populations of the earth are the fastest-growing ones on the globe, and, regardless of what their leaders say, a large percentage of them loathes the White man and his non-Muslim culture.  Mind you, while this phantasmagorical danger grows ever larger, the average Yankee citizen remains blissfully unconscious of the fact that death is waiting for him just outside his door.  His main obsessions are bread, circuses and redefining marriage to include homosexual liaisons.  But all of the propaganda about American freedom and righteousness aside, nothing is going to put Humpty Dumpty together again, once the oil - the cheap oil - runs out and America enters its final phase.

Future gas prices

Despite being afflicted with many genetic flaws, the most intelligent, on average, of all human subspecies is the subgroup known as the Ashkenazi Jews.  Throughout the twentieth century, these people, working both the "right" and the "left" sides of the political specturm, gradually gained more and more political power within the U.S. government.  By the end of the century, the Jewish wing camouflaged as "neoconservative" had attained virtually complete control and in the year 2000 elected their wholly owned puppet, a former alcoholic named George W. Bush.

Through control of the main media and both political parties, the Jews had driven racially conscious Euro-Americans into the underground and demonized Whites' love of their own kind as "racism."  Absurd Christian zealots, deciding they were now "Judeo-Christians," swallowed the Yiddish propaganda and by the millions submitted to genosuicide in the name of Jesus the Jew.  As a result, the White man's countries have now become septic tanks for the runoff from ThirdWorld overpopulation sewers.  And America, that El Dorado of European man, is teetering on the brink of the abyss.

The Mohammedan attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and on the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. in 2001 enabled the Israelite "neocons" to consolidate their power yet more.  Since the aim of the parasitized American government is no longer to advance the cause of its ethnic foundations, the creatures controlling the levers of power are now able to replace the government's original purpose with their own aims of world domination.

Given the overwhelming importance of oil in a world whose demand for it is about to exceed the supply, a war against Iraq became the first step in the string-pullers' struggle for global control.  Meanwhile, American Whites have been blinded by Ashkenazi TV propaganda, by oil-supported affluence and by Judeo-Christian religious lies.  Even more ominously, the genetic basis of White IQ has been eroded and the intelligence required to maintain our civilization is being replaced by that of non-Whites, especially Mongoloids (Negroids being far too inferior to fulfill any role except those specially constructed for them to posture in).

This expanding and doomed “bubble” was made possible only by prodigious wealth based on nearly free energy, especially oil, available in and to America.  For comparison of the U.S. with other oil consumers, we may look at a few simple facts assembled by energy economist and consultant Andrew McKillop and mentioned in an article as long ago as Friday, December 10, 2004, “There's no supply side answer to the coming oil crisis…” in

Barrels of Oil per Capita per Year
China: 1.85 2.6
(EU-15 countries):
12 (probably
still 12)
U.S.: 25 23

The U.S., with 5% of the world's population, now uses close to a quarter of its oil.  The typical American, in other words, might be compared to an elephant, while the average European or Japanese (to say nothing of the average Chinese or Indian) might be likened to, say, a deer.  The elephant needs an enormous amount of food merely to stay alive;  if it is restricted to the amount consumed by the deer, the elephant will die.  This is the fate awaiting the modern American.

By late 2009 the deterioration had vastly accelerated with the unprecedented theft of American taxpayer wealth.  Through 2008-2009 the teams of Bush and his dark successor have handed out, printed, borrowed and lent a total of about U.S. $3,750 billion, almost exclusively to finance, bank and insurance company jackals and charlatans who claim they are “Too Big To Fail.”  And, O yes, an uncertain but large amount of that taxpayer money — borrowed from all of America’s future generations — is going to foreign financial institutions.  We might compare with this the costs of imported oil over most of the last decade, as provided by a Friday, 2008 March 7 Petroleum Intelligence Weekly listing of the amounts spent on oil imports 2000-2008:

Year Crude Oil
2000 89.88 29.38 119.26
2001 74.29 28.45 102.74
2002 79.25 23.52 102.77
2003 101.80 30.64 132.44
2004 136.03 43.24 179.27
2005 138.94 67.12 206.06
2006 225.53 74.54 300.07
2007p 245.53 81.81 327.34
2008e 331.00 109.00 440.00
Totals: $1,422.25 $487.70 $1,909.95
p = preliminary e = estimated.
Note that the 2008e forecast was for $440 billion.
The actual total was considerably less
because of the recession and falling oil prices.

Now compare from this table the highest actually recorded cost, $327 billion for 2007 (2008 being an estimate higher than what in fact happened), with the above-mentioned U.S. government handouts under Bush and the chimpanzoid to finance vultures and impostors:  $3,750 billion in 2008-2009.  That is close to twice the $1,909.95 overestimate for oil imports for all of the nine-year period 2000-2008.  In short, the amount used to “save the US finance sector and the economy” is equivalent to more than 12 years of oil imports at their recent highest price level.  It provides a bit of insight into the crime wave currently sweeping high politics in the U.S.  We might also observe that oil is usable, whereas the stolen money is gone forever with no benefit whatsoever.  And that loss will have to be made good by those yet to be born far into the future.  Provided, of course, that the U.S. continues to exist that long.

Then we have those wonderful wars in southwestern Asia.  Due to the fact that the richest oil reserves on earth are under land occupied by swarthy Levantines in the grip of a failed religion of liars and murderers, the U.S. is going to be forced to change its effeminate philanthropy or die.  Islam is an ancient ideology of fanatic totalitarianism which cuts off limbs for trivial offenses and regards murder-suicide as holy martyrdom.  The average American is too narcissistic to comprehend the full meaning of this fact and would prefer to die rather than admit it.  As could only be expected, the U.S. government under President George W. Bush refused to recognize what was necessary and how this had to be masked to keep the American electorate behind it.  As noted above, it took military possession of Iraq and installed a puppet (“democratic”) government in it.  Naturally the fantasizing leftists loudly proclaimed this fact as if they had discovered something new, braying that “it’s all about oil.”  But of course!  The complainants’ problem was that they understood neither that there is no alternative nor the hell that awaits us without cheap oil:  America is indeed approaching the end of its golden age.  Without the Iraqi oil, the Empire’s future will be short indeed.  Moreover, from now on the “developing” Third World will not be receiving Yankee handouts much, if any, longer.  Naturally, the anti-White crypto-communists in the media, backed by “pro-open-society” international Jews such as Georg Sörös, would prefer the instantaneous collapse of this nation, but the political craftsmen on high seem to have decided otherwise.  The European elites, who under British leadership annihilated their own power in their wars against Germany, raucously demand utopian solutions inspired by Christian wish-dreams as they themselves flood their own lands with ever more Arabs, Negroes and other Unwhites who drain Whitey's treasuries.  Europe, thus, despite valiant attempts by a few survival-oriented (“fascist”) politicians and groups, has long become largely irrelevant to the war for White survival.

The situations in Iraq and Afghanistan get grimmer by the day.  Most of the raghead populations are mentally children, and largely incapable of the responsibility required for a Western-style democracy.  They love medieval society and the fanaticism of the Mohammedan maniacs.  (This is true even of those Islamics who have lived for years in Whitey's countries.)  In Afghanistan, since the savages are killing anyone who can be labeled a “collaborator” with the Americans, and those collaborators’ families as well, there are fewer and fewer Afghans willing to join and support what is obviously a puppet regime alien to the centuries of dictatorship they have been used to.

And since the U.S. “neoconservatives” (largely Jews) controlling America cannot bring themselves to do what is necessary to win in Afghanistan — namely, to discard the ladylike approach, set up death camps and start slaughtering the insurgent animals in large numbers, or even merely to begin their forced conversion to some version of Christianity or some similar religion, which would also mean lots of liquidation —, America with its cognitive dissonance cannot possibly win.  As Machiavelli pointed out long ago, adroit and merciless use of power is the only thing that is effective in such situations.  At some point, the steadily mounting toll in Yankee blood and money will force the U.S. to do the same thing we did in Vietnam:  cut and run.  (The Jewish media, as everyone knows, were responsible for the Vietnam defeat;  despite Zionist control of the regime, those same media are working hard to repeat their performance in Iraq.)

At that point the Jihadist maniacs, exulting in their victory over the greatest power on earth, will ignite a massive extremist revolution throughout the entire Persian Gulf region and take over its oil wealth.  That will entail an immediate disaster for the world economy, and unleash every kind of struggle imaginable all over the globe.  We can expect America to enter a stage of national apoplexy at that point.

With the insane two world wars that America waged against Europe, the U.S. mutilated its own psycho-social integrity.  It destroyed the true, racially-oriented right which had thitherto balanced the Utopian left.  That is to say, it flew out of its proper orbit into the outer darkness, headed toward a future of weeping and gnashing of teeth.  In a few historical moments it will have thrown away the great treasure of White civilization that was bought by centuries of sweat, blood and tears.

The struggle for the continuation of biological evolution has now resumed after a brief hiatus.  If it wanted to live, America would have to help in reducing the world's population to about a tenth of its current size.  Africa should be left to accomplish its part of this job by itself, which it will do if the Western “charity” organizations are withdrawn from that continent and the corrupt dictators, cannibals and mass murderers are allowed to do what comes naturally to the Negro.  As the global supply of oil begins to sink (whether rapidly or slowly), the lack of fertilizers and fuel for farm machinery will cause the planetary people-smuggling industry to explode, with the White countries being targeted for the runoff from the Third World.  American laws would have to be changed to reverse this sewage flow, and the Third World must choke to death on its own overburdens.  For Canada and the European Camp of the Saints this change will be impossible, since the Jew-controlled elites there have paralyzed the will to survive.

Even at this late stage, the average White, be he American, Canadian, Australian, European or of any other nationality, is incapable of understanding just how grave the situation is.  Death is staring him in he face, and he thinks that it can be wished away if he sticks his head in the sand.  But the global population WILL be reduced.  Nature has already decreed that, just as surely as it decrees that the colony of bacteria in a petri dish will be reduced after the nutrient is consumed.  It is merely a matter of who will survive, if anyone.  Christianity, certainly in its current form, is a suicide pill, and must be abandoned by all Whites wishing to avoid racial extinction.  The grisly prospect of apocalyptic war — with China, India, or any other of the fast-breeding nations — must be recognized, at the very least by the American political elites, as a realistic possibility.  The American Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, informed as they are by the idealistic ideology of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, must be set aside as suicide pacts, much as the Roman republic had to be overthrown and replaced by the empire in the days of Caesar, Cicero and Augustus, over two thousand years ago.  The Left, ignorant of the ecological laws governing biological populations, imagines that Communism will save humanity, refusing to admit that Communism is a deadly parasitic religion, an ideological leprosy, which can thrive only where there is a host it can feed on.

It is perhaps not out of place to quote once more from astronomer Fred Hoyle's Of Men and Galaxies (op.cit., p. 64) on the deadly consequences of failing in the vast struggle ahead:

".... It has often been said that, if the human species fails to make a go of it here on the Earth, some other species will take over the running.  In the sense of developing intelligence this is not correct.  We have, or soon will have, exhausted the necessary physical prerequisites so far as this planet is concerned.  With coal gone, oil gone, high-grade metallic ores gone, no species however competent can make the long climb from primitive conditions to high-level technology.  This is a one-shot affair.  If we fail, this planetary system fails so far as intelligence is concerned."

Avoiding such failure means, firstly, facing reality:  the reality that man can henceforth exist in steady-state harmony with this earth only if his numbers are about a tenth of their current size, and then only if he is highly intelligent.  That leaves portions only of the White European and Yellow Oriental races - in the future biologically shaped by euthanasia, by abortion of dysgenic and deformed fetuses, by infanticide of the unfit (e.g., of Mongoloid idiots, fetal alcohol syndrome cases, etc.), by sterilization of the genetically defective, drug addicts, the insane and the like, by dispassionate and rapid execution of convicted, dangerous criminals, and by eugenics in general - as candidates for survival.  Moreover, the above-mentioned portions of the White and Yellow races are candidates only, not pre-assured survivors.  All others have no chance whatsoever for a future.  All this will become clear in the coming decades as the basis for the survival of our species collapses.

The sanctimoniously mongrelizing U.S. has developed anti-evolutionary cancers in countless areas and of many types:  unregulated immigration;  behavioral impunity of the criminal castes;  dysgenics;  lack of population control and guidance;  ruination of great cities by infestation with feral anthropoids;  the massive spread of brain-destroying drugs;  the feeding of parasites via welfare;  perversion of the mass mind with Pavlovian advertizing;  destruction of Europe in two world wars;  drunken-sailor economics;  and on and on.  The absolute limit about to be imposed by the global oil maximum will soon cause this vast edifice of corruption to suffocate on its own poisonous waste.

In sum:  today the pace of everything is much faster than ever before.  We can now see that at the current rate and on a global scale, marginal returns will cease altogether (the trajectory will crest) at the latest within the next 20 years, and most probably before 2015 or even 2010.  The universal desperation that will follow this cresting, not to mention the effects of the far-flung plagues throughout hyperpopulated World Three, will most certainly summon into use the many new types of mass-annihilation weaponry now at hand.  The slim and only hope left is that this scenario, when it begins to unfold, just might rouse the estrogenated White male from his muddy stupor.


1.  The Hand of Fate

11/11 and 9/11

On November 11, 1918, at 11:00 o'clock in the morning, the Versailles Treaty was signed in France, putting an end to the First World War and robbing Germany of large tracts of land as well as imposing on it enormous burdens of reparations payments.  As the moralizing lie used to cover up and “justify” this criminal act, Germany was forced by the victors to admit that it had started the war.  Thus ended the “war to end all wars” — the propagandistic title given to the war by the victors in order to whip up enthusiasm for killing other Whites and dying while doing so.

In the English vernacular, the phrase “eleventh hour” means “the last minute,” “the latest possible time.” It originated in reference to the parable in the Gospel of Matthew 20,1-16, which described workers hired at the last or eleventh hour of the day as receiving the same amount of pay as those who had worked the entire day.  Thus, 11/11/11 had ominous overtones that the end of that war was coming just in time — at the last possible minute before total disaster to Europe.

That very treaty, however, contained the seeds of an even worse war yet to come.  It impoverished and humiliated Germany, and the Great Depression of the thirties made life intolerable for the people there, while England and France, beneficiaries of the treaty, did not fare so badly.  In a desperate bid to raise themselves up by their own bootstraps, the Germans elevated the National Socialists to power.  When the latter then began to throw off the insane dictates of the treaty by taking back the German land which had been given to the invented country of Poland, England declared the Second World War against Germany and dragged the U.S. into it just as it had done in the First World War.  The final result:  Europe was thoroughly devastated (although England remained relatively unscathed), and lost its political power forever, and America delivered Eastern Europe into the murderous hands of the Russian Communists for the next four decades.  The foreboding omen of 11/11/11 had proven a true predictor of the precariousness of the European situation and the lethality of the enmities there.

On September 11, 2001, afterwards always referred to as “9/11” (“nine-eleven”), Mohammedan madmen flew airliners into New York City's World Trade Center towers, annihilating the economic symbol and center of American business, and also flew a plane into the Pentagon, headquarters of American military might, partially destroying it.  “911,” however, is also the universal telephone number used for calling police in case of emergencies.  An unutterably strange fluke of “chance” occurred the next year on September 11, 2002:  in the New York State lottery, the winning numbers turned out to be 911, and many superstitious gamblers who had selected those numbers on that day won considerable amounts of money.  It was almost as though an unseen intelligence were notifying everyone that that particular date bore significance beyond its seeming randomness.  One is therefore perhaps justified in entertaining the thought that, in an eerie similarity to the symbolism of Versailles' 11/11/11, America's 9/11 may be echoing the same strange forewarning of catastrophe yet to come.  Given the precariousness in which American self-delusion has placed the nation and even the world, it is a possibility to be considered.

2.  The Return of the Dark Ages

The Fall of America

After years of U.S. occupation and fighting insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, there continue to be complaints among White Americans about inadequacies (e.g., lack of armor, proper vetting of suicide-prone Iraqi personnel) leading to the deaths and injuries of family members in Iraq.  The political leadership gives diversionary answers about doing its best and working on the problem.  But where there are reports of such things as soldiers' deaths due to politically imposed restraints in fighting Islamo-Communist insurgents (such as not being allowed to attack mosques), that same leadership blunts criticism with statements about grieving for the lost men and with bland and anodyne palliatives about fighting for peace, justice and the American Way in Iraq.  Nothing about oil, nothing about concern for the White race, of course.  Mustn't disturb the Jewish media such as the big TV networks, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the L.A. Times.

In reality, the political elites could not care less about the deaths of Whites, since they will be more than replaced by anthropoids imported from the Third World, thereby improving American “diversity.”  Keep in mind this is the same regime that in the last few decades has encouraged the Central Intelligence Agency to allow surrogate syndicates in Afghanistan, Nicaragua and Honduras to sell drugs into the United States in order to raise money for their covert operations, and you will get some idea of the true mentality of the “upright” American leadership.

Ominously, the conduct of the war is following the pattern established in Vietnam: the U.S. administration is most concerned, now as then, about the editorial opinions expressed in the Jewish media.  Likewise, the genosuicidist American intelligentsia cannot grasp that the West is in a religious war.  As a result, we will treat the non-White enemy (directed by implacable savages headquartered outside Iraq) as though they were business competitors across a negotiating table.  We can't use (shudder) concentration camps.  We will try to “reason” with them.  And lose.

Only this time the defeat is going to be much more serious than oilless Vietnam.  As soon as America pulls out, whether in five years or ten, the Islamic animals will throw out the puppet regime (again, as in Vietnam) and set up a bloodthirsty hell much worse than Afghanistan or Iraq before American meddling.  Shortly thereafter they will export their revolution to the rest of the oily East, and the world's supply of petroleum will be drastically reduced in the twinkling of an eye.  There will be no governments to buy oil from, because there will be no rational governments.  And certainly no pro-Western governments.

Since the American and European Left believes that White America should be defeated anyway, it will at first cheer the development.  As Western governments wither and their large flows of money to leftist institutions dry up, less Communist blather will be heard.  But by then the genosuicidists will have done their dirty work.  It took centuries to build Humpty Dumpty, but only a few years to destroy him.  After his fall, all the king's horses and all the king's men won't put Humpty together again.

But the United States decided long ago to engage in self-defeatism.  When in 1915 Woodrow Wilson conspired with the then Lord of the British Admiralty, Winston Churchill, to send the Lusitania in front of a German submarine in order to deceive Americans into supporting a war against their own flesh and blood in Germany, the switch was set.  Since that time, in the name of idiotic abstractions such as “democracy,” “freedom,” “anti-racism” and the like, the United States has accelerated the charge into White genosuicidism.  The long, on again, off again, tolerance and originally even support, of Communism;  Franklin Delano Roosevelt's engineering of Pearl Harbor in order to deceive Americans into supporting a war against their own flesh and blood in Germany a second time;  the re-introduction of slavery by importing Third World rabble in vast numbers (clandestinely supported, by the way, by Arizona “conservative” Senator John McCain);  the utter corruption of the masses with bread and circuses (welfare and “free” TV);  the government-sponsored demonization of the White race;  the purchasing of our politicians by international multibillionaires like George Soros and other Jews, and by Israel itself; -- these and many, many other things have foreordained the national dissolution into insanity of the United States.  (As for the United Kingdom, note that even after four suicidal Islamo-Communists killed 56 people and wounded around 700 with bombs in London on 2005 July 7, the even more suicidal prime minister of Britain, Tony Blair, assuaged the locals by claiming that the Mohammedan murderers had merely a “perverted and poisonous misinterpretation” of Islam which, by implication, was itself certainly good, holy and absolutely the moral equivalent of, if not better than, any non-Muslim religion held by Whites.  By all means, any possible “racism” among British crypto-Nazis must not be allowed to emerge and keep the White race from extinction.  On cue, the BBC held several interviews with Levantine “asylum-seeking”/“guest-worker” infiltrators in England and Germany to broadcast their anti-White sob stories.  In other words, the UK government, with its Jews and traitorous illuminati, views the White populace of Britain as the true enemy to be controlled and extinguished, and to that end will do everything in its power to keep Whites in an American-like stupor.  It's just the same old pre-funeral business as usual.)

The American housing mortgage debt, which has risen from about 0.3 trillion to 6 trillion (constant 2004) dollars since 1970, is ultimately based on the hope that the oil-supported U.S. economy will continue to grow forever.  This assumes that inflation will continue and both housing and other debt can be paid off with ever cheaper dollars.  When the oil flow stops increasing, however, growth and inflation will stop, homeowners will lose part or even all of their income and be unable to pay their mortgages.  The housing market will decline and a self-reinforcing tailspin of deadly deflation will set in, since the overinflated mortgage market is the only thing holding up the economy at this point.

The main mechanism of this growth economy is the trust and confidence of the American consumer that growth will continue, so he can continue to buy wantonly.  Virtually every large American and international company is debt-leveraged to this con game to the extent that the economy has to keep growing at least 2% per year just to cover the interest on corporate debt.  If the buyers lose their faith en masse and stop buying on credit so that this 2% is not achieved, the entire economy will incur even more debt, requiring even higher growth to pay for it.  The tailspin thereby intensifies.  For this reason the world's political and economic leaders must keep the masses entranced so that they will not stop buying.  As with the incessant Holocaust guilt harangues, the compulsory anti-White preaching, and all the other predatory propaganda calculated to drive the White West to genosuicide, the media and advertizing organs have to be kept going full blast in order to dupe the rubes and keep the parasites in power.

To add fuel to the fire, it should be mentioned that a large percentage of international trade is not really trade.  It is simply the transfer of wares between different international branches of the same global corporation, in which higher inventories from low-profit centers are shifted to high-profit centers of the firm, much of it done for tax-evasion purposes.  Another large proportion of “globalization” consists of little more than handouts by international charity organizations (World Bank, IMF, OECD, etc.) to the beggar nations.  All of this activity in fact either contributes absolutely nothing to, or is actually parasitic on, the planetary economy.  Thus the global economic web is in truth far weaker than commonly supposed, and getting weaker with every barrel of oil consumed.

Since the most important underpinning of the entire economy, oil supplies, will soon stop growing, the deluded masses will at some point lose their faith in the materialist religion and stop buying on credit.  At the point that this apostasy reaches the tipping point, the con game will come apart, and the world will experience a rapid, 1929-type economic crash.  Only one that will be far more serious than in 1929.

After oil production has culminated and growth stopped, incomes will shrink and bankruptcies will increase dramatically.  After 2012, the grossly distended mortgage banks, which have all loaned out far more (usually around six times more) money than they have, will have to be rescued by the “full faith and credit of the United States,” i.e., by impoverishing taxpayers.  However, this time the problem is so gigantic that not even the Federal banking system with all of its duplicity and the Internal Revenue Service with all of its tyranny will be able to cope with it.  There is no external superpower which will be able to rescue Genosuicideland from itself.  So it can be expected that the government will begin printing huge volumes of money in an attempt to hyperinflate its way out of the problem.  This will only postpone the breakdown for a few more months.

We shall witness just how humane the U.S. really is when it undergoes the same kind of extreme emergency to which it subjected Germany in World War II (and, for that matter, Serbia in 1999).  American invasion will hardly be limited to Iraq.  It may be assumed that Saudi Arabia will devise — or has already devised — measures to prevent the U.S. Morality Manipulators from “liberating” Saudi Arabia from its oil as our federal government was planning to do in 1973/74.  The U.S. regime's attacks will be in the name of “democracy” and “freedom,” of course.  We know all that.  Nonetheless, the resistance — this time not only from desert fanatics but from nations such as China — will be of a completely different magnitude, especially as the tottering American giant begins to weaken from oil thirst.  The genosuicide it has so long sought will finally begin to emerge in bitter earnest.  The Jews may even lose their grip on power, while the wannabee Christian Jew-worshippers will be lost in the desert.  Denial will be overwhelmed by reality.  And the widespread genetic deterioration of the population so long fomented by the Melting Potty will become glaringly manifest and fatal.

Precognition of the impending “Hubbert's Peak” of global oil production (starting at the latest about 2010) and its consequences, together with secretive urging by Israel, made it imperative that the Disneyland of democracy stabilize a major Middle Eastern oil source for the international markets.  (The U.S. Congress, by the way, has committed the U.S. to supply Israel with as much oil as it needs in perpetuity.)  The stupid American masses, who fantasize that they have an innate right to cheap oil, can understand neither the crushing exigencies about to be imposed by a lack thereof, nor the need for such stabilization.

Almost all of the economists, politicians and others who see no future problem claim essentially one and the same thing:  that the “solution” to slackening cheap oil is a combination of technology and government action, perhaps under U.N. direction, with public-private partnerships (regulations and money transfers) thrown in.  What they mean by this is more — often many more — layers of complexity in order merely to keep the economic growth engine going.  Layers that are impoverishingly expensive.  Consider what would be necessary:
  • vast physical and regulatory infrastructure, all new;
  • investment of many trillions of dollars in the development of increasingly advanced technology;
  • the political will to shift resources away from genosuicidal social programs and giveaways of all sorts to work on energy survival.
  • a serious redirection of the entire culture to emphasize the rigorous arts and sciences and rid ourselves of burdensome low IQs and their supporters.
Above all what escapes most of the “optimists” is the issue of scale.  The magnitude of global demand far outstrips the capabilities of all of the proposed solutions put together.  Those who want their propositions governmentally imposed on the citizenry also fail to recognize that the citizenry may not wish to buy the dictated solution, especially when “citizenry” is defined to mean the world population.  To make a long story short, there is no way out.  Not only that, but the U.S. government still refuses to admit publicly the deadly gravity of the dilemma.

At bottom, the genosuicidists know this.  If you read their scribblings carefully, you discover that what they are really implying is that, after deeding its homes and property over to the non-Whites, the White race should generously commit suicide.  This is the true aim of the Left.  And, by the way, this “solution” is tacitly accepted by Christianity.

Thus our national regime must manipulate every symbol and use all means of propaganda in order to sustain our seizure and occupation of Iraq, the last big oil province (perhaps 46 billion barrels) on the planet.  (If anyone thinks I am pulling these statements out of a hat, I suggest he read up on peak oil and stop hypnotizing himself with TV drivel.)  No one, absolutely no one, can save us from the limits to growth;  war is the traditional and ONLY answer to the desperation staring the U.S. in the face.  Since forthright speech about this is politically unpalatable in a “democracy,” the Bush regime must use every kind of deception imaginable to keep up the belligerency.  All of the religious and quasi-religious authorities, as well as the halls of crypto-Communist academe in America and the West are correct in their accusations that the U.S. did not invade Iraq in order to end “terrorism.”  (They dare not mention another main motive for the invasion:  to eliminate an enemy of dog-wagging Israel.)  What they do not — in fact, cannot — recognize, is that the looming, gradual end of cheap oil, combined with economic competition from Asiatic serfdom, means the end of America and the beginning of a new Dark Age of incredible savagery.  Nor can they understand that Iraq's oil, properly exploited, would be a major means to stave off the inevitable for another half-decade or so.

The reason the Vietnam war was lost was because our then chief idiot, Lyndon Baynes Johnson, lacked the guts for it.  He did not want to win the war, but to stalemate it, to bring the Commies “to the negotiating table.” He wanted to make the electorate all happy Democrats, in spite of the fact that few American civilians can ever understand the reality of implacable enmity.  So he vacillated constantly, and the war was lost in the mass media in America, not the battlefield.  Likewise, the Iraq war will be lost in the same way.  In addition, with all of the politically-inspired blather about Islam being a “great religion,” and over the evils of “racial profiling,” few are capable of understanding that the enemy is not just a few “bad apples”  it is Islam itself, which is a primitive, barbaric religion that has never outgrown the hellish medieval cauldron out of which it slithered.

There has been much talk in recent years of America being an “empire.”  The left hates it, the right loves it.  This is a pseudo-opposition, however.  In reality, those who control America and keep all public discussions carefully confined within the boundaries they have set, are the Zionists.  They are, of course, aided by idiot Christians who deify Jews (the “Chosen People”) and by the genosuicidists hypnotized by the ephemeral Enlightenment blather about freedom and equality (never noticing the antithesis between these two concepts).  The problem with Enlightenment ideas, of course, is that their sanctimonious believers are blissfully ignorant of post-Enlightment genetics and anthropology, let alone the rest of science.  These “illuminati” have, however, been quite adept at pressuring scientists to lend false authority to their self-serving preconceptions and justify their political deviance.

At the well-camouflaged core of imperial power, meanwhile, seethes the implacable, twisted Jewish hatred for all who resist their control.  Individuals such as Ernst Zündel and David Irving, who have never harmed anyone in their lives, are incarcerated or impoverished by governments controlled by Zionist string-pullers for having had the audacity to oppose their power.  Such outrages are made possible by the imperial dimensions of that control.  The oppression has reached its most insane intensity in Germany, where the “democratic” prison guards running that now zombie-ized penal state are depraved “anti-Nazi” marionettes bent on mongrelizing and destroying the nation utterly.  And not only there but everywhere, “liberal” Jews ensure that guilt propaganda is constantly drummed into Whitey, while “conservative” Jews and Jew-idolizing “Judeochristians” see to it that the less-overtly suicidal Whites accept racial miscegenation and Zionist dictates as decreed by God.  The typical member of the deranged Occidental intelligentsia, who considers himself not as White but as a “citizen of the world” with an obligation to destroy his own “racist” genotype, does all in his power to support and accelerate this two-sided push to extinction.  In self-righteous disregard of nature's evolutionary laws, he uses “diversity” as the mask behind which to advance racial bastardization.

This perversion is about to bear its bitter fruit, however.  America and its puppet regimes have, since 1990, been shipping their manufacturing base to China and other Asian countries with servile labor costs.  For all practical purposes, the empire has been economically hollowed out;  today it exists on slave labor alone;  the empire's marginal returns diminish bit by bit as each new slave puts additional demands (educational, penal, medical, social) on the system.  In reality, the new slave system is just a roundabout way of giving taxpayer dollars to the owners of the businesses that use the slaves.  (The “conservative” businessmen enriching themselves from this massive kickback scheme proclaim that when the bribed U.S. Congress subsidizes them in this way, it is merely “good business.”)  What is more, the U.S. is compelled to import yet more slaves by the millions (especially from Latinoland) to maintain the facade of affluence and the power of ZOG.  As a result, the imperium now maintains its position of immense global power by force of arms alone.  Anyone not hypnotized to ignore ZOG's mask of Enlightened Despotism can easily see this and the savage Zionist tyranny behind it.

Even given this tremendous power in the hands of the genosuicidists, however, the world is in a much more precarious state than ever before.  Weapons of mass destruction have now proliferated so much that, frankly, no one, not even our vaunted CIA or NSA, knows where they all are.  In addition, some of the foremost American military analysts are now worried that nation-terminating, “asymmetric” warfare may be unexpectedly visited upon the U.S., for instance by means of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from a nuclear weapon suddenly detonated two or three hundred miles above the nation.  America is in far greater danger than the authorities are willing to admit.  Not only do they refuse to take the serious actions needed to minimize the risk of such horrors, but they dilute the effectivenss of their own, minimal, protective measures by squandering many of their resources on political correctness as they seek to avoid “racial profiling.”  The reticence of the bribed politicians is due to the fact that, more than anything else, they are terrified of this nation becoming “fascist” and losing power themselves.  And the electorate, having far overshot its own support systems, cannot tolerate the idea of lowered living standards.  The “plan” of the overlords is to let catastrophe happen and react afterwards.

Events are now out of anyone's control.  The history of America is the chronicle of a seeming exception to the laws of evolution, since a large expanse of virgin territory (inhabited only by stone-age peoples) was found and used as an escape valve for a Europe under population pressure.  But this exception is now ending, and things are about to start returning to the historical norm.  The incapability of Americans to understand this fact, much less accept it, is what produces the mass confusion about such things as our invasion of Iraq.  Even now they cannot understand that the U.S. Constitution has turned out to be a suicide pact.

There are no good choices.  America is destined to implode on itself, since it has denied its own European origins and opted for genosuicidism.  The die has already been cast.  The American experiment has failed.

Imperial Osteoporosis of the Empire:
History's Coming Confutation of the U.S. Lie

In sum, the mongrelizing, Jew-led tumor called America is about to suffer the consequences of its own dissoluteness.  All of the anti-White glorification of victimhood, all the philosemitic political correctness, all the mud-importing neo-slavery and corrupt squandering of resources - in short, all of the genosuicidism -, is about to go down the sewer as the nation goes broke.  It started with a small recession at the end of 2008 as the global demand for the best oil exceeds its supply for the first time.  As many have pointed out, the recession suppressed demand a bit, allowing economies to recover.  The pattern will repeat itself again and again, worsening each time.  The national skeletal structure — the economy in all of its complex sectors — will begin to weaken.  Economists’ blind assertions that “human ingenuity” and “technological progress” will solve the “economic soft patch,” will repeatedly prove false.  More and more of the Empire’s infrastructural bones will begin to lose strength.  The 2016 election of Donald Trump to the presidency was a reaction to the negrified economy which sought to destroy Whites via Marxist collectivism.  Despite Trump’s best wishes, there is no way that America can be made “great” again.  When economists can no longer afford to commute from their suburban enclaves to their jobs, denial will give way to anger, and the collective cognitive dissonance will produce a government more bellicose than anything seen since genosuicidists Woodrow Wilson and FDR.  The subsequent intimidation of other nations will lead to fear and loathing of the ZOG empire everywhere, followed by secret plans to destroy it.  Despite feeble attempts to negotiate with (i.e., bribe) the rest of the world’s governments in order to divert oil from their citizens to ours, decline will be inevitable.  Increasing U.S. poverty will finally push the ruling Zionists and illuminati to complete the genosuicidism they have so long worked for.  They will seek to wage covert war on Europe for its wealth and Russia for its oil.  The Europeans will be defenseless, but the Russians (possibly assisted by China) may fight back.  That will be the end of the ZOG nation and at least two-thirds of its population.  Thereafter we may get on with life.

Countdown to U.S. Exhaustion

Indispensable Information:

June 2019

Slouching toward Nuclear War

Tuesday, 2019 Jun 04

The Democratic Party of Traitors wants U.S. death.  The Demonic drive to import millions more outhouselings to change American demographics with “undocumentees” and give Pelosi power means the end of the nation.  White America has largely abandoned itself to genosuicide through decadence of every form, including overdosing with fentanyl.  The Yid-controlled media and the anti-White frenzy have won.

Concomitant and consistent with this national slide to civilizational self-murder is the rapidly intensifying cyber race and electronic-warfare competition with Russia and China.  (See the discussion at, 1:11:32-1:17 by Thomas Erhard, former Deputy Chief of Staff & Special Assistant to Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, Obama Admin.)  These are the hard realties:

  1. Electronic warfare has changed dramatically in the last few years;  due to the increasing (indeed, not evolutionarily but stepwise, by leaps and bounds) hyper-complexification of command and control (C2) systems, along with the serendipitous emergence of vulnerabilities, all hard to understand let alone anticipate, these vital systems are in danger of being located by adversaries and thus destroyed by them;

  2. Russia and China expect us to attack them at any moment without warning.  Therefore they want more speed in their own detection and response operations.  That means more automation so that there is neither human intervention nor any time whatsoever for decision-making by humans.

  3. In response to these developments among potential adversaries, our strategic planners are making similar demands for more and more human-less, lightning-fast automation of systems of warning and counterattack.  The result is that, on both sides, the possibility of miscalculation, even by algorithms, is great.  As Mr. Erhard puts it, “The capacity for the C2 system structure itself to be a catalytic environment in escalation dynamics in the 21st century is very high.”  He recalls the close call on 1983 September 26 when a new Soviet early warning system misidentified a rare alignment of sunlight on high-altitude clouds over North Dakota and the Soviet satellites’ Molniya orbits as the launch of a U.S. missile toward Russia.  Stanislav Petrov, a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet Air Defense Forces, was on duty in the command bunker near Moscow at the time.  He interpreted the warning as a computer error, convinced his superiors of this, and in thereby avoiding a Soviet nuclear response saved the world from nuclear war.

One would expect that, in a rational world, in the light of such facts, politicians in the U.S. would do their best to deal calmly, carefully and respectfully with Russia and China.  But we do not live in such a world.  Instead, the Democratic Party of Traitors is beating the war drums of an imaginary “Russiagate” invented by them, and antagonizing the very nation we should be trying to get along with in order to lower the international temperature.  See, for example, Stephen F. Cohen’s War with Russia:  From Putin & Ukraine to Trump & Russiagate, an excellent portrayal of the self-defeating situation in which our domestic politics has placed us.

But then, if a nation has decided to commit suicide, it is impossible to stop it.

April 2019

The Mueller Report

Tuesday, 2019 Apr 23

From the beginning, the Russia-collusion hullabaloo was no more than an entrapment scheme by Hillary.  In league with the government’s secret police (FBI, CIA, NSA, intelligence agencies, &c., which had been pre-seeded with Leftists by the Negro reigning 2009-2017), her organization solicited crepuscular creatures from foreign governments (Australia and the UK) to set up meetings and conferences between characters peripheral to the Trump campaign and various spooks who could incriminate them and, by association, Donald Trump.  The Hillary-DeepState operation also attempted, with little success, to arrange meetings between any Trumpians (e.g., Trump’s son) and Russians or quasi-Russian individuals who could be claimed to have had ties to the Kremlin.

One of the many aims of the Obama-Hillary ensnarement operation was to make the mercurial Trump himself so anxious and frustrated that he would say or do something illegal or nearly so, such as ordering a subordinate to fire the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, in what could later be claimed to be an attempt to prevent the latter from carrying out his investigation.  In other words, to commit what Democrats could subsequently — and falsely — label as “obstruction” of the inquiry.

Another aim was to convince the entire nation that, because Trump was being investigated for two years, he was already guilty of treason (i.e., guilty until proven innocent), and thus to increase the number of seats won by Democrats in the House of Representatives in 2018.  In this the Demonics succeeded, and the House is now perverted by a majority of Sörös-payees, including Sand Negroes from Allahland.

While mentioning Sörös, we need also to keep in mind that the capture of the U.S. presidency is a matter of great concern to the central banks of various nations, banks which are sucking the financial lifeblood out of the world.  See, in this connection, Nomi Prins, “Collusion:  How Central Bankers Rigged the World” at  They regard Trump as an existential threat to their bottom lines.  Hence the vicious diatribes against him in the media of all Western countries.  If this international oligarchy cannot rid itself of him through propaganda, various councils, and quasi-legal means of investigations, it may well try illegal approaches — like assassination.  Such a step is becoming unnervingly likely, given that the endeavor to remove the president through accusations of “obstruction” is (according to former Whitewater Independent Counsel Ken Starr, a foremost expert in such matters) bound to end in failure at the Supreme Court.  Meanwhile, the media-controlling oligarchs divert the masses from their theft by pushing “cultural issues”:  pretending that two homosexual males can produce a child through anal intercourse in some kind of “marriage” created by judicial fiat;  effeminizing men;  demonizing White, “cis-gendered” males;  smearing the White race as guilty of all crimes by definition;  advocating compulsory race mixing;  et cetera.

But in the case at hand:  although anti-Trump Mueller, despite his best prosecutorial efforts using ~$35 million and mostly Democrat lawyers over two years, failed to convict Trump of “collusion,” the Left, including multi-millionaire RINOs such as Mitt Romney, is now in a position to rage on about the above-mentioned “obstruction” and to keep the government in a state of turmoil and stalemate until at least 2021.  Meanwhile, a million or more muds will swarm in over our southern border and add themselves to the Democrat voting rolls.  (Dems will make sure they can vote.)  The added costs will swamp our already overburdened economy and eventually lead to a one-party socialist state, never mind the utter deterioration of the culture and the invasion by international criminal organizations.

Behold the approaching end of the home of the knave and the land of the freebie.

World IQ

Tuesday, 2019 Apr 16

World average IQ of 82 is the core of the population problem.  See and  Obviously, mass stupidity is and always has been a key factor in supporting powerholders.  In contrast, smart people are notoriously difficult to herd.

At the lowest levels, there is almost certainly IQ overlap between bottom-dwelling Negroids and the most intelligent of the chimpanzees and gorillas.  Even 100 (18 points above world average) is too low to maintain a civilization.  The Allah-stupefied Sand Negroes exist only by benefit of slightly higher, Cretinity-stupefied Whites, who need the oil from Araby and the MENA deserts.

Then there are the idiots savants like Angela Merkel and similar virtue-signallers, elite payees of twisted billionaires like Sörös.  Such potentates are psychically disturbed and/or ignorant about the significance of biological evolution;  their only motive, besides raw power, is maudlin Weltschmerz over the self-induced plight of the nethermost darklings raucously demanding freebies from civilized nations.

We have trapped ourselves by preferring stupefaction to intelligence.

March 2019

The Hallucinating U.S.

Thursday, 2019 Mar 28

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.  America is descending into delirium.  Its self-justifying DeepState intends to overpower the world through war and the threat of war.  The result:  a planet slouching toward self-destruction.  The expansion of U.S. nuclear forces is a main driver behind this unstopping trudge.  This, even though a few voices in the House of Representatives are trying to “prohibit the research and development, production, and deployment of the Trident D5 low-yield nuclear warhead.”  A new bill, the “Hold the Low-Yield Nuclear Explosive Act” (or “Hold the LYNE Act”), is, in a rare moment of candor, prefaced by a few rarely acknowledged facts:

  1. The United States has an unparalleled nuclear arsenal, including 1,350 strategic nuclear warheads deployed on intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles, and strategic bombers.
  2. A new low-yield nuclear weapon to be carried on a ballistic missile submarine risks lowering the threshold for nuclear use and increasing the chance of miscalculation that could escalate into all-out nuclear exchange.
  3. When launched, such a low-yield nuclear warhead would be indistinguishable to an adversary from the high-yield W76 and W88 submarine-launched warheads.
  4. On January 25, 2018, former Secretary of State George Schultz testified before the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate that “A nuclear weapon is a nuclear weapon.  You use a small one, [and] then you go to a bigger one.  I think nuclear weapons are nuclear weapons and we need to draw the line there.”
  5. Former Senator Sam Nunn and former Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz stated in an op-ed on February 1, 2018, that, “The most immediate priority should be to structure and posture U.S. and Russian nuclear forces to deter nuclear use and reduce the risk of an accidental, mistaken or unauthorized launch.  Against this backdrop, the current Russian concept of ‘escalate to de-escalate’ — i.e., limited nuclear use designed to create a pause in the conflict and open a pathway for a negotiated settlement on Moscow’s terms — and U.S. calls for more ‘usable’ nuclear weapons, taken together, make the world a vastly more dangerous place.”
  6. The ballistic missile submarines of the United States have never carried low-yield nuclear warheads, and setting a historical precedent could undermine the unique and paramount role of ballistic-missile submarines as the assured, survivable second-strike capability of the United States to deter large-scale nuclear war.
  7. The United States should reject policies that increase the likelihood of nuclear war and weaken national security, including investments in low-yield nuclear weapons.
American duplicity has contributed greatly to the heightening of global danger.  Iraq and Libya gave up their WMD programs and shortly thereafter were invaded and destroyed, its leaders executed, by the U.S. and its vassals, who had previously demanded that those very programs be dismantled.  Is anyone so obtuse as to imagine that North Korea is going to surrender its nuclear and missile developments?

In addition, nukes enable others to think of themselves as supernaturally important.  Pint-sized “Great” Britain, captured by its own culture of overweening arrogance, maintains a small nuclear force (~216 nukes, including 4 subs with 16 warheads each), which makes it an easy target for utter extinction in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, by any serious countervailing power such as Russia, or even by nuke-supplied Allah worshippers.  Similarly France.  Not just NoKo, but Israel, India and Pakistan are also on the list of nuclear nations.  Because they all regard atomic weapons as “deterrents.”  And so they are — for a historically short while.  But it is self-delusion to regard them as a permanent safeguard, as former British naval commander Robert Green explained in a TEDx talk at  Eco-scientist Brian Toon has laid out what even a “small” nuclear war (e.g., between India and Pakistan) would mean for the planet at  And yet our leaders continue to prate on about the virtue and glory of America, its “warriors,” and its nukes, as if there were no tomorrow.

And, given such prattle and wanton criminal aggression by Yankeeland against all life on earth, there may not be.

February 2019

Omnicidal Pentagon

Saturday, 2019 Feb 09

Satan exists.  His HQ:  the Pentagon.   His ultimate aim:  thermonuclear genocide of virtually all defenseless civilian populations in the northern hemisphere.

From:  Daniel Ellsberg, The Doomsday Machine:  Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner (2017 Dec 5), Kindle edition:

Location 120 [From a top secret paper Ellsberg read in the spring of 1961]:  “The total death toll as calculated by the Joint Chiefs, from a U.S. first strike aimed at the Soviet Union, its Warsaw Pact satellites, and China, would be roughly six hundred million dead.”

“The basic elements of American readiness for nuclear war remain today what they were almost sixty years ago:  Thousands of nuclear weapons remain on hair-trigger alert, aimed mainly at Russian military targets including command and control, many in or near cities.  The declared official rationale for such a system has always been primarily the supposed need to deter — or if necessary respond to — an aggressive Russian nuclear strike against the United States.  That widely believed public rationale is a deliberate deception.  Deterring a surprise Soviet nuclear attack — or responding to such an attack — has never been the only or even the primary purpose of our nuclear plans and preparations.  The nature, scale, and posture of our strategic nuclear forces has always been shaped by the requirements of quite different purposes:  to attempt to limit the damage to the United States from Soviet or Russian retaliation to a U.S. first strike against the USSR or Russia.  This capability is, in particular, intended to strengthen the credibility of U.S. threats to initiate limited nuclear attacks, or escalate them — U.S. threats of ‘first use’ — to prevail in regional, initially non-nuclear conflicts involving Soviet or Russian forces or their allies.

“The required U.S. strategic capabilities have always been for a first strike force:  not, under any president, for a U.S. surprise attack, unprovoked or ‘a bolt out of the blue,’ but not, either, with an aim of striking ‘second’ under any circumstances, if that can be avoided by preemption.

“Moreover, our ‘extended deterrence’ over allies in Europe and Japan rests on our preparedness and our frequently reiterated readiness to carry out threats of first use (initiations of limited nuclear attacks with short-range tactical weapons) and/or, implicitly, to carry out a disarming first strike on the homeland of the USSR or Russia, mostly with long-range strategic weapons, in response to large non-nuclear attacks by its conventional forces or those of its allies.”

Location 322: “Moreover, the hand authorized to pull the trigger on U.S. nuclear forces has never been exclusively that of the president, nor even his highest military officials.”

“Public discussion of American plans for a ‘decapitation’ of Soviet command and control led to the institution and maintenance of a ‘Dead Hand’ system of delegation that would assure retaliation to an American attack that destroyed Moscow and other command centers.  This, too, has been treated as a state secret:  paradoxically, since on both sides the secrecy and denial diminish deterrence of a decapitating attack against it.”

Location 352:  “The strategic nuclear system is more prone to false alarms, accidents and unauthorized launches that the public (and even most high officials) has ever been aware. … Potentially catastrophic dangers such as these have been systematically concealed from the public. … U.S. plans for thermonuclear war in the early sixties, if carried out in the Berlin or Cuban missile crises, would have killed many times more that the six hundred million people predicted by the JCS.  They would have caused nuclear winter that would have starved to death nearly everyone then living:  at that time three billion.”

Location 5060:  “Seventy years of public controversy about ‘the decision to drop the bomb’ have been almost entirely misdirected.  It has proceeded on the false supposition that there was or had to be any such decision.  There was no new decision to be made in the spring of 1945 about burning a city’s worth of humans.
    The atom bomb did not start a new era of targeting or strategy of war making in the world.  Annihilation of an urban civilian population by fire had already become the American way of war from the air, as it had been the British way since late 1940.”

Location 5110:  “In August 1945 the atom bomb was simply fitted into a long, secret pattern of war making by the massacre of civilians. … [T]he [shortly afterward created] Strategic Air Command … was committed to the tactics of extermination perfected in the last six months of World War II.”

Location 5513, footnote b:  “The yield of the first droppable H-bomb tested by the United States in 1954 was fifteen megatons.  That is a million times more explosive power than the largest blockbusters in World War II.  The actual yield turned out to be 250 percent of the largest yield that had been predicted for it, six megatons, resulting — along with an unexpected shift in wind — in heavy radioactive fallout contaminating inhabitants of the Marshall Islands and the crew of the distant Japanese fishing boat Lucky Dragon, one of whom died.  The reason for the great underestimate of yield, with its serious human consequences, was precisely the kind of scientific error or unforeseen reactivity that [nuclear scientist Enrico] Fermi had feared in connection with the possibility of atmospheric ignition from the Trinity test.  Los Alamos bomb designers had neglected (or greatly underestimated) the contribution to the production of neutrons and to the yield from one of the isotopes included in the hydrogen fuel, lithium-7 [which made up 60% of the total lithium], which had been thought to be relatively inert but proved not to be under the unprecedented conditions of the dry-fuel thermonuclear detonation.  (See Alex Wellerstein, “Castle Bravo Revisited,” Restricted Data, June 21, 2013, and comments:”

It is now clear:  America is prepared to exterminate everyone on earth in order to advance its “interests.”

Global Threat from America

Thursday, 2019 Feb 07

Today we are in the most dangerous period of world history.  The current state of nuclear weapons, especially in the arsenals of the U.S. and Russia, threaten the extinction of global civilization.

There have already been five occasions when we came close to unleashing nuclear war by accident or miscalculation.  By sheer luck each time, we escaped catastrophe.  The fact is, the safety of the entire world depends on only two men:  the president of the United States and the president of Russia.  It also depends on the inerrant functioning of ever-vigilant, extremely complex technical systems on both sides.

Hitherto the former Soviet Union and the U.S. played a perilous game known as “brinksmanship.”  This meant menacing the opposing side (usually the U.S. threatening the USSR) with equally great threats until one or the other side “blinked.”  That state of affairs was also known as “Mutually Assured Destruction” (with the appropriate acronym “MAD”).  That is, one side gave in and acceded to the demands of the other.  That period ended when the Soviet Union collapsed due to the exhaustion of its self-defeating Communist economy.

However, nowadays the sides are more evenly matched in terms of weaponry.  Russia, the successor to the USSR, has new, very advanced missiles and other weapons which, according to reports, surpass in lethality the American tools of deadly conflict.  In addition, China is also developing new missiles, autonomous machines, methods and strategies which outstrip or imperil American hegemony (“interests”) in many parts of the world.  In short, the strategic power balance is becoming more complex and uncertain.

In addition, asymmetric warfare is beginning to make inroads into American imperialism.  One of its most successful forms is the exploitation of the American mentality and egocentrism.  Narcotics-smuggling operations have exploded in recent years, with deadly neurotoxins made in China (without official approval, we are told to believe) slipped through anti-gringo Mexico and even Canada into the United States, killing hundreds of thousands who seek to self-medicate their boredom.  Foreign countries like Saudi Arabia simply purchase access to American universities where they spread their propaganda, weakening the White racial cohesion which once formed the psychic backbone of the country.  Today, however, White genosuicidism is all the rage, egged on by such instruments as the New York Times in which the Lebanese-Mexican superbillionaire, Carlos Slim, holds a considerable share.  Never mind the White-hating George Sörös and his “Open Society” (i.e., no-borders for White nations) foundation.  His advice:  Let the masses of “asylum-seeking” parasites from Central America overwhelm evil Whiteland.  Then there is the silent disaster of the disintegration of the American family.  But not to worry:  Americans are told to inflate their egos by recalling that their forebears killed their evil twins, those nasty Nazis, in World War II — and never mind the suicide which is confronting them.

The policy of brinksmanship and threatening others with nuclear annihilation is becoming much too dangerous and counterproductive to use.  Yet our leaders seem not to grasp this simple fact.  The self-congratulatory U.S. continues to act as though by using overt or covert threats of military force, or by economic sanctions, it can bend other nations to its will (or rather, to the will of the economic and financial interests which control Yankeeland).

This approach is outmoded and increasingly dangerous, as the American exploits in the Middle East have shown.  In short, America’s power is being reduced by events beyond its control.  If it tries to use military force to prevent others from rising in strength, it runs the risk of the “Thucydides trap” — using war to prevent any other nation from getting stronger than what the Washington snake pit wants.  If reason were to reign, the political masters would stop, e.g, moving nuclear-capable missiles up to the Russian border and claiming that the rockets are there only to protect Europe from Iran, etc.

Some kind of new restriction should be put on the power of the U.S.  Otherwise we may one day all wake up dead.

January 2019

Carlos Slim

Tuesday, 2019 Jan 22

In the West, Whitey wishes to commit mass suicide.  On C-SPAN2 on January 14, 2019, in a forum titled “Legislative Priorities for the 116th Congress” ( at segment 32:00, Trump-hating Democrat and former Representative from Virginia (1991-2015) Jim Moran opined that most of the Mueller report had already been slowly and piecemeal revealed:  the “New York Times and Washington Post … [who] have the resources, thanks to Jeff Bezos and Carlos Slim,” have “fleshed out” subtle but constant leaks from the Mueller investigation.  So there will really be no serious surprises in store when the final report appears.  Nevertheless, the Left will treat it as an apocalyptic revelation and use it as fuel to ignite impeachment attempts.

Keep in mind that Slim is a Lebanese-Mexican multibillionaire oligarch, a foreigner now interfering in American elections.  The Democrats who — regardless of their early history — today hate the White race with smoldering antipathy, are gleeful at such support from a superrich alien who favors the Spic reconquista.  Despite its gibberish, it is clear that the Left seeks the end of White civilization and a return to the jungle.  Meanwhile, Whitey himself has acquiesced in his own genosuicide, thanks to the subconscious poison of his Christian fantasies.  Thus will end 4.65 billion years of evolution on this planet.

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