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"Our universe began in chaos. .... Today's conditions derive from initial ones that could have varied very little if life were to arise some time after the birth of the universe. [.... This universe] fulfills our definition of life as an order-creating system. In other words, the universe is living, and has been since its inception. It -- meaning all space considered for all time -- is the unit constituting the true Gaia. .... But we [humans] are not trivia. Since we comprehend what it means to be alive, we are the "sensory organs" with which the living universe monitors its own "physiology," .... Without us, the universe is "blind." Our "vision" into the future enables the universe to continue to live ... unless our (momentary, let us hope) myopia strikes it dead."

-- Radio astronomer George A. Seielstad,
At the Heart of the Web:
The Inevitable Genesis of Intelligent Life
New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1989, pp. 286f.

As is indicated by the above quote -- which is increasingly typical of astronomers and other practitioners of the mathematical and life sciences of our time -- our investigations into the rest of the cosmos are leading us to some fundamental conclusions about the universe which created us from its dust, and the message we are now finding in that universe. Added to the long line of intellectual advances by the white race, there is today a new -- this time consummate -- synthesis and movement occurring in the natural sciences of the West. It is a grand mosaic fitted together out of the recent developments in the main overarching theories in all fields of advanced learning: (1) the theory of evolution with its subdivisions of genetic (DNA/RNA/protein) research, sociobiology, evolutionary epistemology and brain research; (2) the Gaia theory (referred to in the quote above) which understands the earth -- and, in the larger context, the whole universe -- as a single living being; (3) the anthropic principle (especially in its "strong" or teleological form) of modern cosmology, a principle which requires that the structure of the universe be consistent with the emergence of intelligent life; and (4) the theory of formative causation, first formulated by biophilosopher Rupert Sheldrake, which sees the form and behavior of all things, from electrons through man to galactic superclusters, as sustained and maintained by fields of memory called "morphic fields."

This new synthesis, aided and abetted by the increasingly urgent concerns of ecologically aware circles (comprised 99% of whites), is growing quickly into the greatest watershed of thought since the Copernican revolution, which it extends, and indeed into the greatest intellectual divide of all time.

Simply put, the ineluctable conclusion of the grand synthesis now abuilding is this: the entire 13-billion-year-old cosmos is an act of divine self-cognition.

Against this new intellectual edifice are arrayed all the forces of decay: those politically favored branches of philosophy which claim we can neither say nor know anything meaningful at all, so we should just let our biological functions steer us into oblivion; the liberals and neo-conservatives with their obsessively materialistic ilk and their allies in desiccated mainstream Christianity; the primitive fundamentalist religions and the paranoia-driven culture of Jewry, which controls the Western media; those who, out of selfishness, wish to acknowledge nothing higher than themselves (which includes all levels of organized crime); and above all, TV-based, "democratic" econo-politics, which seeks to divide, conquer and dissolve the vanguard race through the hebephrenic trivialization of life, by means of Pavlovian appeals to the lower instincts of man, all in the alleged service of "the economy." These and other causes all bring about the same ultimate effect: seducing whites into desertion of their post on the frontiers of evolution.

Still, the new mosaic, which reveals man as a sense organ of the earth, albeit a headstrong and potentially suicidal one, is daily gathering more adherents from the most cerebral of the scientific ranks. As of yet, these people are mostly quite tentative and timid in their hypotheses and theories. For they are all acutely conscious of what happened to Galileo Galilei, and of the suffocating dictate of Official Science which commands that, except in trivial ways, nature be understood to be meaningless. To do more than indicate that the cosmos, born in an almighty explosion out of nowhere 15 billion years ago, has an uncannily precise balance of parameters which make intelligent life inevitable everywhere throughout the far-flung galaxies, invites strangulation by silence -- and worse -- from the multi-headed hounds of Thought Control in government and academe.

Yet without exception, all of the scientific theses of any explanatory power in their respective areas point to the same conclusion: that the universe, from top to bottom and beginning to end, in its particulars and in its generality, is a cosmic inframind becoming aware of itself: God coming to consciousness.

This new concept and its logical consequences truly constitute res novae, a political revolution as well as an intellectual one. For this reason our superannuated regime of government by legalized bribery and kosher-colored propaganda is diabolically opposed to it. The new view has thoroughgoing logical consistency and all the best minds, but little political power. The opposition has no logical consistency whatsoever, and very little scientific basis. But it has almost all of the political power, drawn from the pre-conscious animal drives of the purposeless, entertainment-seeking multitudes, and extracted via such techniques as the Big Lie, like the holocaust myth.

Yet on the outcome of the contest between the new consciousness of the science-oriented few and the sinister selfishness of the many, lies the future life or death of the world: the enlightenment or the blinding of God.

The grotesque abuse and defilement of everything from the human genetic patrimony to the entire biosphere of this planet has now reached cosmic proportions of criminality. It is simply not possible to give the teeming masses of the underworld the same standard of living as the typical (and typically prodigal) white of European heritage, without murdering the earth. That would be the ultimate murder, and the last one.

All intellectuals today know this, although many -- especially the racial fratricides -- pretend that it is not true. The lukewarm minds of the latter cannot bear a truth which they find ice-cold: the vast majority of humanity is neurotic or obsolete, and obstructs utterly the continuing evolution of consciousness on this planet.

Because of the biospheric overload problem, the appropriate response to the crises confronting him whom Negroes call "the Man," should, to begin with, be to develop a (preferably humane) way to halt racial degradation by miscegenation and restrict sharply the further spread of the small-brained, violent, dark races. That would give us the stay of execution necessary to meet the other challenges. This will not happen smoothly, of course. But abdication of responsibility does not alter the facts: either more wildlife and clean water or more Third Worlders and permanent welfarites; either more Nature or more Negroes; either eugenics and ecological sanity or dysgenics and pollution ending in global extinction. Either way, the miscegenationist materialism of racially apostate whites is going to end. But it is only the stern control of human breeding, combined with disciplined education suffused with a new, deeply religious stance toward the whole of existence, which alone will permit our planet to exist as a sphere of consciousness much longer. That is the message from outer space.

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