Britain's Last Hurrah

Now that the UK is no longer led by the Ill Church - er, Churchill - it will be most droll to watch that island's incipient demise with no war to distract from the facts of the nation's bankruptcy.  BP (formerly "British Petroleum," now "Beyond Petrol") has issued a 91-page, pdf-formatted paper titled "2nd Submission by BP to the PIU Energy Review," with a chart (below) vividly portraying John Bull's imminent North Sea decline.  ("PIU" stands for "Performance and Innovation Unit," an office of the British government.)  By 2010, North Sea oil extraction will be roughly half of today's, and by 2020 almost negligible.  Since, after destroying Europe (and their own empire) in two World Wars, the conceited British power elite are already so poor they can no longer maintain their own military and are about to hire mercenaries, it's just a matter of time before the UK's population shrinks to the size of Serbia's, where it belongs.  They won't even have the wherewithal to maintain the Camp of the Saints in the style to which the Third World invaders have become accustomed.

Only one last question:  will the self-righteous Limeys unleash another World War to annihilate Europe totally before they themselves blink out?

February 2002
The End of British Virginity
UK North Sea DeclineThis is a graph of UK history for the period 2001-2030.  The legend is too dark to read, but it doesn't matter. The British continental shelf's non-conventional output (non-green squares) contributes very little to the whole.  According to BP's optimistic assumptions, as much as 70% of conventional oil might be recovered from the biggest fields, which means that if they can't get that 70%, depletion will be even faster.  In either case, lacking the vast revenues from that oil, together with the need to start importing increasingly expensive oil from abroad, the UK economy will have little time to live;  and the genosuicidal people who have so enjoyed waging war against Germany and other White nations, and importing Third Worlders, are at last going to pay for their fun - with destitution.

Recognizing the import of oil exhaustion, BP suggests:

  • "that there is still great potential in the UKCS [UK Continental Shelf];  but equally, the UK shouldn't be frightened of the long-term inevitability of losing energy self-sufficiency;
  • "that market liberalisation and connectivity issues would be crucial determinants in ensuring that the UK and Europe generally continued to enjoy abundant energy supplies at affordable prices;  and
  • "that renewable energy sources are important for the future, but their immediate contribution should not be exaggerated."
The report then goes on to say that the government should undertake a program to put solar energy panels on 70,000 roofs in the country.  Anybody who has studied the issue of solar energy versus oil knows that there is no comparison between them.  The suggestion is a joke, meant to deflect anxiety over what is about to happen.  As for other possibilities, they are slim to none.

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