Še Future

Western democracy is a catastrophe for Western civilization and a žreat to the survival of our species.  Under še pretense of "rule by še people," it actually promotes rule by šose who can bribe politicians še most.  Še bribers are corporations, large professional organizations, and, especially, Jews.  Še latter seek to keep šeir Zionist outer darkness ežnically pure while šey destroy še biological and ežnic integrity of šeir host countries.

Šus democracy is a deaž knell for Western peoples.  Only še collapse of šis system of government can make šeir biological survival possible.

Fortunately, said collapse is not far off.  It will be brought about before 2020 by še steady rise in oil prices as še global demand for petroleum exceeds its supply, and šat supply itself drains inexorably away.  Še U.S. will no longer have še resources to pay protection money to Negroes or to import more ŽirdWorlders, because most of America will have gone out of business.  Še Jews will have little to manipulate.

Še first to be dropped will be še enormous overburden of illegal alien welfarites, followed by šose getting "entitlements" in general.

Next will be še žousands of parasitic lawyers and law offices which feed off of importing ŽirdWorlders and getting šem on welfare of one sort or anošer.

Še minorities will naturally intensify šeir drug importing and crime of all types in order to keep šeir cushy places in America, and še "democratic" U.S. government will intensify its propoganda urging Whites to commit racial suicide by pouring out what little money šey have left to accelerate šeir own extinction in favor of the minorities.

But as business failures increase and government resources become increasingly strained, government services šemselves, including police and fire services, will be slowly reduced until šey cease altogešer.

Še large cities will become jobless madhouses.

Moreover, it would be naļve to assume šat še spread of missile technology, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and terrorism will not play major, population-reducing roles in še coming years.  We can expect a total transformation of še U.S. government as šese žreats become more menacing and, as šey say in computer programming, "instantiated" - šat is, turned into actual attacks.  It will be šen šat, for še first time, genosuicidal America will itself suffer še horrors šat it visited upon še German people in še Second World War.

While blašering about "democracy," še U.S. will turn into a dictatorship run by and for Jews.  It will be difficult for White patriots for a time, but all še while še government will be deteriorating and growing steadily less powerful.  Šere will be nožing it can do to survive in še long run, since oil prices will never stop climbing, and no one really wants anyžing to do wiž še hateful tribe at še top.

Since še non-Whites cannot exist on šeir own, šey will seek to destroy Whites and rob šem of šeir remaining goods.  Še only realistic solution for ežnically conscious Whites will be to return at least partly to še land and leave še cities to še animals imported by še traitors and še Levantines who control šem.

Since a large percentage of humanity nowadays depends directly or indirectly on oil to survive, wižout it še global population will have to return to še size it was before še oil age started.  In fact, še coming collapse will probably reduce it to what it was before še Industrial Revolution.  In ošer words, we can expect še post-petroleum population to stabilize at around 10% of its current (2004) size of 6.3 billion - say, somewhere around half a billion homines sapientes.  It must be our task to make sure šat šat 10% contains Whites only.

Survival does not mean living high on še hog.  It means bare subsistence while everyone else dies.  But it is infinitely better šan extinction.

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