Asatru and Sex:
Ðe Works of Weird

Sex is the greatest natural pleasure afforded by the soul and body of the human being.  Although hallucinogenic drugs (cocaine, methamphetamines, etc.) can provide higher or additional pleasure, they are destructive of the human body and soul, whereas sex by itself is not.  The sex drive, found in all healthy animals, not just humans, is essential for the maintenance of all higher species, and is therefore extremely powerful.

These simple facts are the reason that modern advertizing uses sex with the techniques of Pavlovian conditioning to sell its various wares.  In addition, the first two thirds of the twentieth century saw the rise of various contraceptives, therefore proferring the promise (but not the reality) of eliminating pregnancy.  In the United States, the shadowy groups working behind the educational establishment, above all the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS), have worked long and hard to encourage "responsible" sex among high-school teenagers.  In reality, they have simply encouraged sex among them, since teenagers are almost by definition still in the learning stage for responsibility of any kind, and are easily persuaded to give in to the powerful sex drive.

The campaign for "responsible" sex has indeed reduced the percentage of teenage pregnancies, to a very low point (the late 1990s had the lowest rate ever).  So we now have a historically unprecedented situation:  low pregnancy rates amidst the highest frequency of sex ever seen of all types among children 13 through 18.

This breaks down, as do all other types of behavior, along racial lines:  virtually all Negroes have sex before 18, about three-quarters of Whites do, and only about two thirds of the Mongoloid types do.  J.P. Rushton, in his groundbreaking "Race, Evolution and Behavior," points out, "A Los Angeles study found that the age of first sexual activity in high school students was 16.4 years for Orientals, 14.4 years for Blacks, with Whites in the middle.  The percentage of students who were sexually active was 32% for Orientals but 81% for Blacks. Whites again fell between the two other races."  In other words, Negroes begin copulating, on average, in the first year of high school, Whites in the second and Mongoloids in the third, and Negroes throughout all of high school are much less able to control their biological urges than are the other races.

For teenagers there can be devastating consequences, above all the consequence of sexually transmitted disease (STD).  In the advertizement to her book "Epidemic:  How Teen Sex is Killing Our Kids," Dr. Meg Meeker notes, "Sexually transmitted diseases among teens has become a full-blown epidemic — a national emergency that’s killing our kids. In 1960, only two STDs existed. Today, more than 30 viruses exist. One in five kids over the age of 11 has genital herpes — a 500% increase since 1976. After their first sexual encounter, new studies show that teen-age girls have a 46% chance of contracting human papilloma virus, a virus that results in cervical cancer 93% of the time!"  Herpes, of course, is a lifelong disease;  once contracted, it stays in the body forever.  And as for cervical cancer, many, many women die as a result of it.

Also, the more partners one has, the more likely one is to catch an STD.  The numbers rise exponentially.

It is a safe bet to assume that 100% of all garden-variety teen-age Negroes are diseased.  Probably 50% of the "cool" (i.e., Negro-imitating) kids among the Whites have some kind of STD.  And most of this does not even include AIDS.

In a perceptive article, "The Future of AIDS," in the November/December 2002 issue of Foreign Affairs magazine, Nicholas Eberstadt (who holds the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute and is Senior Adviser to the National Bureau of Asian Research) sums up the coming effect of AIDS:  "In the decades ahead, the center of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic is set to shift from Africa to Eurasia. The death toll in that region's three pivotal countries--Russia, India, and China--could be staggering. This will assuredly be a humanitarian tragedy, but it will be much more than that. The disease will alter the economic potential of the region's major states and the global balance of power. Moscow, New Delhi, and Beijing could take steps to mitigate the disaster--but so far they have not."

To make a long story short, it is enough to say that promiscuous sex of any type - oral sex (which former U.S. President Bill Clinton and many other teenagers do not regard as sex), anal sex, even mutual masturbation in which semen comes in contact with a partner's skin (especially where there are cuts or breaks in the skin) not in the genital area - is becoming increasingly dangerous, especially for young people.  In addition, for biological reasons a teenage girl's cervix and other internal organs are much more susceptible to the various STD organisms than are those of a 25-year-old woman.  And with every day, the number of mutations of such organisms increases and their deadliness intensifies.

Indeed, noting what Dr. Meeker points out above, that the number of STDs has exploded from about two to thirty between 1960 and 2000, it is quite reasonable to expect a doubling of the current number to sixty by 2010.  This is especially probable given the extreme commercialization of sex in advertizing and "entertainment" to sell everything imaginable, especially to teenagers.

In many ways, sex, hitherto the indispensable means to life, is becoming an avenue to death and extinction.

The extremely unpleasant but devastatingly true details of the nature, multiplication and spread of STDs throughout the entire human species, starting with (as is to be expected) the Negroes, may be found in Dr. Meeker's book and Mr. Eberstadt's article, both cited above, and in many other documents and publications as well.  These details are taken for granted here, and, taken together with other factors, they serve to show a much graver picture:  the possible beginning of the end of our species.

A significant factor is the response of virtually all power elites on the planet:  very little attention and for the most part, just silence.  This fact, together with disease "pumps" such as Christian "compassion" which inject increasing numbers of diseased, "asylum-seeking" ThirdWorlders and other infected types into the White societies of the world, ensures that devastation in the West will follow that in Eurasia (Asia plus Russia) and the Third World in general.  Operating hand-in-hand with such "compassion" in the U.S. is the massive importation of diseased, cheap ThirdWorld labor by the slavery-loving affluent classes, for the same reason that African Negroes were originally imported to the Americas.  The entire "civil rights" (i.e., anti-White) movement and its attendant political correctness are in fact a push by the rich to disarm White criticism of this re-introduction of slavery under another name.  It also allows the powerful to suppress and ignore the fact that global overpopulation by primitive human types is about to destroy the earth.

But in the rapidly spreading STDs, what we are seeing is Weird at work - the planet Gaia fighting back against its malignant offspring.  The diseases attacking human procreational powers are an automatic "safety feature" which Weird has built into biological life to prevent it from getting out of hand and terminating the history of the planet.  Evolution is guided by a master intelligence of a type unrecognized by most scientists, let alone most religious believers.  This guiding mind is not the anthropomorphic "loving Father" preached by Christianity, nor the "Lord" or "Allah" of the tyrannical Levantine religions, nor even the mindless vacuum taught by Buddhism and current in the Orient.  It is Weird:  the Logos, not of Christianity, but of ancient Greek philosophy;  it is the cosmic inframind.

A mass extinction happened 65 million years ago at the end of the Mesozoic, the age of the dinosaurs, who had dominated the earth for 165 million years.  Many scientists suspect that meteorite impacts had a lot to do with that, but no one really knows.  It just might have been some class of diseases which impaired their ability to procreate.

Dr. James E. Lovelock pointed out decades ago (in Gaia:  A new look at life on Earth, Oxford:  Oxford Univ. Press, 1979) that Gaia - the earth as sentient organism - had her own type of consciousness and would not allow man to devastate her completely.  Like war, the sexually transmitted diseases are a major part of her response to the planeticidal population explosion of the Third World.  And we are only beginning to see her lethal power.

What, then, are life-oriented Asatruar to do in the sexual arena when confronted with this overwhelming, though largely covert, threat?

The indicated solutions are simple, though difficult.

  1. Do not participate in the disease-spreading Christian or Buddhist ethic of "compassion" for disease-prone races, cultures and nations.  And do not employ aliens, documented or undocumented, to do work for you.
  2. Safeguard one's children as much as possible from the sexualized propaganda of our time - propaganda which encourages them to engage in sex and risky behavior at a very vulnerable age and before they understand the consequences.
  3. Whenever possible, withdraw from the anti-White megalopolises of the melting-pot nations.  Isolate yourself and your family physically from the hidden death filtering through our society through the avenue of careless sexual activity of any sort.
  4. Develop your own sexual abilities and attractiveness in order to keep your own spouse or sexual partner from seeking adventure abroad.  An impotent man or sexually frigid woman, by refusing sex with his or her mate, is, in fact, encouraging that partner to find coital satisfaction elsewhere.  The latter may then become unknowingly infected with an STD, which can be transmitted to the unwilling party even without sexual intercourse.  Monogamy or, where part of the culture, perhaps even a faithful polygamy, should be the practice - in any case, sex with a limited, carefully selected few at the most.  (Even this should be avoided if at all possible, since the risk of infection rises exponentially with the number of partners, at a minimum doubling with each additional one - cf. Meg Meeker, Epidemic, cited above, pp. 154f.)  General promiscuity (as in "swinging" or perpetually changing sexual partners) should be avoided at all costs, because it leads with high probability to a sentence of disease, sterility and death for the participants.  And remember:  condoms do NOT prevent disease.  (Read the literature on this.  Birth Control:  The flawed condom is a good place to begin, despite its concluding Catholic religious admonitions.)
  5. Asatruar must have children themselves.  It is not enough to complain about being overwhelmed by Them.  Forget about the hardship that children entail for the parents (no bigger TV, no Caribbean cruises, more hassles, etc.).  Take up this happy and unselfish burden, follow the paths of our ancestors and procreate!
Unbeknownst to most of us, mankind is at the brink of its own extinction in the 21st century.  Together with the exhaustion of cheap oil and gas and the growing lethality of modern warfare, the pandemic of STDs is going to shred global civilization to the point of being a mere ghost of its current self by 2100.  Asatruar must find ways to sidestep these impending storms and to work with Weird, not against it, a futile folly.  For our goal is life itself - for us and for our descendants.  We alone have the power to survive - if we but will it!  Let the others reap the fruit which they themselves insist on sowing.  We must keep ourselves apart - and alive.

-- Þeedrich (reachable at