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Fnos and Related Files

FNOS17B.ZIP        716,272    03/09/98
Fidonet NOS TCP/IP package w/sample config files & documentation.

              13,404    03/09/98
Fnos Frequently Asked Questions

              20,243    07/14/97
MFlo is a utility to move the listed files in a Bink/Opus style .flo file to a different target directory, needed during Internet FTP transfers.The source file is either copied, truncated, or deleted as flagged in the .flo file. Can also work with a named text file list.

          14,320    12/16/94
MvMail is a utility to move specific (via command line filemask) archived Fidonet mail files from specified source directory to specified target directory. It can increment the file extension if a file by the same name exists in target directory. The file movement is done by doing a rename if Source and Destination drives are the same, otherwise the move is done by a binary copy and delete.

FD2FTP84.ZIP          50,302    02/16/98
This utility, by Knile Klock, does for Front Door style systems what Mflo does for Binkley systems, it moves the outbound mail and file attaches to where FNOS can ftp them.

DB2FTP94.ZIP          48,135    02/16/98
This utility, also by Khile Klock, moves the mail around for D'Bridge systems.