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Marc Blakely
1:138/146@fidonet (253)584-3521

Fidonet and the Internet

After moving mail and files via the Internet for the past several  years, I thought maybe it was time I set up my own Web site to allow access to the files I use to make it happen. If you got here, you probably know I'm the chief cook and bottle washer for FNOS, a Dos based TCP/IP package allowing automated FTP connections to the Internet. Telnet, SMTP, POP3, & NNTP clients are also available.

In 1995, as a regional mail hub, I was looking for an economical, alternate method to connect to my Zone Mail hub. I didn't want to invest in a satellite setup as so many others had, because of the hardware cost and subscription cost, nor was I in a position to set up a full time Internet connection. What I needed was a Dos based program that could be automated and called from my Fidonet mailer program and used with an economical dial up connection to the Internet.

After investigating numerous programs, I ran across the Demon Internet Services variation of Phil Karn's KA9Q TCP/IP Network Operating System (NOS). Not only did I find a Dos based TCP/IP program, but also a program with freely available source code. Being an amateur C programmer, I felt I could modify the source sufficiently to allow for automated operation. Most of the hooks were there, they just needed some reworking and a little 'fine' tuning . . . That was three years and numerous versions ago. Even the base code has changed, from the original DIS 2.16 version to the JNOS 1.11x6 code.

Little did I realize what I was getting into . . . Version 1.7b is here, there's a Fidonet support echo (FNOS_HELP), and an Internet mailing list devoted to it.
And all I wanted was a low cost way to keep my regional mail hub connected . . .

I am not the originator of most of the code, merely the modifier of specific portions to allow automated dialup to local ISP's and FTP transfers of Fidonet mail and files. My thanks to all those who have made this project possible!

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