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WMEC 194


Now Big news.  

It is time to gather up your sea stories and write them down for publication.
Joe Bartlett former ET on the modoc is looking for your sea stories to be part of a book.
If it is published anyone to contributes to the book gets part of the proceeds from the book.

  The book opens with the LInes:

 " What is a Modoc and where in the hell is Coos Bay?"
 And with those words I started a chapter of my life that i will never forget.

So join in the stories to tell.
 Did you know that we sailed 21 days with an empty beer keg on board?
Who brought in onboard and who got it off the ship after the patrol i do not know. But finding it was one hell of a shock.  Where the hell was it and how was it kept a secret?

The ET had a personal grudge  against him from the navy for blowing their budget during reftray.  Hear the story of secret naval notices not given to the coast guard.

How did the Modoc blow a navy captains mind after an almost perfect navigation exercise by the Modoc nav team?

How Seamen M almost got small by  being dragged down the deck towards the roller chocks. He was not injured but scared as hell.

How about our Gunners Mate almost winging the CO of a navy frigate with a line throwing gun during towing and being towed exercise. And the shambles of the navy during the same exercise and the mucking up of all the Modoc's radar gear by the navy and their line throwing gun. Your ET was advised while on the top of the mast to stop cursing the navy by the Modoc captain as the wind was carrying the ET's voice to the frigate.

The rescue of the Stinson float plane pilots after the crash off the oregon coast  in the ocean.

And this:

Yacht setting up for tow.jpg

Yes this is yacht where tragedy occurred for its crew. Modoc to the rescue.

So bring your sea stories to the reunion. If you can not make it to the reunion get in touch with Joe Bartlett.

Send an email to (modoc ) at this website (cgcmodoc.com)for details.

CGC Modoc 194

CGC Modoc Circa 1970

CGC Modoc 1978

MV Modoc 2001


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