Legacy Report

Descendants of John and Mary Schmitt

John Schmitt was born in Germany.

John married Mary . They had two children: W. P. and Peter .

W. P. Schmitt died in Comfrey, Minnesota.

Peter Schmitt was born in 1855 in Germany and died on 26 May 1897 in Leavenworth, Minnesota, at age 42.

General Notes: Came to the US in 1871at the age of 15
Died after falling from wagon and being dragged for several blocks

Peter married Roselia Marz in Leavenworth, Minnesota. They had seven children: Clara, Frank, Kate, William, Walter, Henry , and Angela .

Clara Schmitt was born in North Dakota.

Clara married Charles Dueffert in Butterfield, Minnesota.

Frank Schmitt was born in Leavenworth, Minnesota and died in 1937 in Comfrey, Minnesota.

Kate Schmitt was born in North Dakota.

Kate married Joseph Laux in Comfrey, Minnesota.

William Schmitt was born in North Dakota and died in New Ulm, Minnesota.

Walter Schmitt was born in North Dakota and died in New Ulm, Minnesota.

Henry Schmitt died in Comfrey, Minnesota.

Angela Schmitt was born on 7 Jan 1894 in North Dakota and died on 21 Nov 1977 in New Ulm, Minnesota, at age 83.

Angela married Jacob August Meier , son of August Theodore Meier and Margarethe Frenzen . They had one child: Charlotte .

Charlotte Meier was born on 29 Apr 1922.

Charlotte married Jerome Schweiss , son of Fredrick Schweiss and Elizabeth Stadther . They had two children: Richard C. and Mary Angela .

Richard C. Schweiss was born on 16 Sep 1941 in New Ulm, Minnesota.

Richard married Kazuko Konishi , daughter of Minoru Konishi and Haruno Suzuki , in Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan. They had one child: Larisa Hiroko .
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Larisa Hiroko Schweiss was born on 12 Jan 1973 in El Paso, Texas.

Mary Angela Schweiss was born on 25 Mar 1949 in New Ulm, Minnesota.

Mary married Timothy Wieben . They had three children: Benjamin, Rebecca , and Anne .

Benjamin Wieben was born on 23 Dec 1976.

Rebecca Wieben was born on 9 May 1980.

Anne Wieben was born on 15 Sep 1981.

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