Descendants of August Theodore Meier

August Theodore Meier was born on 6 Sep 1867 in Oldenburg, Kasselhessine, Germany, died on 8 Jul 1938 in St. Paul, Minnesota, at age 70, and was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

General Notes: Buried in the LUTHERAN (German .. Riverside) CEMETERY, St. Paul, Mn.
May have owned a saloon in Holland, Iowa in late 1800's.

Research Notes: Came to USA (Ellis Island) in 1885 at age 18

August married Margarethe Frenzen in 1887. They had three children: Anna Katherine, Henry Meine , and Jacob August .

Anna Katherine Meier was born in 1888.

Anna married James Martin in Winfield, Iowa. They had one child: Eva .

Eva Martin .

Eva married Gene Stephens .

Henry Meine Meier was born on 27 Jan 1890, died on 14 Oct 1946 in Milford, Brown County, Minnesota, at age 56, and was buried on 17 Oct 1946 in New Ulm, Minnesota.

General Notes: Was victim of gas attack while in service during WW1.
Hospitalized in Germany, and had lung problems thereafter.
Middle name possibly Meine

Research Notes: (From Darcy Pinotti) I found the New Ulm obituary for Henry Meine Meier tonight at the history center. I just realized Henry's certificate of death incorrectly lists his place of birth as Germany. His obituary lists Holland, Iowa as his place of birth, which is consistent with his father, August, coming to America around 1885.

New Ulm Review, Oct 17, 1946, page 4

"Henry M. Meier
Henry M. Meier, 56, was found dead in his shack on the Milton Essig farm, in the Essig vicinity, Tuesday. Sheriff John Reitter and Assistant Coroner O. B. Fesenmaier were called and made an investigation. It is presumed that he died of a heart attack and had been dead for a day or more.

Mr. Meier was born in Holland, Iowa, January 27, 1890, and was married in Algona, Iowa. He came to this community about 15 years and has resided here since, where he was employed on various farms. Mr. Meier was a member of the local VFW post and served in World War I, with the Thirty-third division in France.

One son, Arthur Meier, in the Navy, survives. The following brothers and sisters also survive: Mrs. Victor Miller, Darwin; Mrs. Ruth Pucket, Oglesby [this is probably Ogilvie]; Jacob Meier, New Ulm; Mrs. James Marten, Crawfordsville, Iowa, and Carl Meier, Pine City.

Funeral services will be held in the Minnesota-Valley Burial association, Thursday at 2 p.m. "

The notice was also printed in the New Ulm Daily Journal, Wed. Oct 16, 1946 with the headline "Henry M. Meier Is Found Dead". The only difference in the content is they printed his full name, Henry Meine Meier.

Henry married Edda Chiltan . The marriage ended in divorce. They had one child: Arthur .

Arthur Meier .

Arthur married Agnes .

Jacob August Meier was born on 23 Dec 1892 and died in May 1982 in New Ulm, Minnesota, at age 89.

General Notes: Hi Dick, I guess I'm on a roll with the Meiers this week. I found Jake in the 1920 census living with the Frank Schmitt family. Do you know who they are? I assume they are related to Angela somehow.
1920 US Federal Census, Comfrey, Brown, MN, ED 36, sheet 5, 5 Jan 1920
Jake A. Meier (26), a farm laborer, was a lodger at the home of Frank L. Schmitt (39), Mary (28), Delora H. (8), and Rosabel A (1yr, 1 mo). Jake's father was born in Germany and his mother in Iowa. Frank's father was born in Illinois and his mother in MN. Mary's parents were both born in Germany. All of the Schmitt family living in the home were born in Minnesota. Frank was a laborer doing concrete work.
I've done a lot of death certificate research recently at the history center, and have come across quite a few inconsistencies. There's a lot of "unknowns" and quite a few that seem like they must have been best guesses. I wish the birth certificates were as easy to find. .

Served in WW1 in the Ambulance Company 350, 313th Sanitary Train, 88th Division (National Army), APO 795xx in France


Eighty-Eighth Division (National Army)
Insignia, two figure "8's" in blue crossed at right angles. Organized at Camp Dodge Iowa, in Sept., 1917. This division was composed of National Army drafts from North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois. First units embarked for overseas on Aug. 8th and the last units arrived in France on Sept. 9th. Upon arrival in France the division was ordered to the twenty- first training area at Semur (Cote d'Or), except the artillery, which was sent to the vicinity of Bordeaux for training. On Sept. 14th the division was placed under the command of the 4th French Army and moved by rail to the Hericourt training area near Belfort and on Sept. 23d relieved the 38th French Division in the center sector (Haute-Alsace). The division held this sector until Nov. 2d, when it was placed under the 4th American Corps and moved to the Lagney area (Meurth et Moselle) as part of the 2d Army Reserve, where it was located at the time of the armistive. On Nov. 29th the division moved by marching to the first divisional training area at Gondrecourt (Meuse). On April 26, 1919, the control of the division passed to the C.G., S.O.S. Arrived in the U.S. on June 1st. The artillery did not rejoin the division but remained in training in the south of France until after the armistice, and was returned to the the U.S. in Jan. 1919.
Battle deaths, 27, wounded 63; number taken prisoners 2 officer and 7 men.
Commanding generals: Maj. Gen. Edward H. Plummer, Aug. 25 to Nov. 26, 1917; Brig. Gen. R. N. Getty, Nov. 26, 1917 to Feb. 9, 1918; Maj. Gen. Edward H. Plummer Feb. 19 to March 14, 1918 Brig. Gen. R. N. Getty, March 15 to May 23, 1918; Brig. Gen. Wm. D. Beach May 24 to Sept. 28, 1918; Maj. Gen. Wm. Weigel, Sept. 28 to Oct. 24, 1918; Brig. Gen. Wm. D. Beach, Oct. 24 to Nov. 7, 1918; Maj. Gen. Wm. Weigel, Nov. 7 to 11, 1918.
This division was composed of the following organizations: 156th, 157th Inf. Brigs., 163d Arty Brigs., 349th, 350th, 351st, 352d Inf. Regts., 337th, 338th, 339th Machine Gun Bns., 337th, 338th, 339th Fld. Arty. Regts., 313th Trench Mortar Battery, 313th Engr. Regt. And Train, 313th Fld. Sig. Bn., 313th Hqs. Train and M.P., 313th Supply Train, 313th Amm. Train, 313th Sanitary Train (349th, 350th, 351st and 352d Amb. Cos. And Field Hospitals).


Some URL's relating to the 313th unit


Jacob married Angela Schmitt , daughter of Peter Schmitt and Roselia Marz . They had one child: Charlotte .

Charlotte Meier was born on 29 Apr 1922.

Charlotte married Jerome Schweiss , son of Fredrick Schweiss and Elizabeth Stadther . They had two children: Richard C. and Mary Angela .

Richard C. Schweiss was born on 16 Sep 1941 in New Ulm, Minnesota.

Richard married Kazuko Konishi , daughter of Minoru Konishi and Haruno Suzuki , in Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan. They had one child: Larisa Hiroko .
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Larisa Hiroko Schweiss was born on 12 Jan 1973 in El Paso, Texas.

Mary Angela Schweiss was born on 25 Mar 1949 in New Ulm, Minnesota.

Mary married Timothy Wieben . They had three children: Benjamin, Rebecca , and Anne .

Benjamin Wieben was born on 23 Dec 1976.

Rebecca Wieben was born on 9 May 1980.

Anne Wieben was born on 15 Sep 1981.

August next married Katherine Dingel in 1895. They had four children: Paul August, Carl Emerson, Ruth , and Bertha .

Paul August Meier was born on 30 May 1895, died on 4 Mar 1896, and was buried in Holland, Iowa. The cause of his death was Pneumonia.

General Notes: Buried with Margaretha Meier .... Lot 21 Zion Evengelical Lutheran Church Cemetery .. Holland Iowa

Grundy County Iowa Grave Records
Page: 260
Name: Paul August Meier
Birth Date: 30 May 1895
Death Date: 04 Jun 1898
Cemetery: Friedhof D E V Luth
Town: Holland
Comment: Lot 21; Ia.

Carl Emerson Meier was born on 12 Apr 1901, died on 6 Mar 1994 in Rush City Hospital, at age 92, and was buried in Calvary Cemetery, Pine City, Minnesota.

General Notes: Carl E. Meier, 92, died Sunday morning, March 6 [1994] at Rush City Hospital.

Carl was born in Holland, IA on April 12, 1901, the son of August and Katherine (Dingel) Meier. During his childhood the family moved to Bellingham, WA and Easton, MD but soon returned to the Midwest to farm near Darwin, MN.

They moved to a farm in Royalton Township, Pine County in October 1919.

Carl worked on threshing crews, in logging camps and on ore boats in the 1920s and owned and operated dump trucks in the 1930s and 40s.

In 1943 he worked on the construction of the Alaska Highway in the Kluane Region, Yukon Territory.

Carl built a house on Cross Lake in the mid 1930s but lived at the Pine City Hotel until he was married. He married Helen Krech, whose parents owned the hotel, in 1945. From then until October 1993 he lived on Cross Lake at the mouth of the Snake River.

>From 1950 to 1966, Carl worked for the MN Highway Department. After his retirement, he worked at his lifelong hobby of gunsmithing. He was an avid hunter, trapper, fisherman and gardener.

He kept a diary for over 50 years and was known for his interest in local history.

Carl is survived by his wife, Helen, three children…; seven
grandchildren…one great grandchild; one sister, Bertha Miller of Darwin, and several nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his parents, sisters Anna & Ruth, brothers Henry & Jake, & infant brother Paul.

Burial was at Calvary Cemetery, Pine City.

Carl married Helen Celia Krech in 1945. They had three children: Michael Carl, Karlen Jean , and Thomas .

Michael Carl Meier .

Michael married Lana Delane Cummings on 14 Oct 1967. The marriage ended in divorce. They had two children: Darcy Alane and Tracy Dawn .

Darcy Alane Meier was born on 19 Dec 1967.

Darcy married Jarrod Floyd Pinotti on 4 Oct 1986.

Tracy Dawn Meier was born on 7 Jun 1973.

Tracy married Todd Robert Welsch on 27 Jun 1998. They had four children: Taylor Kay, Ryan Jessica, Kaylana Marie , and Hayley Mae .

Taylor Kay Welsch was born on 23 Apr 1990.

General Notes: From Todds 1st marriage

Ryan Jessica Welsch was born on 24 Aug 1993.

General Notes: From Todds 1st marriage

Kaylana Marie Johnson was born on 3 Dec 1991.

General Notes: Tracy's daughter.....

Hayley Mae Welsch was born on 29 May 1999.

Michael next married Cyndi Marie Ledo on 14 Aug 1983. The marriage ended in divorce. They had two children: Jake Emerson and Rayna Marie .

Jake Emerson Meier was born on 14 Jan 1986.

Rayna Marie Meier was born on 4 May 1988.

Michael next married Christine Pangerl on 30 Jul 1999.

Karlen Jean Meier .

Karlen married John Cochran on 12 Jul 1970. They had three children: Amy Lynn, Beth Jean , and Mindy Marie .

Amy Lynn Cochran .

Beth Jean Cochran .

Mindy Marie Cochran .

Thomas Meier .

Ruth Meier was born on 19 May 1897.

Ruth married (Unknown) Puckett .

Bertha Meier was born on 30 Jan 1899.

Bertha married (Unknown) Miller

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